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AlchemistEskimo & itsAvient - Eruption

AMV Strat (1): My favourite video in the contest. All the video contains a fun story. Quite enjoyable at the same time is original and has a good technique ^^.

FY.DUCK (1): great concept with great design. I love it.

JSK (1): Avient, dude, I've already said it, but I'll do it again. Loved this, this made ma LMFAO, I've been sharing it with college friends and you have new fans. Technical and composition skills are god tier, using a The Lonely Island song and make it actually work in an AMV is very hard in my opinion, you need to make specific scenes in order to match the lyrics. I like the fact that it starts too serious.

Sunlight (1): very original and crazy work, i like it a lot my favorite of this year for sure

TheCacoVenom (1): that video was cool they came with something different and something that we have never seen before.

Animated (2): Bitches ain't shit but hoes and tricks.

mastamind (2): Can't imagine I'm the only one saying "I jizzed" in these comments.

ONEWAYS (2): It's very interesting:)A branew idea.I think the details could be better,but it doesn't matter much,who cares the details when he laughed his ass off:D

Ryuu-Dono (2): Very original, was entertaining to watch.

Shin (2): I LOLed

Fobos (3): Довольно забавная и оригинальная работа, которую приятно оставить в коллекции для дальнейшего просмотра!

machina21 (3): So funny I jizzed in my pants...multiple times!

UnlastingDreams (3): One cannot help but laugh as they watch this video. The video starts off serious and the next thing you know, the song gets very weird and you see Ryuji "Jizzing in his pants". Its a really fun watch that will just make you wonder what you are watching and why you haven't changed the video yet. xD

HARU (3): 很有创意,虽然有点没看懂剧情,但是节奏方面与创意方面给了我很大的喜悦!

Tiny Poet - The Winner

andrewbee (1): Very cool and interesting crossovers.

SachaValentine (1): Really nice concept and realisation.

AMV Strat (2): Maybe people didn't enjoy because of the song is overused, but it has an original concept and I really liked a lot! Good work overall

TheCacoVenom (2): that was good, good mix, good tecnique, in general this guy knew what he was doing and better than that the anime works together,

UnlastingDreams (2): This video is very enjoyable to watch. While you feel like its more of a serious video, the author throws in scenes that's unexpected and makes you laugh, such as the scene where the character is riding his bicycle to escape a hoard of police cars chasing him. The flow is great, and the transition between each character flows perfectly. Its a really fun watch!~

AirShadowRasengan (3): Genious idea, didn't saw something like this before.

Magicflier (3): Death after death, and every death has a link to it. Editing and planning was superb! :D

Nixanol (3): Пластмассовые очки, на оправа – made in China. От взгляда становится влажно. Спасибо вам, очки, было забавно.

ZEVS1993 - Fatal/Game

AlchemistEskimo & itsAvient (1): It's pretty well implemented. The color grading is correct for the most part and the story is finely knit. While the tokyomx logo is still visible in places and constantly picks at my slight OCD, this AMV was enjoyable for the most part.

AntaresHeart07 (1): I thought your idea and editing skill is great. anyway it was perfect

JustRukia (1): Зевс молодец, в отличие от некоторых, не буем показывать пальцем. Есть еще порох в пороховницах.

Magicflier (1): It was a very amazing crossover. Glad you took advantage of scenes from every Fate/? series out there. I was in awe from beginning to end of the story! :D

Ryuu-Dono (1): Stylish cross-over, well executed.

UnlastingDreams (1): The author paid close attention to detail for the crossover, kept to the story, and the song even fit well with everything. The editing is well done were the viewer will believe this was just one anime. Nothing looks out of place and everything flows together. Great work~ :D

xDeuz (1): A crossover that we can rarely watch in a action/story video, not many of us are used to watch pieces where its story takes a big portion of the places where we should have more action, but its charm relies on that aspect. Obviously, I think that crossover's impression is stronger in sentimental videos. This is a piece that I've enjoyed to watch and deserves first place at least in my opinion because it shows somethings that isn't often see alongside the technique that was used to elaborate it.

Fobos (2): Качественный кроссовер, очень понравилась идея и реализация.

KxS & MDL (2): An easy to get story, the two animes melt together very well.

xDieguitoAMV (2): Excelent editing, your crossovers are always really impresive and easy to understand for the public in my opinion... and this one was not an exception

andrewbee (3): Excellent Story and crossover

Kis@ (3): A brilliant and inimitable idea . The entire clip was conducted with the utmost rigor and transparency.
slimed - Serein

Magicflier (2): It takes lots of effort to turn an anime to another genre with editing alone. <:

TritioAFB (2): Another surprise. To be honest this was the first time I actually watch one of your videos and it was pleasant. I dont know if you have more of these videos there in the org, I will have to check out later

Animated (3): A big surprise from you - didn't know you had SUCH skills. Well done!

