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Adverse: Good amvs to watch.

AiLioNs: The number of people against whom I can participate

AirShadowRasengan: Very good organisation with your rules (like post only 2 - 3 videos each day for more views) and fast answears by email questions.

AlchemistEskimo & itsAvient: The competition.

AMV Strat: The people of the same contest can rate their favourites videos ^^

andrewbee: The scale and diversity in skill levels.

Animated: It still is the biggest international AMV contest.

AntaresHeart07: The competition and the fact that many editors come to this contest from around the world

DanParthenis: I love how diverse all the entries are and especially the fact that it is so social. We get to meet a lot of really experienced editors and get valuable feedback for future projects.

Fobos: Больше всего мне понравилось в акросс коне разнообразие клипов, дизайн сайта и много другое!)

FY.DUCK: great atmosphere, the passion of amver

Gidra: Пёстрая география радует. Конкрус стал поистене интернационале)

HARU: 今年里最喜欢的作品就是Ova - Welcome to Ikebukuro,所有方面真的让我很惊讶和惊喜!

inBox: The height of the technology of the world top level and creativity.

JSK: The chance to improve your work thanks to all the comments. This year I sensed some improvement from newbie editors.

John: There are participants from around the world and a lot of unique AMVs.

JustRukia: Что он все еще есть.

KxS & MDL: The change in exclusivity policy and the extra days for uploading.

kireblue: the overall quality of the videos submitted

Kis@: Some fresh amv

KSANDR: межнациональность и отношение к участникам

machina21: Watching the videos of so many talented editors from around the world.

Magicflier: The AMVs that were born because of this contest.

mastamind: New videos every day!

MrGafudo: That it participate all the pro editors that I know

MycathatesyouAMV: Just getting to participate and the organization.

ONEWAYS: Everything.

Ryuu-Dono: The global scale of the contest

SachaValentine: Period, premiered system, organization...

Shinfoxxy: The process was really smooth, the organisers were really reactive to the small questions I had since it was my first time entering and friendly as well, so thank you for all your help!

SoulRVS: I really liked the voting system that puts the editor first.

Sunlight: it was fun to see other ppls vids

TheCacoVenom: i like that here we can watch several videos from everyhere, and also the most thing that i like is that there is not limite for finalist, that means if you do something good you will be in the final.

Tiny Poet: It's a way to conmunicate with the editors in the world, I think it prove me a lot.

TritioAFB: -Like in other years, meeting new people.
-The suggestion about the YouTube restrictions was considered, it was time for a change, since changes are good.

TsukiBito: The earnest attitude in every amvers.In china people usually just talk about games

UnlastingDreams: I like how we can compete with many different people from different places, to see the various editing style everyone has, and to see the new AMVs made. :D

xDeuz: Contest's administration, it delights us with this contest every year.

xDieguitoAMV: The page and the way the videos are premiered on it

Xilence: We like the competetive challenge against other talented AMV editors.


AiLioNs: In the same way I like the amount of people against whom I participate, I do not like the amount of low quality videos.

AirShadowRasengan: Nothing.

AlchemistEskimo & itsAvient: The secondary finals nomination (7 finalists)

AMV Strat: I understand that participants can't see the score/rating, but the person who has made the video should see it at least.

andrewbee: Politics and the constant changes to Deadlines/Schedules

Animated: Everyone's replying in russian, site's in russian by default, and every time i enter a part of the site, main meny turns to russian again. It's an international contest guys, everybody know about Akross these days...

AntaresHeart07: Deadline extention. System of voting: you should make a jury and not let participants vote.

DanParthenis: I didn't dislike anything really. Maybe the extension of the deadline was a bit troublesome for me because I had already made plans which didn't allow me to able to edit anymore past the original deadline as I had planned a holiday. But that isn't the contest's fault so I do not mind. I think it was done very well and professionally :)

Domius: the deadlines changed

Fobos: Не понравилась некоторая неадекватная часть аудитории, но это мелочи.)

Gidra: Уровень некоторых финалистов.

HARU: 要单独说最不喜欢的感觉不能选出其中一个,因为我个人不是很喜欢很多动画的无意义剪辑+英文歌曲。只能说没有什么剧情的单纯的剪辑节奏向让我感觉有些无聊

inBox: I don't have that in particular.

JSK: This year felt that different that last year's contest. I'd wish to have a higher english level to really explain what I felt, some experienced author's videos were different than the things you usually expect from them, it is almost dissapointing. I know it isn't your fault, but I just wanted to express it.

John: Nothing in particular.

JustRukia: Вымирание отечественных авторов.

KxS & MDL: The deadlines for adding infos and uploading were confusing at the end.

kireblue: the trend to send mostly crossover and effect heavy AMVs to the contest, and the tendency of some of the site's viewer's to only value effects and not concepts

Kis@: nothing

machina21: Not being able to understand Russian but that's my fault.

Magicflier: The comment section? lol.

mastamind: Not enough new videos every day.

MrGafudo: All the comments should be on english

MycathatesyouAMV: Voting categories could have been better.

NewOvermind: Ничего.

ONEWAYS: Nothing.

Ryuu-Dono: Time available to submit videos was too long

SachaValentine: The decisive voting, which is a little bit a popularity contest.

Shinfoxxy: I understand that this is a Russian contest, however AMV authors come from every country and the most enjoyable part of participating is getting feedback on the videos. We receive a majority of comments in Russian, which we thankfully understand thanks to Google translate but I feel that we lose some of the meaning in the process and it would be great if there was a little internationalisation effort on the part of the community, but I guess this is not really in the hands of the organisers :). But this is just a detail and the contest was amazing, will definitely enter again next year!

SoulRVS: Nothing in particular.

