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Sunlight & gabberMD - Love Artifact

Amanystya and Noor (1): Impressive work, there some problems about shadows sometimes and some "kitsch" effects like the heart or the red trails but it's really good even tho.

AntaresHeart07 (1): I think your idea and editing skill are great. It was perfect for me!

Azexous (1): I don't need explain why I put this as first haha

DinAniC (1): I love the design of the amv, very well done, and the edition at crossovering was perfect. Had some original things like the days, some text telling the thoughts of the characters and the use of instagram. Very original in that point, thought I think the story in general laked originality, they way you told it was the original thing. Congrats!

Fury (1): For sure a hard work and enjoyble both visual and storyline. The synergy between parteners of this collaboration is actually unbelievable. The drawings, masks, town footage and fx comes all along pretty dope.

GwRosaE (1): 非常棒,细节处理的很到位,整体看着也是十分流畅,色彩也是很棒啊,剧情虽然我看过类似的,不过整体来说这是个很棒的作品。期待你的下一个作品

JOCKER8CLZ (1): one of the best works I've ever seen , really well edit and deserve 1st place

Kai Ren (1): Esta como obvio, el trabajo que hicieron, apesar de ser collab les quedo genial...parecia un solo editor, me gusto mucho el ambiente, la sync, el sentimiento...etc

Kurobi (1): Ame este video, la historia aunque muchos la tomaran como cliche fue muy buena a mi parecer, me gusto, creo que seria el justo ganador!!

machina21 (1): Not much to add except well done =).

MrGafudo (1): Guys you did it I know that your amv is going to be awesome but you exceed my expectations, the concept, the work you made, the ... damn everything is incredible hahahha totally awesome good work mates ;)

SachaValentine & Neb (1): Very nice collab, i love it !

Sagiki (1): GG, the best

Sebacarp (1): It's a great crossover. It is a simple and straightforward story, the moments of romance, sentimental, drama, is expressed perfectly in this video. Technically it is perfect and the authors were complemented very well in this style. So I think it's a great video and deserves the first place.

Simplyfx (1): Stunning work, especially if we consider this was the collaboration of two people. Well edited and technically executed. The only bug, if it can be called that, is that this crossover/story/plot is nothing anew.

Strat (1): The best video this year in my opinion.

Sutrue (1): Awesome technology and interesting story.

TritioAFB (1): The first time I watched this video I was surprised that it didnt seem to be a collab. Sources blended surprisingly good and it was a perfect match. Some people will complain why collabs lately reach good positions but to be honest nobody looks if video is a collab or an individual work.

ZOD (1): the video itself was a surprise tho i was expecting something cool from them but not that way the pace the atmosphere the feeling it gets you to another dimention and yeapthey deserve the 1st prize i surrender XD

DespairsAbyss (2): Cant say much, perfectly made crossover with great technique and nice visuals, beatiful poster and next lvl titles, just feeling that you've seen it all several times before a bit upsets.

Ðяaga (2): One editor known for the VFX and the other for the action but none of them really made a big project , they finally did it and the result just shows how much skills they have , really awesome outcome. PS : Original Outro <3

PikaPika (2): i think the two girls not need bf

iKuro (2): This was close to be the best for me. The thing that annoyed me was the source (haruhi not hibike) and some part of the concept, both overused. Still a super awesome video, was really hard to decide the winner for me.

leolide (2): You'll probably win :D

MaxotsAmvs (2): The masks and the crossovers were perfect at somepoints and the scenes they created were amazing

Grandeeney (3): Awesome!

Iren S.S. (3): Nice technique and pleasant color correction. However, if the story could be not that conventional and stereotypical, the video would only benefit from it. I appreciate the effort you put in this, though. I liked the outro.

JustRukia (3): Качественная техническая работа для двоих авторов вполне хорошо сработано. Но чего-то кроме явно выделяющего технического аспекта в работе не приметил. Все основные моменты сильно проседают как осадок, из-за отсутствия своей собственно идеи или концепции.

RyanGNR (3): i dont like the story ,it's cliche , and lead up to wake up scene , if i dont mistake ..., but the visual effect , the feels , how editor put effort to it composition , it's outstanding , and this is what crossover really is

Buggy - Within

leolide (1): I liked it k? I think it's the best one

Amanystya and Noor (2): Really good concept, some transitions are not really clean but the fx are properly used, the song doesn't really fit but it's really really good.

