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San Pedro Sula, Honduras
Sup sons of Pepes

In the past I found hilarious some memes about Taylor specially after watching the official Blank Space video. But never found the inspiration of making a parody about her until I met Bart Baker... channel. Which can be found here:

Ironically I discarded this idea before taking a look to his channel, then found myself with a Taylor Swift Parodies PlayList. Another funny fact is that this one wasnt originally chosen to be edited, but after watching all of them, I liked the concept of this one.

Back to the video:

I wouldnt call this a 'Crossover' since it wasnt intended to be that in the first place. But you cant make a parody like this with just one serie using an anime with only 3 characters, so I had to mix with other sources. You'll notice the amv isnt 100% anime, but it also features many guests. One of them is Chabelo

This is the first time that a video takes me more than 5 months to finish since this video started back in july, 2016, but due many personal experiences, I couldnt save time until october-december, 2016.

This video includes several references to memes and situations, so if you're new to Internet I dont recommend you watching this video

Special thanks to Ikore, VovanKoperativ, MrGafudo, kireblue and Reyzen for the help in this video.

Me quedare esperando a ver como reacciona la audiencia

Pd. I wanted to make one of the Justin Bieber videos, probably when I quit editing I will.
Pd2. I will take a rest now so it's all up to the rest of ZonaAMV and Iron Team
Pd.3 Leolide brought the weed to make this video
Video    Various [ Plastic Nee-san, Dagashi Kashi, Nisekoi, Fairy Tail, Gekkan Nozaki-kun, Seto no Hayaname, Beelzebub, JoJo Bizarre Adventures, Good Luck Girl!, Anime de Wakaru Shinryounaika, Himouto! Umaru-chan, Carnival Phantasm, Yondemasu yo! Azasel san, B Gata H Kei ]
Audio    Bart Baker - I Knew You Were Trouble Parody
Genre    Comedy, Story, Character Profile
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Cane  [ 08 July 2017, 13:30 ]
Шикарно =)
KEN13  [ 01 July 2017, 11:33 ]
Посмеялся от души, спасибо))))
BadStard  [ 31 January 2017, 04:17 ]
good job
AMVs Gimenez  [ 23 January 2017, 06:30 ]
Jjaajja :laugh: alto AMV, mucha suerte :smile:
dumtumdum  [ 20 January 2017, 18:13 ]
good comedy :biggrin:
xDieguitoAMV  [ 19 January 2017, 05:51 ]
:laugh: esta genial tritio! Nunca me di cuenta que ya habían publicado tu vídeo, uno de los mejores. Suerte!
MetL storm  [ 18 January 2017, 15:50 ]
I laughed. I will invite a few friends and we will laugh together. :lol: Good comedy
ICEberg  [ 17 January 2017, 19:20 ]
забавные моменты есть, но мало
лютый акын
комедии не увидел
Laeks  [ 17 January 2017, 05:21 ]
Orgullo catracho!, ya se lo había dicho, una hermosura raza.
AiaSnTropeaS  [ 16 January 2017, 18:01 ]
Lul :lol: 8.5/10
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