Sunlight: Tsukibito

TheCacoVenom: i still do not know why i can not upload my AMV to another website, the video that I did, MY AMV, MY effort, the video in wich I spent MY time, well i think that you know i mean

Tiny Poet: Some comments are not really nice to the editors,whatever the work is good or not,we should respect the editors and encourage them.

TritioAFB: -You should consider changing your team, Boss. This year it seemed like you were 'tired' since there were delays at the exhibitions, errors at the preview (KxS/MDL case) that could be perfectly detected at the technical check, bugs at the site, just like if the whole contest was run by only one person.
-Also about moderators: This year it seemed like spam and offensive commentaries were permitted this year, do we have them?
-Lack of participation of the foreign editors this time.
-Also: What happened with the forum threads of every entry? the real discussion was there and not just in the commentary section

TsukiBito: Well,in this year's akross con,there is no fantastic amv like Centurione - Pandora , goЯz - Fracture , ONEWAYS - The Boy Who Murdered Love.(in my own opinion) I think AKROSS should attract more outstanding amvers to join in?

UnlastingDreams: Probably the lack of news and updates. If a friend hadn't told me about being a finalist (this is also my first year here, so I don't know how everything works out yet), I would have missed over these final questions. Sending a message to our email would help as not everyone can be on 24/7. Other than that, I have no problems with it.

xDeuz: At first it didn't drag my attention, I felt that that something was missing in order to motivate me. At the end, my friends cheered me to give it a try.

xDieguitoAMV: The "You are not allowed to upload the video on the internet until one week after premiered" rule. In my opinion that rule only perjudicates the author of the video and has no sense because in that week the video will be in the internet anyway and everybody is free of download it and upload it to the internet without being the author.

Xilence: The russian/english change bug on your site :3


AiLioNs: nothing

AirShadowRasengan: Everything works fine.

AlchemistEskimo & itsAvient: Only allow the akross jury to decide who is nominated afterwards. Make the votes only for statistical data of who wants to be in the finals.

AMV Strat: I think is better waiting until you have 15 videos in the contest and then you can show 3 per day instead people who show his video at first have more posibilities to be watched for all people. If you haven't enough videos with this rythm, is better wait one day more and then show 3 videos more. Also, I would want that akross upload on Youtube the finalist videos, because more people will can share his opinion.

andrewbee: Allow subtitles to be embedded in only Trailers! Use the 3 slots available when posting new videos, that way every debut gets a fair share of exposure on the homepage.

AntaresHeart07: Nothing in particular.

DanParthenis: Nothing :)

Domius: The votes of the videos should be given by the gjudges not by users.

Fobos: Меня правила устраивают, главное, чтобы данный конкурс был в следующем году, после следующем и так далее.)

FY.DUCK: I don't like the work with pictures of drawings from like "pixiv" or other people drawings. I suggest to forbidden use these categories pictures in contest.(just my opinion)

Gidra: Хотелось бы что бы в итоговом списке финалистов работы можно было бы упорядочить по дате, а не по алфавиту.

HARU: AK这个比赛让我已经觉得很厉害了,在中国能做到你们这样的比赛的真的几乎没有,所以已经很满足,不知道要改变哪里。

inBox: I think the condition now is fine.

JSK: Maybe more videos per day on the last stages of the contest.

John: Nothing in particular. Thank you so much always for the great contest :)

JustRukia: Акросс и так сделал все, что быть лучшим.

KxS & MDL: Nothing. Thanks for the contest.

kireblue: The video length/ file size ratio should be increased for 720p and 1080p videos

Kis@: nothing

KSANDR: чтобы не проводить голосование участников, так как приходится пересматривать все клипы по новой, а это занимает много времени, можно было бы просто автоматически отправлять голоса жюри в соответствии с поставленной оценкой на клип. такой способ проводить как в общем голосовании, так и в номинациях. если же оценка совпадает (к примеру: у 3 клипов стоит оценка в 10 баллов), то уже можно предложить выбор автору из этих участников.

machina21: Nothing. Keep doing what you doing.

MrGafudo: I can't watch the puntuation until the end of the contest

MycathatesyouAMV: Being able to upload right when you premiere.

NewOvermind: Ничего.

ONEWAYS: There is no need.Keep it up.

Ryuu-Dono: Have a fixed deadline that does not change

Shinfoxxy: I would split the categories Romance and Sentimental. I reckon that Sentimental refers more to Atsmospheric videos with a strong harmony and mood creation whereas Romance is more geared towards straightforward love stories. In the contest there were several videos that were really good at romance, but not so much at mood and atmosphere creation, and other videos for which it was the reverse, where the atmosphere was setting them apart and unique but not necessarily with a prominent romance component. So for me the two categories are really distinct from one another, and it would maybe make more sense to split them :).

SoulRVS: I would love to see some new category .

Sunlight: nothing everything is good!

TheCacoVenom: if can upload my video after the premiere everything would be nice

Tiny Poet: Nothing

TritioAFB: Not really a change in the rules but more for a suggestion: The creation of special events for AKROSS Con. Just like in 2009 with The Gallery. In ZonaAMV for example we created The Interview, as a kind of special interview to the finalists of the AKROSS Con since several of the spanish-speakers want to meet them. Also contributes to bring people from ZA to AKROSS since it's one of your sponsors.
-Someone else mentioned about the reduction of the finalists every year. Hmm it could be though some years you will have to make tough decisions about the final number of finalists at the end.

TsukiBito: Well,in akross con,Japanese style is not very welcoming.People seems tend to prefer the style of Russia or Europe

UnlastingDreams: I believe the rules are easy to understand and set a clear definition on what the contest wants, so I don't think it needs any changes.

xDeuz: Nothing, it is good as it already is.

xDieguitoAMV: Nothing, just the rule i mentioned before about the permission of upload the video.

Xilence: Nothing.

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