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 Anima Purgatorius
Конечно возможность проявить нестандартные творческие подходы и решения.
 Bean d'Тінь
I want to say I am grateful every year I make into the final. even though I said some complaints in the complaints sections those are minor things. I love how the deadline was clear and you listened to the suggestion I made a few years ago, it is something l am grateful about. the simplicity in uploading the video straight to the site, and not in a roundabout way with the links and stuff. we always love that calculator so we make sure our standard version is correct. you have also made the process so much simpler over the years, with everything I complain I have to mention everything that you improved. now the only thing you have to do is put what you used in the video in a timely manner and then you upload your video rather than put the size of the video along with dimensions. (some thing I embarrassed to say I messed up the first year asking why it was two numbers not one thanks to YouTube single number directions settings, I have definitely learned a lot since then)

The contest Director evilspider is always accommodating. if you ask about something and always responds in a nice and timely manner. And the now ability to enter and change your your video notes during the competition without having to send anything to evilspider 'for emergency situations'. (a feature I appreciate) The ability to comment on the videos is a great feature and makes this contest more preferable than some of the more in person contests where you do not get any feedback on your project. I find over the years everyone has been tough but fair, always able to back up their complaints with facts.

another one of the great things about this competition is those over the top with many others have. particularly the ones where we have to guess what they think is above 18 and PG-13. particularly since if you these labels strictly could mean that a single magic girl transformation will put it to the r even if from a child show (for nudity). even back when this contact test had limitation, saying they 'do not want major erotic (minor erotic is fine)' and the still current rule of 'blurred the logo until unrecognisable' is much more understandable and shows and a example of how this contest more in line with plain perspectives then some of the others in which the basis of the rules do not reflect every day standards (I would not even be shocked if half the people who use PG13 do not even know what a PG13 is). They do not go out of their way to find ways to limit but they only limit for general reasons. this is a contest that celebrates all editors from all around the world and a contest I am proud to be a part of every single year for the past 7 years.
Нецензурная брань в моём клипе, которая символизирует авторскую свободу.
То, что можно загружать клипы на все ресурсы после публикации на конкурсе.
I love to see that the contest is still running, despite the years it is maintained annually and is always a pleasure have the opportunity to participate in it.

The nominations are great, always good to see a difference towards Romance and Drama, the viewvers chose is also a really cool nomination.

People on the staff is very kind and has a great disposition to help.
Низкий порог вхождения (любой желающий может просто взять и принять участие)

Творческая свобода - на конкурсе можно встретить все что угодно, от трейлера, то музыкального клипа, от комедийной пародии до тяжелой драммы

Сообщество тоже неплохое, в основном своем. Дают конструктивную критику, а не просто "клип говно"
Мы все еще здесь. (Forts, Tiffany Aris, 2WEI - Still Here)
Поучаствовал и просто было интересно по клипам ну и сами клипы есть которые понравились вот так.
20 лет красивая дата
Что он ещё жив:)
Having found a great AMV.
I was very happy to receive feedback on the AMVs I produced.
That it is open and international, the scores are transparent, and a lot of great works have showed up in its long history.
I like how everyone react to entries no toxic, very kìnd
The fact to participate as always. The fact to meet New editors


 Anima Purgatorius
Нестандартные подходы далеко не всем по вкусу, обыденность пока что всё же преобладает.
 Bean d'Тінь
I am about to list a bunch of dislikes but I would love to make it clear that there is always more I like then dislike for this competition, everything that is right keeps me competing here every year. I wish would be to have been told that my video standard was not correct and to either be given the option to fix it or to be told that the my standard would be resized (even if not given the option to resize) from a pop notice like the one we get when the video gets published rather than find out at publication. I wanna be clear that this is not that they should except wrong format and stuff this is just to tell people that they gave wrong format and stuff and it will not be accepted.

I am not sure what happened or if this is a change since in the past I usually got nice note I got when I messed up the credits back in 2017 but that could be because of how close the deadline I sent my video was to the international dateline which is completely on me. I am just shocked because usually the contact is on top of this in and accommodating of these situations.

having videos not still be releasing super close to the deadline. I am not sure if it is because of this unique situation but they were there were videos this year still being released two days before voting and late into category voting. I do not mean they have to be released with a chunk of time but three days so we can decide how everything is going to go for the final vote. I feel some of the people forgot that you are not supposed to name your video the same as any of your sources or song choice.