John (3): Very interesting idea. It was a big surprise to me. Thank you for the amazing AMV.

xDieguitoAMV (3): Very good editing and crazy idea for taking the risk of doing a really dramatic amv with an anime that is mostly for fun and humor, and thats why i really like this work.
Okill - Skyfall

Animated (1): Even though the song is nothing new by the time the video appeared, you still did it justice - great job.

Fobos (1): Очень приятная глазу работа, исполнение на высоте, лучший клип на данном конкурсе, 10.

KxS & MDL (1): This video is top notch in all regards. A very rigorous and interesting work.

JustRukia (2): Хоть и можно упрекнуть в банально сочетание идеи и музыки, но все равно достойно вышло.

Kis@ (2): His imagination takes over and allows us to take part in the story we are seeing.

Sunlight (2): Amazing crossover with nice and clean effects. good job okill

AlchemistEskimo & itsAvient (3): Wonderful video, very cool blending and implementation of an old and dark romantic shooting anime and managed to somehow add a story to it. This entry did not dissapoint.

ONEWAYS (3): Your editing is always addictive.I really like Soul Recovery,and this one,too.What I have to complain is that I saw too much Umika and Centurione in this video(Maybe it was my problem).But still,great job:)

xDieguitoAMV - Recuerdos Del Olvido

MrGafudo (1): This collab is visually awesome, the technical is very cool too, the music is a great selection regarding the anime and this is my favourite on this contest

Xilence (1): I like your flow, warm color filters, sync and overall pleasent experience while watching this masterpiece. Sometimes you push the settings for warm colors and glow too high.

JSK (2): Chicos, ya se los he dicho, me encantó. La estética y la técnica perfectas como sólo ustedes pueden, el video trae un gran mood, además que se nota la sinergía entre ustedes, deberían considerar seriamente en trabajar juntos más seguidos en esta clase de proyectos, son autores excepcionales individualmente, pero creo que el estar juntos saca algo diferente de ustedes, tal vez sea la amistad... En fin, yo sé que les irá muy bien c:

DanParthenis (3): I loved the way it was edited really beautifully and it really amplified the emotions that clannad had to offer.

TheCacoVenom (3): good job for them, the video looks like if it was done just by one person, (y)

xDeuz (3): No comments. Focusing this way about the character was something I liked. A very clean and original work from the authors, a collab that deserves 3rd place

Benreparn - Tranceition

inBox (1): good Job

John (1): VERY COOL. It's really beautiful and emotional. Thank you for the awesome AMV.

TsukiBito牛牛 (1): This amv's visual effect is very good, and the way Benreparn process the vedio images is excellent.I can feel the artistic conception(意境,translated by google) through the images,fitted the music perfectly.

Tiny Poet (1): I like the flow and the technique,I think it is a masterpiece,you are my best.I watch it lots of times.

Shinfoxxy (2): This video strongly appealed to my irrepressible taste for nice visual experiences. It was aesthetically as well as technically flawless, with a spectacular flow. But most importantly, a nice atmosphere was created, which is not the most straightforward thing to achieve in a techno / trance AMV, partly due to the smart choice of music as well as nice coloring! A super solid video!

Adverse (3): As someone who likes to edit to the flow and beats of songs without thinking of an underlying message or theme this video was something I enjoyed watching. Good flow, editing and music all around.

FY.DUCK (3): really enjoyable work.

SachaValentine (3): Really pleasant and beautiful to see. Nice technic.

AMV Strat (3): There were a high level this year on Dance genre, but the atmosphere created here is so good, that's why I think that Benreparn deserves to win it.

TsukiBito牛牛 - Salvation of Kiritsugu

Gidra (1): I love trailers. They are combine so much different emotion. And this work is rly good one in that case. I'm really feel the song energy and that was great.

SoulRVS (1): The best video of the contest ; technically has no imperfections ; is a trailer that involves you and pushes you to see the anime . In particular, the video proves very strong when the song becomes powerful ; it's all very fluid and makes it very well the idea of the anime.

DanParthenis (2): Love the way voice-over was used. Very well edited and definetly shows that voice-overs can definitely work in AMVs

hiroki_999 (2): It's almost like the movie trailer. Is serif of Japanese was good.

inBox (2): good Job

MycathatesyouAMV (2): My personal favorite video from the contest. This got me to finally watch the anime. Your use of audio from the anime was really well done and helps enhance the chilling / dramatic atmosphere you already had created. Great editing and technicals as well.