AntaresHeart07 (2): I think the idea is original, great work!

Cenit (2): Neat athmosphere. Great use of FX. Good choice of music and good pacing. Well done!

Derisor (2): Красивая работа

Iren S.S. (2): The visuals of the video is mesmerizing! The video fits very well and some images were really stunning in the combination with the audio. However, in the beginning I could sense some emotional chain of images which, unfortunately, was soon lost, and the video ended like a very beautiful but void thing for me. If the author could continue developing the video emotionally and not only visually, it would be absolutely magnificent. However, it is still a very nice piece!

Kaito (2): стильно и вдумчиво.

Miso (2): It is so lovely to watch this one! The Idea and the implementation is awesome...fantastic!

JOCKER8CLZ (3): I can't really tell how many time I've re-watched you work , I just love it ! , best of luck ;3

Kimihairu (3): Желаю автору быть. Творить. Надеюсь, в своих следующих работах он повторит успех и подарит нам что-то не менее интересное.

PikaPika (3): nice idea

ZOD (3): Within is within watch it and u'll get stuck within ur toughts.

Fury - The Experiment

Buggy (1): This amv is so awesome and original..really something else

DespairsAbyss (1): Interesting concept of first person amv with perfect psychedelic athmosphere and horror touch allows to feel you with main hero as one and empathize with him till the end.

Iren S.S. (1): The author already knows what I think of this video: original concept, very nice execution and atmosphere. Although I feel that some scenes could be changed so that the video could run more smoothly and could get rid of some chiche look, in general it feels very good when I watch this :)

Sunlight & gabberMD (1): This was one of the best concept in this con! The first person was great, I really liked it and can be like a plot of a videogame.
There are some things that he could have improved but overall he did an amazing job!

Strat (2): Originiality and a great technique in one video. The point of view that the video shows make it unique and I enjoyed it a lot.

Amanystya and Noor (3): Interesting work, really good concept and properly done.

Sebacarp (3): It is strange to see a video of this style. The first person view makes it unique. The psycho style is expressed very well in this video.

Azexous - Vacuity

Grandeeney (1): I like the atmosphere.

Miso (1): The idea behind that is really fascinated and the Music fits perfect. You have created a new story, great!!

Buggy (2): Very good editing and a pretty interesting amv

Sagiki (2): Like the mood

Simplyfx (2): What to say? Aside, 'oh I love this dude's work?' Pretty innovative entry, not monotonous, nice concept and stunning editing. Not overused footage. Simply amazing.

Ðяaga (3): The editing is unique , but that's completely some Azexous style. One of the entries that I was waiting for , totally satisfied :D

GwRosaE (3): 色彩比较阴暗,渲染出一种悲伤的气氛,剧情有些小细节不是很明白,不过整体还是能看懂的,阴暗风格我也挺喜欢的啊~希望看到更多你的作品!

JSK (3): The angsty atmosphere in this video is impressive, but it's quite stunning bc of the fact you used a series that no one would use on this kind of piece, and your technic is clean as always.


Derisor (1): Ничего так, бодренько)

PikaPika (1): nice work

Maple (1): I like this very much. The animation adaptation from manga is very nice to watch and techniques used are quite good.

Azexous (2): Loved this quite a lot. A great deal of work was put into it. Some animations were funny but overall, I felt it and was thoroughly overjoyed with it.

Grandeeney (2): Great work!

DespairsAbyss (3): As for me Firestorm has everything it needs to become one of the best MMVs - nice camera and visuals, it keeps interest till the end of video, some movements were a bit messy but that's the only MMV this year and its done on really high level, i respect the effort that author put in it and want to support him with his video.

Fury (3): Well what else can u say the name of the author says everything JustRukia. Big fan! Loved almost everything about this work, even tho last year, the author had a better impact with the "Underworld" amv for me, but still loved this one as well.

MrGafudo (3): Just awesome the work you made for bring this project is just incredible the only thing that I didn't like it was the song but the other was perfect good job

4x4ezequi - The Quimic Love

RyanGNR (1): i usually dont like candy colorful style but this is exception , and also i dont like dance , but also exception for this , motion , presentation , it's perfect

Miso (3): A really good work, it is an enjoyment for the eyes ...till the end. Keep on going create this kind.

Sutrue (3): very cool visual, huge amount of works but some places could be make better.

