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Arrow - Утонувший -Drowned-
 athrun (1)
I liked a lot this video , I think that the lyric fits the video perfectly
 FT (1)
This video has a really good execution, the scene selection and transitions works pretty well and made the work very enjoyable, the comps are pretty cool too.
 Nude Penguin (1)
Top 4 was pretty close in my opinion. In the end it was the clear concept, usage of the "drowning"-Theme and thoughtful images.
The work made sense and had a clear structure. I have to admit the russian rap threw me off a bit, (mainly because I'm not native in Russki I think), but I enjoyed the journey.
 gtqwe (1)
The song matches the picture very well,the atmosphere is great.
 SchinEe (1)
I've watched this many times, i liked the flow the way it followed the lyrics and everything.
this AMV is just great <3
 Arcothy (2)
Even without the subtitels you can feel and understand the character. The szenes just speaks it all and are well mixed with transitions to make it smooth.
Then i watched and understood the lyrcis and it was always on point with the szenes and emotions.

Shame on me that it dont know the anime, but this just makes me "wow, thats a deep amv".
 whoru (2)
russian rap.amazing.depressional.
 Kaito (2)
очень интересное мв, и оно держит весь клип одним целым, даёт прочувствовать.
 Woяthy (2)
Strong video, the mood is well built. Color correction are also on top!
 BlackDiamondTeam (3)
From the first drop of water that this clip's main character gets imprisoned by and all the way to the last shattering figment of his reality, this clip greedily takes away all of our attention through the author's own attention to detail. The violent discourse in it also marches in ferociously, like a lion; we're battered in, sunken together with the main character's inability to see the surface; or even worse, rather see it and not be able to grasp it. Water can both flow and gently caress and furiously crash at the next given moment. It is this yin-yang-ian combination of forces that makes Drowned such a powerful entry, in which professional implementation can help us flow through every settled gasp of the piano, as well as burst free at the seams with every discernible protest voiced by the lyrics. In the end, the embrace of the lyrical weight through well-placed scenery lets us go smoothly, like the deafened cry of a waterfall, finding its peace yet always resetting its struggle and, thus, eternal journey towards it. Albeit the few less remarkable ways in which the chorus was addressed, this clip is by far, a work of great detail and care that puts it ahead of equally tenacious, yet emptier entries.
FT - Aviator
 Arrow (1)
Although it's a 4 minute video it didn't feel like it. Very cute and wholesome.
 veravero (1)
The music is perfect and its fit with the anime nicely. Very clean, and the atmosphere is beautiful.
 Nude Penguin (3)
Again. Top 4 was really close in my opinion. FT made it to third and I am totally content with that choice. The video is coherent and well edited. All of the guys simping for basics will have a lot of fun with this.
Sometimes the blurs are all over the place, but credit where credit is due: This looks good. There isn't a single point in the video that annoys me (okay except the random ass outro scene MAN ._.).
Now dare a little more and blow me way ma man ^-^
Arcothy - Aoi's Bassline
 iLyes (1)
very catching
 WhiteRabbit (1)
Nice video and excelent rythm, i like aoi's bassline and your work
 athrun (2)
It was refreshing watch this kind of videos
 Nude Penguin (2)
Arco has a really distinct style and I can see why some might not get used to his really distinct FX usage. Anyway this work tried something else and went places not a lot of editors dare to go. A FUCKING BASS SOLO. That's a challenge and in my opinion he delivered.
While there are "lows" present the ending and beginning are exceptionally well edited and atmospheric. He's telling a lot in very few cuts. Also Bonus points for courage.
Something I'd like to see a lot more of. Daring to do new stuff.
 Tommy (2)
The effects are basic and somewhat repetetive, but the existence of an actual character profile concept makes them work much better than if they were just empty fx. The character profile is very well done, visually it looks good, I like it.
 Arrow (3)
Loved the concept.
WhiteRabbit - WORST ONE
 Ellafaessa (1)
Явный лидер. Идеальное М/В и даже сюжет имеется, что редкость в жанре action)
 okhostok (2)
Generally, everyone tries to achieve flow in videos. But the true action is when there is a basic backstory so that the viewer knows WHY THEY ARE FIGHTING and the existence of accurate synchronization. This work also shows us the basic character development throughout the video, which I admire.
 Scara (3)
I can hardly ever enjoy action AMVs from anime I haven't seen, however this one I enjoyed until the very end. It was very well synced (and I applaud you for some of the internal syncs, i love those in amvs :D) and for the most part the flow was nice too.