SachaValentine (2): I can't get out of this video when I look. Nice work.

AiLioNs (3): La verdad el mejor trailer,video de Fate/zero que haya visto cada segundo que pasaba se volvía cada vez mas impresionante llegando a climax totalmente épico.

Ova (3): 帅

ONEWAYS - Dandelion

Kis@ (1): Made with 100% pure love . This amv is not here for the best place , just here to be shared and reminds me why i started making amv .She totally won this contest in a spirited way .

Shin (1): This was just lovely.

AntaresHeart07 (2): Fantastic! I really liked it!

Ova (2): 赞

TsukiBito牛牛 (2): Without any complex visual effect,just simple editing,with relaxing music,but I can feel the love between たまこ and もち蔵,young,and pure.Havent seen any amv like this for years,it give me lots of inspriration in editing.

HARU (2): 歌曲选得很合适,画面制作很赞,尤其是整体的节奏与创意真的很喜欢!!

JustRukia (3): “Приятная, легкая, не агрессивная, без лишних выкрутасов (как многие сейчас любят) атмосфер.”© JustRukia Ценю такие работы, всегда вносят свой позитивный вклад.

Sunlight (3): i just love it

MycathatesyouAMV (3): This video is quite simple, but I still think it is very good. Storytelling was clear and the video makes me actually feel for the characters and have interest in the story which most videos these days fail to do. It reminds me of what I truly do appreciate in amvs and I think more romance videos should strive to be like this.

Shin - Nefarium Psychologica

Adverse (1): I can't really explain what made this my favourite video of this year's contest; I guess it just ticked all my boxes: great flow, great sound and great editing from start to finish.

TritioAFB (1): It was a nice surprise. When we know you were going solo some people mentioned the idea of a 'sequel' to Fate Matrix, I was sure it wasnt going to be the case this time, and indeed it wasnt. In Moonfall you already showed a lot of your own ideas, and it was time to see that again, I didnt expect to see that in this AKROSS Con

kireblue (1): Great editing, visuals, and overall enjoyment

SoulRVS (3): There are plenty of AMV with Madoka Magica but this reisce somehow to stand out over the others. Particular the combination with the music , but it works well enough so as to create a dark and gloomy atmosphere . Technically valid and themes are easily understood . Overall, I really enjoyed it .
Sunlight - Fleeting

hiroki_999 (1): Awesome!! I was very impressed.

FY.DUCK (2): I really like this amv especially the detail design and it really really touched me.

John (2): I love it. The poster is also very fantastic. Thank you for the touching AMV.

AntaresHeart07 (3): Author created really beautiful AMV.

Gidra (3): It looks like nothing special, but despite that I like it. True emotions and good music/video combination.

mastamind (3): I love Wolf Children, and this video's a really cool representation of what the movie feels like :)
mastamind - Moon Powder

ONEWAYS (1): When I first saw it,I was attracted.Interesting theme and stylish editing.Maybe the story was a little confusing,but I don't care.You are a capricious author,I admire you.:)

xDieguitoAMV (1): Best idea, very good and unique editing in my opinion

AiLioNs (2): De este me gusto la combinación de la música,vídeo y efectos me gusto como iban acompañados el uno del otro.

AlchemistEskimo & itsAvient (2): Excellent video overall, a cool cinematic feel and a sense for the theme falls into place, kaleidoscope effects, smoke and everything. A fantastic piece to watch when I move to the moon.

Nixanol (2): Большие белые шарики, их много, а я один. У них есть семья, они успешны, вечера проводят в шумной компании белых шариков. Белые шарики, ваши жизненные ценности мне не нравятся.

JSK (3): Insanely good mood, the atmosphere really brings out that "i wanna smooke weed soooooooo fucking bad" feel that psychodelic videos need to explode. Nothing more to say.

Xilence (3): Very nice idea. 420BlazeIt m8 :3
We like how you use AE for this Video.

hiroki_999 - KNOW YOUR ENEMY

AirShadowRasengan (1): Awesome work with text and video/masks/transitions

TsukiBito牛牛 (3): Looks great,I think hiroki_999 is the most hardworking editor in this year's akross......
Kis@ - The Sky's The Limit

MycathatesyouAMV (1): Absolutely amazing technical work. I still can't believe how much time you must have spent on those masks and got them to look so nice. Overall the video is visually stunning and really nicely brings all these movies together to create a nice atmosphere.