TritioAFB (3): Una de las sorpresas de este anio, sin duda. A lo largo de todo el video se puede apreciar el trabajo tecnico detras de cada escena y eso es un elemento que se respeta em estos dias

Strat - Beat O'clock

DaiKunProductions (2): A very nice technical achievement. A fun watch for sure.

JOCKER8CLZ (2): really enjoined your work man , few work really I find these days with good flow , well done !

Sutrue (2): very smooth and rhythmic and visual effect is very cool~

PikaPika - Liar

Simplyfx (3): It was well edited. I liked how the author changed the story line of the anime to fit his/her AMV. Cool piece of work overall.

веЛИКий (3): Не люблю любовных трагедий и рубилова, поэтому клип одобряю только в плане технического исполнения,сделано очень аакуратно и все выдержано в одном стиле


GwRosaE (2): 听说这个AMV是8天做出来的,要是作者有时间做的话一定能做出非常厉害的作品,这个作品可惜有点短,感觉剧情也不是很明显

Maple (2): An awesome work of mixing up two anime.

Sunlight & gabberMD (2): The anime combo was really nice for me! looked so good also great song choice.
I really liked the effects he used, was almost all good just maybe could be more long :D

DinAniC (3): The edition is absolutelly perfect and tells you the story in a very clear way, gives you the chills and makes you feel the struggle of the character. This one got me, really, really awesome!

MaxotsAmvs (3): It was pretty original imo and it had great scene selection

Sutrue - The love story of the crab and the Vampire

Cenit (1): Fun Upbeat concept with a very stylish use of FX. Highly enjoyed watching. The Anime/Song combo feels fresh and uplifting.

DaiKunProductions (1): This video is a total rush and I loved how it really shows the various quirks and angles of Senjougahara. Great job!

Fobos (2): Интересный подход к редактированию, весьма и весьма интересно смотрелось, не буду привередлив к мелким косякам и отдам данному клипу второе место.

Buggy (3): Unusual way of editing and the outcome is an awesome amv

iKuro (3): im a simple boy. I see monogatari and thats all that matters.
Really cool video. I loved the effect with the screens all over the place =)

Strat (3): The more I see, the more I like.

Sagiki - Shinokyōfu

Ðяaga (1): After years and years's finally out ! The outcome is dope , i am such a fan of those kind of "sad" songs especially japanese ones and also a huge fan of "High-Tech'" effects. Tremendous improvement for the editor.

iKuro (1): My favourite video this year. Really cool effects and compositions.

JSK (1): The concept originality is something to praise you for! The combo is really interesting and the work you putted there is really noticeable (: Good job!

MaxotsAmvs (1): I just love how he worked with the colors and the feelings of the amv

веЛИКий (1): Очень интересная идея,жаль технически не дотягивает,но думаю у автора все впереди

machina21 (2): I really enjoyed this. Good job!

AntaresHeart07 (3): Special effects are really cool!

MrGafudo - Molotov

Kurobi (2): GAFUDO!! Que mas podria esperar de este video??? Un concepto muy fuera de lo normal, Buena suerte!!!

TritioAFB (2): Quien lo diria que el gran gafudin iba a progresar tan rapido en 1 anio, pero poner titulo que sin mirar el video da una idea de que se tratara de algo tipo accion y saques algo asi... que troll jajajaja

Fobos (3): Спасибо, поржал. Напомнило немного прошлогодний клип про чиз ин май пентс :D

leolide (3): senpai notice me

Sunlight & gabberMD (3): This was really hilarius xD one of the becst concept. The technic could be better but overall was great the video!
ps: all girls will be mad at you now watch out!! xD

ZOD - Woe Admonition

Kaito (3): я периодически его пересматриваю, и чёрт знает, чего в этом клипе больше - драмы или психодела, но как зацепило с первого раза, так и вот.

Kaito - Feelings on the edge of time

machina21 (3): One of my favorite videos in the whole contest. Excellent,excellent work.

Iren S.S. - Ananun

Kimihairu (2): В эмоционально-образном плане этот клип так и остался непревзойденным на нынешнем конкурсе. И неиссякаемым. Желание погружаться в мир и атмосферу Анануна до сих пор крепко. Я даже не знаю, что еще добавить.

