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Bea$t  [ Bea$t ]
Кемерово, Russia
Video    Various [ Demon's Souls, Dark Souls, Dark Souls II, Dark Souls III ]
Audio    DAYUM - Lordran, DAYUM - Gwyn
Genre    Action
4:30 | 91,1 Mb. | 1920x1080 | H.264 / aac
4:30 | 22,4 Mb. | 480x270 | H.264 / aac
4:30 | 201 Mb. | 1920x1080 | H.264 / aac
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ЮККА  [ 16 November 2018, 16:31 ]
Довольно интересная работа. По играм вообще трудно сделать что-то хорошее, но тут у автора получилось. В определенные моменты, мне не хватило динамики видео, соответственно музыке, но опять же из тех исходников что есть, все хорошо. А за амв на Dark Souls отдельное спасибо )
Ice Titan  [ 03 June 2018, 17:47 ]
Гуд джобе
Bea$t  [ 09 March 2018, 17:35 ]
Была мысль сделать клип под дарк фолк, был и трек подходящий, но не получилось, не фартануло.
Kvant  [ 27 Febuary 2018, 16:41 ]
Красивый исходник. Но клип, кажется, совсем ни о чём. Не знаю почему автор решил именно экшен (хотя, чисто формально, он тут, наверное есть), имхо, на такой видеоряд бы психодел-хоррор в Лавкрафтовских тонах был бы сочнее и интереснее, ну и муз. трек бы "побогаче".
777lexa777  [ 16 Febuary 2018, 16:25 ]
синхры 0
tan_elorn  [ 03 Febuary 2018, 09:46 ]
Да, охренительно, особенно на фоне остального ваниля
BloodCurse  [ 02 Febuary 2018, 19:36 ]
Bea$t  [ 02 Febuary 2018, 13:30 ]
 SakonMV @ 02 February 2018, 00:38 
Don't know why you got a low ranking.

Guess everybody wanted to see great motion show like back in the days. But I really grow tired of this and that's why I wasn't around since 2013. This time I just wanted to support this contest with my video not to win it, just support. And I wanted to do this kind of video just using my editing skills and not a bunch of effects.

 Nicokun @ 02 February 2018, 02:27 
Can i expect a Bloodborne GMV from you in the future?

Now I really doubt that. I was thinking about it while doing this video. But now I don't feel like the community needs videos like this. Now AMV is all about some drama videos and effects all over the place. I feel more freedom now doing motion graphics on behance than doing AMVs.
Nicokun  [ 01 Febuary 2018, 23:27 ]
This community is becoming more retarded every damn year
Anyway, i agree with everything irriadin said, you could've definitely put more work into it but i don't feel disappointed at all tbh because the vid was overall good
Can i expect a Bloodborne GMV from you in the future?
SakonMV  [ 01 Febuary 2018, 21:38 ]
Don't know why you got a low ranking. Honestly this is the best video of this Akross and now one of my favorite GMVs. People still prefer ugly twixtor edits and masks on random parts of the body and this is disgusting
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