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Bean d'Тінь  (Yellow Rue Studios)  [ Bean430 ]
New York, США
Hi everybody, I use Movavi Editor (from July 2017) Mac Version. Now on the video. I decided to to do a amv that is a aspirational dream one. This is not made for the purpose of peace versus war argument, but a story of a soldier (blonde hair with beard) that wants to go see his family even if for a video chat, but the soldier cannot go see them and he is not able to video chat due to regulation and is finding his place with the other soldiers in the base he recently got transferred too. but as he goes into the Christmas season he analyzes his life and the people that surround him both in the past and current through some of his memories and maybe he might be able to get that video chat he wants. The yellow 'light leak' frame indicate flashbacks (The editor did not have white light leaks for that area of the screen, and it grew on me.) Parts of it have a message that is naive but one of wonder of a time when there would be no path to see or communicate friends and love ones because of violence scenarios and worries. Also to be clear, all interactions are meant to be friendly minus the family ending, this is not meant to be a romance video of any sort. It is also lyric oriented with a very deep concept listed above.

It is also my first time I partially altered the scenes other than just layering by adding an id in the beginning (The scene altered was one with the car) and in a different program with the scene at the end with the computer. At one point I question my song choice, hoping it was the appropriate mood for the soldier's journey and considering it was a challenge finding Christmas scenes in anime (and I thought I was going to use different song this year). but in the way it kind of links everything together as I even put Christmas music for the ending credits for many of the years I competed and I hope this speaks to all the people who do not get to see or hear their love ones for Christmas. In a way the akross contest has become a Christmas tradition for me all on its own along with all the traditional Christmas traditions I have and I think this song took it seriously enough. I also used for the intro instrumental at the beginning of the Christmas song. a vocal (Acappella) portion of the english version of dis as listed in the credits.

detailed information on making it, and author's looking back. (since it is longer this is separate from above. This is for people want to know more about the creation since I noticed every year there are questions on that.)

I decided to using a new and hopefully cool username, I was considered Bean darkness but it just felt something was missing. I found word Тінь when trying to find cooler ways of saying darkness. The definition from Google translator explains where I was trying to do of being a Reflective Shadow and trying to make deeper and intriguing videos. on another note this is my sixth entry (and year) for akross con which would make me tied for 20th place of the most years entered for this contest. I can barely believe it has been over a half a decade since my first submission but it has. which is related to another reason why I decided to try a risky gamble with this idea, something with a complex storyline not completely related to the show, I had many ideas but this pans out the most. also I did use adobe premium pro 2019 for the last scene with the computer. I made a jumpy because that seems to be how most of the shows screens are supposed to look like anyway. The green part on side of the last scene is supposed to be a little screen cover thing on the edge of the Computer, (at least my family's desktop pc computer from childhood had one), I would not recommend Adobe even though I used it. (with the exception of photoshop) if you do not wanna scream every time you use it but it was necessary to do a frame by frame thing to make sure the other picture did not peak out, (let us just say i used to complain about Movavi until i used Adobe, and the frame thing is also not good for music splicing, which I occasionally do if a music track need to be edited to fit my needs) and for the opening credits I used PowerPoint 2011 (but ending credits still in regular editor). Ok I made some excuses but I have to wait to this contest to end and a different one to make sure I did not ruin both. I made this one originally for Anon Con 2022 but the deadline for that Contest I thought was going to pass because I made this back on the deadline was In the end of December. It is also the reason the credits were done differently than the rest of my amvs with less 'polished' 'полированный'. of course a lot of things happen between the end of December and the beginning of January ageing this video bad before I even posted it particularly 'the truce'. I still did the best with what I got and think it can transcend both boundaries.

but if I learned one thing this year it is to always separate your episodes and never keep them in the 2 hour disk length (unless I guess the ones that I 'already used' to avoid the 'cannot locate' notification).

here are explanations to the timeline since I use different character pictures for different times of his life.

Brown hair - 20 years old

blonde hair with beard - current (main character)

blonde hair with cross - (Younger 7/8 years , older one 14 years)

(there is also a secondary brother story line from blue exodus, if you wanna fit that in the other timeline I would have him be 16 years.)

It took me a while to find a photo of something similar after realizing it is a generational thing. Mine has the same plastic holders as this one but more bulky near the base and only protected against touching as a obviously cheaper generic. (https://www.officedepot.com/a/products/324928/Compucessory-CRT-Privacy-Anti-Rad-Glare/#Specs)
Видео    Микс [ Absolute Duo, Initial D, Tekkaman Blade, Blue Gender, Rosario+Vampire, Vampire Knight, Witchblade, Kiddy Grade, Max Steel (2000), Max Steel (2013), Kids on the Slope, Blue Exorcist, Invasion America, Infinite Ryvius, Blue Gender, Chrno Crusade, Skyers 5, Hikyou Tanken Fam and Ihrlie (Ruin Explorers), Go Lion, Revolutionary Girl Utena, 07Ghost, Descendants of Darkness, 11Eyes ]
Музыка    Joss Stone - Bring on Christmas Day, Mika Arisaka - Dis
Жанр    Sentimental, Story, Character Profile
4:33 | 130 Мб. | 960x540 | H.264 / aac
4:33 | 28,6 Мб. | 848x476 | H.264 / aac
4:33 | 171 Мб. | 960x540 | H.264 / aac
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Kvant  [ 09 февраля 2023, 02:35 ]
Видео недоступно.
Что такое?
Впрочем, судя по комментариям, оценке и исходниках, многого не потерял. Пошел далее.
Affiliate  [ 30 января 2023, 14:10 ]
Khazan  [ 30 января 2023, 05:06 ]
JamV  [ 29 января 2023, 04:45 ]
Shaoran  [ 27 января 2023, 01:47 ]
2/10. Но стиль автора уже узнаваем)
Nameless One  [ 25 января 2023, 08:26 ]
Бессмысленно и беспощадно.
Если я соединю рэндомные рипы в несколько минут, то получится лучше.
Cubito  [ 24 января 2023, 00:05 ]
Good luck next year
Nero_09  [ 21 января 2023, 13:48 ]
I thought it was an original and good AMV that collects anime from different eras and creates a new worldview with AMV.
It was an idea that I didn't have, so I learned.
Anejo  [ 18 января 2023, 00:00 ]
 .bloodSlayer @ 16 января 2023, 07:14 
But there is still much to improve.

Вот нравятся мне иностранные комментаторы, ничем не хотят автора обидеть. Вот и я не буду. Как кролик из Винни-пуха. может автору это и не нужно.
Энивей, почему-то кажется, что в эту работу, вернее в подбор кадров, автор очень многое вложил. Ну уж что вышло, то вышло.

Пользуясь случаем, поздравляю с прошедлими НГ и рождествами.
.bloodSlayer  [ 16 января 2023, 07:14 ]
I think I managed to understand the concept. But there is still much to improve. Keep getting better. Wish you all the best. :biggrin:
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