What I had some issues with were mostly the sounds. I personally wouldn't add so many of them. Like the electricity for example, it felt a bit distracting to me. The same goes for the mask transitions. They're nice to use, but i felt like you used them too often, which, again, was kinda distracting. But I guess that's just a personal preference
 Tommy (3)
I really appreciate taking such an unorthodox show for a modern action edit. The build up in the first half is very good, the action isn't half-bad either, although it soon becomes apparent that the animation of the source simply isn't that great, and the author has to rely a lot of leaf/eye/fire transitions that continuously reset the flow of the amv before it manages to get anywhere. So yeah, there's just a bit too much of artificial transitions, but other than that the action is still very solid. The credits look good, the added effects too, the one thing I'm not a fan of are the sound effects. There're just too many of them and most of them sound the exact same anyways. So yeah, next time don't use them that frequently. Still a very solid video and the best action this year in my opinion.
Nude Penguin - When I'm Gone
 Arcothy (1)
Most of the time i dont feel things (in general), but watching this amv i felt everything. The Character, the story and the emotion. Everything got more beautiful with the visuals and just blend together very lightly.
Some fx arent 100% clean because there are very hard to manage and hard to implement. I would love to see a 100% perfekt version in this contest from you. Take the time if you need it!

I think this is absolutely your best edit by now and this work shows that you have the brain, willpower and art in your sould to create something beautiful.
 okhostok (1)
This video made me feel things that I forgot for a long amount of time. The fatality is exceptional in this particular type of art.
 Scara (1)
While I can't say it's the best technically made video (the text was a bit out of place and the camera movements in the compositions at 1:13 and 2:17 kinda ruined the flow in my opinion), however the atmosphere was so great, it almost made me cry, which is exactly what I expect from a well made drama. The emotions were so strong, that the technical flaws didn't really matter to me that much.
 Tommy (1)
Beautiful sentimental work that pulls the watcher in and doesn't let go until the very end. I love the audio/video combo, the tempo is mostly slow but there's enough diversitiy in cuts that it never gets boring. I love moments like the light switching to the beat at 1:27 or the suddenly faster pace of cuts at 1:32. There are some technical missteps, especialy the huge yellow text right at the start. Looking at it in retrospect, such a beginning really doesn't do the video a justice. Other than that, I like the subtle effects the video has and their execution isn't bad either. Overall just a very beautiful work, possibly the most emotion-ewoking one from this Akross. And I think that should be appreciated.
 Arrow (2)
Makes you feel things.
 BlackDiamondTeam (2)
Bittersweetness runs deep in this montage encompassing loss, grieving, acceptance and ultimate peace with oneself. Despite its few technical flaws, the author managed to embellish an otherwise already beautifully crafted story with his own visual subterfuge, driving us from sunflower petal to another in a slow dance with our hearts. The song in itself bears a heavy sentimental load, the softened, grave voice aiming to shake your very core; yet amidst the crumbling carcass of my last ounce of resistance to this emotionally-undertaking montage, a realization prevails, to which I succumbed without hesitation. The realization that there is much more to this work than the beautiful music and visuals encasing it. "When I'm Gone" reveals the beauty of letting your very creative passion and "soul" which you're able to pour into your work echo through the beauty of the tools you work with, in one synchronous harmonization. In conclusion, a clip that is as sweet as it is tough to swallow emotionally.
 WhiteRabbit (2)
excelente amv, nice scenes and nice music
TForceProduction - Wrong World
 UnluckyArtist (1)
theres alot going on for it, a high concept with a character focus
 SchinEe (3)
So much work was put into this video and i really liked the story.
great video too !! :)
Squardz - Trinity
 LanPj (1)
There is nothing to say about the production. The convergence and fluency are perfect. And the animation made by JC, I think it is very difficult to edit the action video. It has more space and less good pictures in an episode, so it needs some effects to make up for the lack of vision. So I like this video best. it's very good.
 Silent Hero (1)
I love the Toaru series, but this guy used so many added visuals and effects that made me love it even more.
 Woяthy (1)
The edit(synchronization and overall pace) is perfect, transitions are well done and smooth. It's also a great combination.
Some effects are also very cool.
 gtqwe (2)
Great action.
 SchinEe (2)
the king of action !!
it was very pleasant to see this AMV, there was no moment of boredom and all the scenes follow each other.
yeah definitely one of my fav amv in action :)
athrun - GODFALL
 UnluckyArtist (2)
I know nothing about the source used but as a MMV i'm just instantly impressed since animating images is hard enough in itself
 whoru (3)
mmv so cool
Woяthy - VNM
 Akarena (3)
The flow and the smoothness of the scenes as they pass, while the lyrics and the visuals matched, was awesome. The video felt united with the song itself (the hell yeah hand sign). Very good use of text.
 iLyes (3)
cool atmosphere
 WhiteRabbit (3)
a good action, i really this rythm
Potchiamv - Pseudobulbar
 Akarena (1)
The intricate storyline of the boy who got revenge for his family, and the plot twist at the end that he has only imagined that is brilliant. The presentation of the video was as good as the anticipation it makes you feel as you wait for the events to unfold. The sound effects (especially the ticking sound of a bomb right at the end) were very good and included you in the video, not to forget the the color correction there.
