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Jean  [ Bean430 ]
New York, США
Hi everybody, I use Movavi Editor (from July 2017) and a MacBook Air. This is my 5th AKROSS Con. this is one of my few tries on close friendship to romance depending on how you read it. I tried to show the relationships of the characters trying to comfort each other in hard times, even when they least expect it but could really use it. Added February 4 2022 I put this in the beginning so it gets read, it does not make as much sense at less you read the rest. I did not expect to get into the finals. I see many comment on me not removing sound of the anime. (please watch the video anyway, even the people complaining say mostly is not noticeable except where I wanted to be and in English not Japanese.) I did not take it out as it was a creative choice to make it sound like they were talking but not in the way that interrupts the video, making it more generic 'background speaking' granted this amount of talking in the amv in general was a slight leftover from my earlier style. This one also had more one on one scenes and lack of action scenes, and the talking illustrates the moment I chose more thoroughly.

about making the video

I found this is a video editor file I did awhile ago (The file that has The clips you use in order that you put them in to be read by a video editor, with each format exclusive and can only be read by the video editor in the family of products that you use it from, for those not in video editing) on a SD card. It was not complete when I found it so I had to finish some of it. I really lucked out that the majority of files were readable with the only file not readable was the second creditless opening for the show. (for it to be readable the new video has to be in the exact same timeframe as the original video that I use.) I did have to do some of the ending, as the video was not complete. I really hope you like this video. this is definitely one of the most popular and one of the most recent animes that I have used for a video for this contest. (As in the time the show came out, not when I made the AMV.) (Most recent show used for a single anime video on here.) It took me awhile to figure out what the title will be, like usual. I hope the people the characters is noticed. I was also hard to choose if they have them talk on the train and how much, to the point of having 3 versions. (one when no one talks on the train, where the man talks on the train, and one with man and boy talk on the train.) (I use the one where the just the man is talking on the train.) The biggest thing added was The videos of the Kyoto saga, which was added the year I posted this. The credits are a bit tight, this is because I do not want to risk a repeat of my Akross 2018 AMV where I made 37 seconds beginning credits, which got some complaints. (since remastered.) The Preview Version’s size is based on the Akross 2017 encoding rules, which is the newest Preview version encoding standard I can find on the Akross website. (I find The Preview Version has a newer use for phones.) I love this video it would have more likely been used sooner if it did not disappear, and then when found require a long figuring out of what the song was since I actually did not name music by their name by my preferred title without footnote of the actual song name as ridiculous as that was the labelling of the song was 'make love when you want to fight'. this video is a very nice one, and I feel it still holds up today.
Видео    Blue Exorcist
Музыка    Gavin DeGraw - In Love with a Girl
Жанр    Drama, Action, Romance
4:13 | 84,5 Мб. | 960x540 | H.264 / aac
4:13 | 18,2 Мб. | 640x360 | H.264 / aac
4:13 | 157 Мб. | 960x540 | H.264 / aac
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MesoGear  [ 12 февраля 2022, 23:39 ]
мой любимый автор, два бала
Shaoran  [ 08 февраля 2022, 02:56 ]
Автор не изменяет своему стилю, всё что можно было сделать не правильно он сделал, но зачем? Надеюсь в будущем будет лучше, а пока 2/10
lajt  [ 28 января 2022, 22:17 ]
ну, главное не расстраиваться и сделать в следующий раз лучше)
ICEberg  [ 26 января 2022, 18:37 ]
очередной "первый клип в мувимейкере"?
сюжет невнятен
отвратительное кодирование
музыка отдельно - видео отдельно
оригинальная звуковая дорожка не убрана
даже картиночки на титрах не выровнены

аффтар видимо даже справку к мувимейкеру не читал
для троллинга "это" было СЛИШКОМ ЖЫРНО
crash88ctamv  [ 25 января 2022, 00:59 ]
no no very bad....
AnimeFanaticBoy  [ 23 января 2022, 20:56 ]
There's a lot to work here: in an action video scenes with talking characters shouldnt be used unless in the song there are fragments with less sound and you will to use the scene for a purpose and not just to fill holes. There were some dialogues which couldnt be heard due the song, however dont discourage tourself man, you can still improve
axonjunior  [ 19 января 2022, 01:29 ]
Awfully :sad:
NIGHT  [ 18 января 2022, 11:43 ]
Very bad.
Лисёнок-тян  [ 17 января 2022, 21:49 ]
я верю, что автор научится делать крутые работы
kemaxto  [ 17 января 2022, 17:34 ]
Хм ......звуковую дорожку исходника наверно надо бы убрать.
ЗРИТЕЛИ:3.6 (13)КРИТИКИ:2.4 (5)
АВТОРЫ:2.4 (20)ЭКСПЕРТЫ:2.0 (5)