The only other thing that would even possibly make this easier would be to have a list of genres that are contests related on the side when you choose the genres for your video. (I am not sure if this goes and dislikes or changes in rules) since even I had trouble figuring out which wore proper genres until I made it into the finals.
Мало нецензурной брани в других клипах. Люди не ценят авторскую свободу.
То, что все проходят в финал, можно было б сделать поменьше финалистов.
This year the number of entries was sadly low, it is very sad to see that the con is not getting the attention it deserves
Мало времени на голосование. Если быть точным, для меня (участвую впервые) было неожиданностью, что надо будет выбрать список из 10 клипов в порядке предпочтений. Было бы проще, если бы формат формы для голосования был бы известен заранее
Жаль, что на 20-летие пришло так мало участников.
Шо не попал не в один жанр хотя бы 1 оставили ))
Не работает цветовая дифференциация штанов в списке участников, не видно кто на тех-проверке, а кто ее прошел, короче не видно очереди.
Жаль что клипов\<участников становится меньше:)
Nothing in particular, but if I had to raise it I was saddened that there were fewer participants than last year.
I would have liked to see more AMVs ;;
Editors gradually lost interest in participating this contest, but it's not the contest's fault.
lack of competitors
The fact that less and less editors are participating in the akross con. Even though the dates are communicated in time, editors are losing interest in participating. Maybe offering a prize could help?
Also, through the years, the announcement of the akrosss con has been seriously decreased. Which mean, that several editors didnt know akross con was happening. Even in the discord server you noticed someone asking if the akross con was over.


 Anima Purgatorius
Пока не знаю. Возможно, стоило бы добавить какие-нибудь новые номинации. Например за самый необычный клип или самого неординарного персонажа в клипе.
 Bean d'Тінь
a way to make a clear what registering means. (some years registering means putting the video information, some years registering means putting just your name) this makes a big difference in the final product. I am confused and I have been doing this for 6 years. Also to make it clear if a year will be having a gap in between giving the video information and video download links would also be good. also to bring back subtitles "(unless their presense is required conceptionally)" instead of the full out ban. maybe put preview version back. Hard subs would be nice. And have the soft subs in the video to see when being played on the website, instead as some attachment which requires to download the video onto the computer.

Officially (as written in the rule page) allowing scenes with credits (like an opening on ending or the names on the first few scenes at the beginning of the show, not a tv logo) when no clean one exist. this year in particular I found that a lot of things that were going to go into particular category did not end up there and not every video made a category. I think each finalist making at least one category would help give everyone a chance to possibly win something. (Since a lot of the same videos made a lot of some of the bigger categories like action and drama) I definitely at the very least think or psychedelic style ones should make into psychedelic because of how much of its own thing it is. I planned a some of my categories ,maybe not with an exact order but with the idea of some of these making it into the rankings and a lot of them I was not able to put there because they never made it.

I feel recently some people have been not writing a description. I am not sure if they just cannot think of one in a rush, they think that listing their concept would give them a lower score in artistic and (insert category name) or if it is because they are not aware of one of the categories literally relying on that. I am not saying have a long character requirement. (maybe 50 letters/characters) but it can get difficult to grade someone's "concept as they intended it" without them mentioning their concept as they attended it.

this used to be actually in the directions back in 2017 even if not a a strict rule but at some point it was removed. I understand having freedom and if people were using puns and play on words this would be fine but people are now basically naming the video on the song they chose. I do not think we should bring back the no lyric based titles but maybe a rule that you cannot name your video on the exact song title to bring back some variety and not end up at some point in the situation with two people who chose the same song with the same video title.

I would like if instead of just the winners of of each year being able to vote, the next year to be all the former finalists since there is a very limited spots for winning and getting into the finals is a very hard thing to do to begin with.
Нужны какие-то призы.
То, про что написал повыше. В целом все устраивает.
More online diffusion can help to get more attention, a promotional video of the Contest, and It might help to think about a different jury system, more in line with the conventional one.
Держать строй.
Да все ок может что-то подрегулировать ну и честно ли все было по голосам а так все ок.
Не понял, почему в номинации за лучший концепт(и прочих около технических номах), кто-то уже выбрал несколько "каких-то" работ, лишив меня в общем-то выбора, по моему в списке должны быть все клипы, либо вообще упразднить эти номы, если нет возможности сделать нормальный отсев.
Сложно было найти "панель участника" для голосования
Nothing particular, but a rating commitee with each year's winner sounds interesting and promising.
need some more promoting for the contest next year
With what I said, the participation of the akross con is currently going Down. Its the second time after the 2021 edition that there arent enough entries. Think about offering a prize. Several online contests are now offering prizes and the ones that I follow as viewer/judge attracts a lot of participation. As I said,this is one idea that could work in the future
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 AKROSS CON 2020 FINALIST 07.02.2021  
Shuumatsu no Walküre
Angela - Gravitation