 Ellafaessa (2)
Оригинальный подход к истории. Красиво оформленный по аизуалу клип.
 iLyes (2)
intressting story
 gtqwe (3)
Good atmosphere.
Tommy - Another Place
 FT (2)
A really cool video, it has a really good atmosphere and the scene selection its just brilliant, the combo music/source works perfectly. I enjoyed it a lot.
 Scara (2)
In my opinion this definitely had the best technics this year. Everything fits so well together, it has a great sync, the flow is incredible and the part from 1:26 to 1:35 gives me chills! And I love how gentle your editing style is, the subtle movements make the watching experience relaxing and melancholy.
 Silent Hero (2)
A sad story, but I thought this AMV out of all the others stood out to me the most in terms of storytelling and drama.
Chan_AMV - Sunshine Love
 LanPj (3)
chan yyds
veravero - Zero To Hero
 Akarena (2)
This video is original and funny as hell, given its category. The idea to put One Punch Man with the girl from Prison School, was brilliant. While I also liked how the different animes felt like they were normally from one source, which shows the skill behind the cc and composition here.
 Cegan (2)
Completed a "crossover" amv without making it feel forced.
UnluckyArtist - Snake
 Coach (2)
The video I'd be least likely to use the amount of time it takes to make.
 Kaito (3)
слабость к бакемоногатари + отличное мв
очень третье место нелегко далось, но не могу не признавать, что мне очень (очень) понравился этот клип про змейку (и в целом, видимо, очень скучала по атмосфере бакемоногатарей)
 Silent Hero (3)
I basically have a whole snake phobia, but in terms of aesthetics, this was well done. Unlucky has a habit of turning a whole trope into very artistic vids, something I really like to watch.
Scara - Descent
 Arcothy (3)
This horror amv just sucks you into it when you watch it. It kept me engaged and interessted and at 2:13 it completely got me convinced with the the usage of this szene and the music. The szene selection and visual usage were on point and synced.

As you mentioned in the discription, I would personaly love to see this kind of amv when you are 100% setisfied with it. There are just some parts who would love to get more love.

I will beware the demons and i will watch this anime. Thanks for this great AMV!
 okhostok (3)
The Synergy between music and video sequence is exceptional. This work made me feel the awe, how might the power of true raw editing be.
 athrun (3)
I think that the idea is very original
 veravero (3)
Very creative, nice work.
Cegan - Endless Void
 whoru (1)
it's different from others.
 Coach (1)
The video I'll likely steal the most from to use for myself.
BlackDiamondTeam - (Not) Everything Stays
 FT (3)
This video made me smile, its very cute and wholesome. I loved it
Calc - Snake Charmer
 Coach (3)
This video is just a vibe.
 UnluckyArtist (3)
not overly complicated and well paced. i like throwback action
LanPj - warriors
 veravero (2)
It seems how many effort he made, the effects and the transitions are pretty cool. The cuts are in line with the music.
 Ellafaessa (3)
Очень зацепило все до первой минуты. Было интересно.под коне конечно были провалы по м/в, но не критично.
Ellafaessa - Confrontation
 Woяthy (3)
The edit is also perfect, and the tension is here, gradually rising and that give us the will to watch the anime.
okhostok - Demontage
 BlackDiamondTeam (1)
This author has pleasantly shocked and surprised the audience on countless occasions, but this year's entry in particular seems like a magnum opus reuniting many different motifs seen in his videos in the past. He makes use of a well-known main source and puts it into an untraditional context that mirrors deeply rooted problems of day-to-day life, in which simply seeing your own reflection deepens the pool of self-harming thoughts you let yourself become easy prey to. Same goes for the ambition to "be like they are" that ends up gutting the very last drops of ephemeral joie de vivre that's left within you. The author here takes all this smothering mass of buried feelings and unleashes it all in unbridled rage upon us. The moment you'd think you've figured it all out, he makes you think twice about what you're seeing once again; of course, the visual storytelling skills themselves could still be polished from a technical standpoint, but the intensity with which he delivers the main points of this riveting story of self-doubt, internal struggle and ultimate revenge tells it all. A contestant probably shunned by many, perhaps, yet a winner in my books.
Glitchpidge - Lacuna
 Kaito (1)
евангелион был и остаётся особенным и, несмотря на то, что клипов по нему до сих пор делают достаточно, мало что действительно затрагивает лично меня. можно много и долго рассуждать про "за" и "против", но в итоге всё сводится к личным предпочтениям - в этом "лакуна" попала мне в самое сердце. спасибо.
Coach - Poggies
 Cegan (1)
Highly creative original concept, executed very well. The author has a high understanding of music and the way video should work along with it.
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