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Chamomile  [ Chamomile ]
Krasnoyarsk, Russia
In full of beauty and tranquility, magnificent world, in which people rejoice and enjoy your life, the situation is changing rapidly and dramatically ... The older generation is replaced by a new, just as previous ideas are replaced by others ..
The main idea is in the rejection of a truce with monsters and complete their destruction.
Good or bad, everyone decides for himself. Of course, the majority did not agree, whereby the conflict broke out.
In the name of their goals, "Revolutionaries" have started to use force, breaking their minds and able to enforce a new ideals in the man's head.. And the name of this power: "Fracture."
In this world everything is possible. As one person can be two at the same time. Only one of them is fighting against the truce, and the other bravely fighting for peace. The ability to sense, what is felt by "broken", last firmly decided ... What? Of course. Fight.
Video    Various [ Tales of Zestiria, Naruto Shippuden, Boku no Hero Academia, Hunter x Hunter ]
Audio    Teddy Killerz - Countdown
Genre    Action
4:07 | 82,9 Mb. | 1280x720 | H.264 / aac
4:07 | 16,2 Mb. | 480x272 | H.264 / aac
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DEDninja  [ 31 August 2017, 22:04 ]
Впечатляет. Первая половина клипа очень даже на уровне. 2:30 и до начала 3 минуты как руки сложин, но эту работу удалось завершить прилично.
Запрошенный жанр оправдан, потуги на сюжет были, но тут не нужны.
Спасибо за титры)
FobosAMV  [ 23 January 2017, 01:41 ]
Песня понравилась, но под нее надо брать не размалеванные исходники, а что-нибудь более серьезное.
ICEberg  [ 16 January 2017, 20:02 ]
без смысла
без сюжета
разная динамика видео и музыки
разная рисовка и качество исходников
под конец пытается появится сюжет, но уже поздно
описание вообще от другого клипа
AiaSnTropeaS  [ 09 December 2016, 12:49 ]
Couldn't uderstand what was going on at many points, but overall enjoyed it! 7.2/10

6 8
8 6
De29v101L  [ 01 December 2016, 23:15 ]
а мне понра )
Dreissea  [ 28 November 2016, 11:26 ]
A lot of the timing seemed spot on. I always like it when the music seems to be providing sound effects for the actions of the characters. I thought that the music and clip pairings were kind of a strange choice, but it actually made the whole thing a bit more interesting, in my opinion. Overall, it was a good video.
C-Strelok  [ 25 November 2016, 20:30 ]
Описание как от другого клипа:
- где здесь показан наполненный красотой и спокойствием ... мир
- как старое поколение жило в перемирии с "чудовищами"
и тд и тп....
u wish u could BEE me  [ 23 November 2016, 01:07 ]
Why do people say it's not their music style? It's not like this amv was made for them LOL nobody gives a shit about your personal preferences
Chamomile  [ 20 November 2016, 04:51 ]

У всех свои вкусы)
Cane  [ 19 November 2016, 21:07 ]
Музыка совсем мимо, под неё засыпать а не экшн смотреть...
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