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Registration deadline: DECEMBER, 10.
Video entry deadline: DECEMBER, 15 (approximately).


1. Any AMV creator can participate in the contest regardless of their level or experience.

2. Each creator may represent one video for the contest (multiple participations in collab/MEP videos are accepted, as long as editor not coordinating (thus, representing) one of them).

3. Only videos never displayed online heretofore may enter. Video must be premiered at the contest and cannot participate in any other online AMV contest until the end of AKROSS Con 2017.

4. Contest video can be only made of Japanese anime series or Japanese videogames. Anime-styled animated features (such as Korean "Wonderful Days") and Japanese CG-movies (such as "Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children") are also accepted, as well as official manga/artbooks.

5. There are almost no restrictions on music other than you cannot use tracks from the same game/anime you are using as your main video source, or tracks that contain Russian swear words.

6. Video footage should not include strong sexual content (mild ero is acceptable) or excessive violence.

Contact e-mail:

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