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BlackDiamondTeam  [ BlackDiamondTeam, cornmaniac, TakeshiAMV, tanott, Grexy, JoJoAMV, LeReQUeZ ]
Sofia, Bulgaria
At the Resurrection of Christ: Matthew 28:2 And behold, there was a great earthquake, for an angel of the Lord descended from heaven and came and rolled back the stone and sat on it.

General belief would have you rest assured that angels and demons are but legendary entities that populate realms way beyond your reach.
The project you will see here, however, is bound to prove that forces of unbelievable intensity and control are always at work to put ordinary humans through the most dire of challenges, only to push them towards unlocking their hidden potential, all while at the risk of losing themselves amidst it all.
And so, the immense weight of disaster and tragedy looms over their entire fragile existence, as every character in this project delves into their own inner darkness in an attempt to find and pull themselves back into the light once again, at whatever cost... just to feel something.
Video    Various [ Fate/stay Night, Fate/Zero, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Jin-Roh, Berserk, Death Parade, Castlevania, Dororo ]
Audio    ILLENIUM, Excision & I Prevail - Feel Something
Genre    Drama, Story, Character Profile
4:07 | 107 Mb. | 1920x1080 | H.264 / aac
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DeltaUwU  [ 29 January 2023, 22:48 ]
Nice video
DEDninja  [ 23 June 2022, 20:58 ]
твори автор, нам всем нужно что-то чувствовать 9.5/10
LeReQUeZ  [ 11 Febuary 2022, 21:58 ]
xmissleti92xBagzNotMe!AnimeFanaticBoyEVOsvik THANKS FOR your support :)
xmissleti92x  [ 09 Febuary 2022, 20:59 ]
BagzNotMe!  [ 07 Febuary 2022, 23:18 ]
I watched this video and felt something, really, it was a good sign.
Great montage solutions in connection parts! Also liked effects here in this work. Music selection is not bad indeed ^__^
Shaoran  [ 06 Febuary 2022, 22:04 ]
Что-то в этом есть, но много разных аниме, история не прослеживается 7/10
Bea$t  [ 28 January 2022, 18:51 ]
Достаточно симпатично получилось. Подбор кадров мог быть чуть более ровный. Местами очень хорошо выбраны кадры, а местами какие-то невнятные. Ну и смена кадров под биты могла быть жёстче, а тут чуть ли не фейдами иногда сменяется. Было ощущение, что клип мог получиться чуть лучше.
Но в целом неплохо, трек хорошо ложится на видео, смотреть не скучно, общие впечатления положительные )
ICEberg  [ 26 January 2022, 18:59 ]
но совершенно невнятно
профайлы нераскрыты
драмы не замечено
AnimeFanaticBoy  [ 23 January 2022, 20:41 ]
Liked the transitions between parts, overall is watchable
Лисёнок-тян  [ 09 January 2022, 17:46 ]
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