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Bean d'Тінь  (Yellow Rue Studios)  [ Bean430 ]
New York, США
The song choice might be a standard but I think I can breathe some new life into this one but I did do something different with this one by adding a secondary hero. this is a show I have been planning on making amv for for a while, but I knew it was going to have to be perfect. I decided to focus on the person who you think would be a sidekick, as he looks at the main character who you think would be a 'hero' but even though he is doing one or two things is usually wallowing in self pity. with him the sidekick just doing it himself, and become the hero. (this is not to say I do not like the main character of this show, Tsuzuki is a interesting character and some of the twists has nothing to do with my opinion on but I am going that route for the sake of the video.) the video is about the despair of waiting and hoping along with a slight parity of the 'chosen one' genre. and the end this video is also about, deciding if you are going to wait or if you are going to do something about it, if you are in the position to be able to. it also goes into what happens when your heroes go bad. I should mention the main character in this video, the boy is a Empath and can feel emotions along with the ability to have a psychic connection. I think I display it decently but just to be sure and to explain to people possibly unfamiliar with the concept. I was trying to go in a mentor sidekick close relationship with the friendship scenes I hope I got that across. this amv is labelled multiple sources. this is because there is a section in which the song talks about stories they heard on the power of love, it was done this way to make it like a fantasy childhood story time feel for that group of lyrics (some very quick, as a example wedding peach is the heart shape transform device, there is no characters from that one). This is definitely a descendent of darkness amv, not a various anime amv, though keep in mind this is a slightly alternate take on the storyline of the show mentioned.

I was is inspired after seeing the amv noise by Fynjy, (https://www.akross.ru/index.cgi?video=225;l=e) I found in a AMV magazine (I was doing a report weirdly enough which is why I was digging that deep) and was amazingly edited but I just wish the girl did something in that one minus hold her hands to her heart, and this idea was born by the final scene of that video. I realise a few days after I began this last year that I think I got the amv listed above wrong partially because I did not play Final Fantasy, after I re-read the intro notes a second time. (gender (he and she) does not go in translation software well) it seems that they made the video with the interpretation of the character supposed to be waiting for the girl to do something, not the girls standing there and waiting. but the idea was made the first time I watch the video, so, ya. Anyway this was a idea from last year back but not even close enough to be finished. The one I submitted last year was actually for Anon con (which was not allowed to be mentioned due to the anonymous nature of that one that year) but this convention takes highest priority for myself so when it did not seem that there was enough time to complete another one I used it here.

..this is where the video interpretation notes end and the author how are they made this begins. (sorry if there was not clear before)..

this is not perfect though not as bad as I thought they were going to be updating this note after submission. I really originally thought that the deadline was going to be later than it was. (I was thinking 15th) so I had to cut about five days of fixing making it a little rough around the edges then I would have went with. descendants of darkness was my first rip, I used 2 slightly different behaving DVD rippers to test which I only bought one and I crop them in the video editor removing the fields (also known as black bars). This led to me keeping the footage from all the discs in the timeline making it very slow loading later on as more stuff got cut. (there is a autosave feature on my editor which has saved me many times but activate each edit) I would say 30 seconds in the middle to in the end around 40 seconds making basically any mistake costly in terms of time. (and I mean each change, like a press or a change in speed or even undoing something would activate this)

Also there are many music edits, most of them I think would not be noticed unless you are listening to the original side by side to see where it is changed. there is a middle music between last verse and the middle verse (which was edited (there was no lyrical area there originally) but that one was a clean one and done last year actually) they took up half of two days. (Half the time of both days of editing because I other stuff then just music between those days) if I had all the time in the world I would try and make it so much smoother but Music edits are heavier than video edits. looking back I see where I probably should have done (avoid having the horns repeat) but everything is always more obvious in hindsight. in terms of why I did the edits, I just want to add more scenes in that area to increase the buildup so I made the song accommodate it. I do not do it directly to the footage (that battle footage was actually edited not near the music at all on the timeline) I just see that there is a small space that would never fit enough battle scenes and make the song from what I think would sound good in my head. The way I have editing for songs is the same editing method I have for videos which is cutting and pasting. just in case anyone notices who knows of this song that it is slightly different that is why.