MrGafudo (2): It was my favourite in the contest until I watched Love artifact, I love the way that this amv is edited, very clean and soft, the song is also perfect, the atmosphere is really cool and thats what I was waiting for this akrosscon good job and I will be waiting for future projects :)

4x4ezequi (3): I found very melancholic and at the same time captivating

Derisor (3): Берёт за душу и не отпускает

Amanystya and Noor - Love Theory

Sebacarp (2): It is an enjoyable video. The story looks great. Technically it is good, the edition is simple and clean. The authors were complemented well. They deserve second place.

Derisor - Я рисую твою жизнь

Kimihairu (1): Автор вобрал в этом клипе одни из самых волнующих меня мотивов, и излил их в невероятно лиричной песне, на место которой, мне кажется, не подошла бы ни одна другая. Узнаваемое творчество Деризора. Эстетичное, зрелое, изысканное, эмоциональное, с любовью к своему делу. Это воистину вызывает восхищение и уважение.Спасибо. Это минимум, чем я могу отблагодарить Автора.

JustRukia (2): Отлична проделанная работа с исходниками, правильная погружающая атмосфера и с приятным стилистическими приемами. Хоть общая цветовая гамма не до конца выражает яркость композиции. Клип все равно получился отличный.

веЛИКий (2): AMV вызывает положительные эмоции,сделан интересно,но не хватает досмыслености по моему мнению

веЛИКий - Nozaki the author of One Piece manga

JustRukia (1): Хочется отдать клипу должное, засел в памяти больше остальных. Как-то по-другому взглянул я на правильное совмещение исходников. Хоть и в техническом плане клип уступает всем прочим работам. Которые так или иначе пронесут в топ исключительно техникой. А этой работе почти ничего в силу эволюции техники будет не примечательной. Но я все же вижу отличную идею, которая отражает индивидуальный подход мысли.И еще, на мой взгляд, автор выразил свое не поддельную решимость реализации исходнику. Что заслуживает для начинающего автора такого рода поддержки.

RyanGNR (2): i love the concept and he must be put a huge effort in , and it's one of kind

ZOD (2): well for this one i liked the plot more than Gabber's video but it needed creativity a magic touch this is all it needed to be in the 1st place + he made a different video about one piece not the usual ideas we always watch

DespairsAbyss - Forsaken

DinAniC (2): I absolutelly love the edition, the technical skills are perfect in this one. It leaves you hypnotized, wanting to watch more, also the story was kind of original. I really enjoyed this one!

Fury (2): Found alot of interesting emotions in this one. The way it was expressed the father-daughter relationship just got me on a emotional level. The technic could be better but the emotions i found in it just simply got me speachless.

Nixanol - Rumination

Cenit (3): An idea with FLCL that i actually haven't seen. Enjoyed this so much. Well done dude!

leolide - Faded

4x4ezequi (2): crazy video, but very interesting

Kai Ren (3): Siento que con su video me podria hasta drogar

Kurobi (3): LOWEEEEEEED!! WAZAAAA xD 10/10 would bang, okya, este video me encanto, tiene fallos tecnicos pero son leves y por la atmosfera dle video se pasan, best of lucks!

Tayo - Centuries of Uncertainty

Azexous (3): My personal favorite of the con. While the editing is not very complex, it is so powerful that I would put it in my top 3. It wasn't my number 1 here because I needed to express less bias in my choices :'D


Fobos (1): Отдал первое место данному клипу, который буду пересматривать еще долго, так как клип оставил положительное впечатление с первых секунд просмотра, нет нагромождения лишними фифектами, нет всяческих понтов и чего-то вроде "маско - крутило - камерос ©" :D Простой позитивный и расслабляющий клипчик, который захочется пересмотреть через годик-два. В общем, достойно и позитивно!

JSK (2): The amount of time for downloading the sources and finding the scenes is god-like. Your videos always have such a nice vibe but this is definitely your best work so far. Congrats :D


Kaito (1): ну потому что надо поддерживать стремление к новым вершинам, а техника приходит с опытом. (и космос,опять же - слабость, и мне даже не стыдно

Kurobi - My youth

Kai Ren (2): Es kurobi xd, buena ide,a buenos efectos, me encanto

Davide_hxc - Lights Out

DaiKunProductions (3): A brilliant action AMV, perhaps one of the best I've ever seen.

Hlebalolomator - The Show

4x4ezequi (1): I liked the music and they combine with scenes

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