Adverse (2): While the song wasn't really my cup of tea I can certainly appreciate a good amv when I see one; I can only imagine the amount of technical work and effort that must have gone into this amv to make all the various Ghibli movies appear like they came from a single source. So although it isn't one of the amvs I enjoyed the most in the competition it certainly is the one that impressed me the most due to the subtlety and skillful execution of the technical work.

AirShadowRasengan (2): Much effort with masking and transitions as story

kireblue (2): exceptionally good masking and technicals

SoulRVS (2): The video is technically perfect, it is impossible to find even the slightest mistake . The various Miyazaki's films are fused so admirably that appear to come from a single source . The song as well as the animes used create a perfect atmosphere that attracts the viewer .

KxS & MDL (3): Very nice masking skills and poetic journey.
xDeuz - Waiting for you

DanParthenis (1): A very touching amv which made me tear as I watched it with my girlfriend. Gives a strong message and is very well done.

Tiny Poet (2): Maybe it is not respected by the most people ,but it really moved me a lot.
lolligerjoj - GEHIRNSTURMEN

mastamind (1): The definition of lovable nonsense. Even if not everyone's comfortable with what it is, I think it's perfect for what it is.

Nixanol (1): Визуализация музыки, твикстор, композ, тайм-ремапинг, повторить, добавить нойза. Просмотр успокаивает дрожащие руки, расслабляются мышцы спины, действует общеукрепляюще.

Gidra (2): So perfect synchronization. I was hypnotized when I pressed play. But all stuff what happened on the screen was too much for me. That's why only 2rd place.
Ova - Welcome to Ikebukuro

HARU (1): 我个人很喜欢这种简简单单的能体现出单纯感情的AMV制作,简单的爱让我感受到了温暖和治愈了心灵

andrewbee (2): Amazing dynamic movement, Great summary Character Profiles in very few frames and the motion graphics skills is top-notch!

Tiny Poet (3): I like ova's work,but also the oor!The music is full of my head.good luck and expect for your next piece.

andrewbee - Coup de Grace

machina21 (1): A wonderfully edited dance video. Easily could have become like so many other videos of this type, but with some great scene selection and flow, it really stands out.

Shinfoxxy (1): My high ranking for this AMV was not based on the video excelling in any particular skill, whether it is technical or atmosphere creation, but I was really impressed at the smooth and balanced mix of genres: sentimental, dance and fun. I reckon it is really hard to achieve without ending up with something that has lost its unity, and achieving a harmonious video with this kind of blend was a spectacular tour de force and refreshingly unique! Also, it was really enjoyable to watch, so all in for me!
KxS & MDL - Overdrive

Xilence (2): Very good (internal-)sync.

Shinfoxxy (3): It started with a spot-on choice of music, both upbeat and emotional, very alluring from the very beginning of the video and combined with amazing visuals and carefully placed coloring effects, just to emphasize the scenes and flow. Then when I thought I had seen it all, the video mutated into a stylish chain of spectacular mecha frenzy scenes, all amazingly synced. Despite action AMV not being particularly my type, I had to salute the masterful execution!

Animated - Sharing Lungs

machina21 (2): Simple but glorious. Really effective at using the song to set the mood for the video.

Ryuu-Dono (3): Perfect atmosphere and generally well made.
John - Dead Wall

hiroki_999 (3): Very cool and stylish! good job.
Nixanol - The feeling machine

AiLioNs (1): Uno de los géneros que poco veo, en esta ocación para mi fue impresionante como llevo la temática que tubo,

xDeuz (2): No words for this. It is a great work and it actually deserves second or even first place, but I choosed second place. Very good from the author.

TritioAFB (3): unknown author and a mindfuck proyect, three surprises for the same Con, although it took so much to appear. After checking your profile at the news, you seem to have an interesting style but there was the need of a video that could actually be your introduction card. I guess this video is that card. The adequate video for the psychodelic category

HARU - pray and cheer up

Ova (1): 棒
-Mikami- - Rule

inBox (3): good Job
JSK - Cosmological Embrace

MrGafudo (2): I love this amv, at the moment I watched it I thought that she needs to win this contest. There are a few amvs that are technically better but I really love this amv
Multi-Editor Project - Crudelitas Animarum Nox Aeternum Inferno

MrGafudo (3): I choose this mep for the 3rd position because the team work, maybe the people can't appreciate but I think is more difficult to make a great mep like this one than a great amv, because all the participants need to do something similar, and they needs to have a very similar technic.
Rider4Z - User Distortion

kireblue (3): great mood and editing

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