this might be my final year I have some other ideas of thing (better thing below) I would like to say I know that some people talk about me changing or not changing. and I always appreciate every tip I do you want to acknowledge that I am a almost exclusively self taught and completely self talk into fall of 2019 (so the first two entries were completely self taught), and still pretty much completely self taught in terms of terminology. I am going to be clear I have now noticed over the years that some people think I am joking with the credits. I was so close to the deadline I had to make them in 16 minutes, though I mean that as a guess. that is also why there was some thing that was cap lock because I copy and pasted the name from my dvd file download which cap lock since that is how the disc program does it. (it looks like they made it automatic I think I actually sent them everything correct but it's 60 frames instead of 30 (it was not that much smaller mine Standard was 123 with a max of 124 anyway), I am not sure what happened to the alternate though, this also means the screenshots were automatic but evilspider did a good job like always) I hope you enjoy this.
Видео    Микс [ Descendants of Darkness, Revolutionary Girl Utena, The Kid Who Would Be King, Sailor Moon, Wedding Peach, Tekkaman Blade, Transformers Animated, Saint Seiya, Blue Gender, Blue Exorcist ]
Музыка    Nickelback - Hero
Жанр    Drama, Character Profile, Story
4:08 | 116 Мб. | 1280x960 | H.264 / aac
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Nero_09  [ 23 января 2024, 16:37 ]
I read the interpretive note on AMV and thought it was a good idea.
It also gave me an idea of the thought that went into the AMV.
I think it is not a bad AMV. However, the animation used was old and there were many works I did not know, so I could not understand everything.
Shaoran  [ 23 января 2024, 04:42 ]
Автор не изменяет своему стилю, но всё ещё много технических ошибок
Danny AMV  [ 15 января 2024, 23:10 ]
хорошая работа :smile:
ICEberg  [ 14 января 2024, 11:33 ]
 Darksss 73 @ 14 января 2024, 09:16 
Просто мы вошли в ту эпоху AMV > где на эту синхру клали с болтом.
Сейчас - важно нарезать всякого да побольше. (Где-то есть клипы с идеей и сюжетом > но там тоже ленятся придумывать синхро засечками)

никогда не гнался за побитной синхрой (не везде она нужна), но...
если бы тут была хотя бы попытка смысловой синхры
хотя бы примерное совпадение динамики

это уже даже не пыщь-пыщь под тыц-дыц
MesoGear  [ 14 января 2024, 03:08 ]
даже я не выдерживаю всего постмодернисткого напора этой работы
Darksss 73  [ 14 января 2024, 02:16 ]
 Kvant @ 14 января 2024, 02:08 
почти полное отсутствие синхры

Просто мы вошли в ту эпоху AMV > где на эту синхру клали с болтом.
Сейчас - важно нарезать всякого да побольше. (Где-то есть клипы с идеей и сюжетом > но там тоже ленятся придумывать синхро засечками)
Фактический из 3 - 4 клипов просмотренных мной задень - только 1 (И то если повезет) За синхрин более менее.
Kvant  [ 14 января 2024, 01:08 ]
Не хочется ругать клип, но надо... но не хочется, но надо...
Сумбур тут страшный, относительно большое количество исходников пошло скорее в минус. Или, что наверное даже более вероятно, реализованы они, как грамотное дополнение к основному (闇の末裔), не были совсем. Повествование, выраженное в видеоряде, может быть (это Я возлагаю большие надежды на автора) символично, но никак не нарративно. Открыл перевод песенки, почитал, она показалась мне проста до примитивности, что, конечно может быть и издержками перевода, но по всей видимости клип не оправдывает. Я бы сказал что м/в тут провалено почти так же как и построение видеоряда. Мне когда-то один умный человек посоветовал, когда бета-тестил мои какие-то поделки, отсматривать видеоряд без аудио дорожки, смотря насколько понятен нарратив из одного видео. Вот, пожалуй, делюсь.
Ну и ещё просто какая-то гора сравнительно мелких технических огрехов, (самое вопиющее, толи какая-то кривая, толи даже почти полное отсутствие синхры как таковой), которые может быть, по отдельности, и не так уж страшны, но если все вместе то обнуляют клип почти до плинтуса.
ICEberg  [ 13 января 2024, 21:51 ]
рандомное слайдшоу без синхры
нечитаемые титры из мувимейкера
забояненные исходники и их сочетание
несочетающиеся стили рисовки исходников
несовпадение динамики музыки и видео
отсутствие сюжета
кривое кодирование или ужасающее качество исходников
длинное слезливое повествование о тяжелой жизни автора и глубоком философском замысле, который поймут не только лишь все

разве что черных полей нет ^_^
NIGHT  [ 12 января 2024, 18:07 ]
AnimeFanaticBoy  [ 12 января 2024, 16:09 ]
Ok not bad
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