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Ian Yu  [ darkfiretkd ]
Metro Manila, Philippines
I like cloudy skies besides rainy days... Do you also like cloudy skies?.... It does give that melancholy feeling...listening to a faint voice with a gentle breeze..I nod with conviction..
Video    Various [ Blue Archive, Life of Falling, Shakugan no Shana 3, Clear Blue Sky, Proof of Two, Bubble, Clannad After Story, Spy X Family, Garden of Words, Your Name ]
Audio    3r2 - Colorful Skies
Genre    Fun, Psychedelic, Action
1:42 | 50,0 Mb. | 1920x1080 | H.264 / aac
1:42 | 365 Mb. | 3840x2160 | H.264 / aac | 4K
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Nero_09  [ 23 January 2024, 04:49 ]
We don't see many AMVs that focus on the weather, so I'm glad to see this kind of work.
The choice of scenes to match the title of the song, "Colorful Skies," was especially good.
Shaoran  [ 23 January 2024, 03:35 ]
Тут жанр больше на Dance похож. Эффекты вроде не плохие, но с синхронизацией проблемы
Anima Purgatorius  [ 14 January 2024, 12:37 ]
Неплохой клип. По сочетанию музыки и видео - один из наиболее удачных. Но сюжета, содержания почти никакого нет. Кадры с наложениями и какими-то громадными железными конструкциями подпортили видеоряд, неоправданно усложнив изначально простое по композиции видео.
.bloodSlayer  [ 11 January 2024, 13:53 ]
Nice :smile:
ICEberg  [ 07 January 2024, 17:48 ]
рандом с фиффетками + девка в платье?

где движуха?
где шутки?
где хоть какой-то сюжет?
Cubito  [ 06 January 2024, 04:33 ]
A psychedelic video :smile:
NIGHT  [ 02 January 2024, 19:21 ]
При просмотре начинает кружиться голова.
Если так и задумано, то всё в порядке.
Но с синхронизацией тут точно проблемы... а метод монтажа (частота подстановки кусочков видео под звук) - весьма спорный.
Единая цельная картина при просмотре также "не собирается".
darkfiretkd  [ 31 December 2023, 11:52 ]

I have to agree with MesoGear this time. Kinda enjoyable but it feels un finished. Maybe an extender versión in the future?


Greetings Doc! if time permits then it will be done.
Danny AMV  [ 31 December 2023, 11:05 ]
хороший клип :smile:
Bean430  [ 30 December 2023, 04:06 ]
you did good rendering on here. problem is this does not make a video you actually repeated a lot of his clips three times with almost no differentiation. you are a good digital artist. this is just not really how things are really done in the AMV. I think if you took away the focussed on the still pink haired girl and focussed more on the running and the changing of the characters you might actually have something. or if you wanted to do the pink haired girl if you focus more on a personality thing you could have had something there. it feels like you put all of your effects for others videos in this. with the different characters around 58 seconds. it feels that it just needs something better to tie it together or to just make a montage without much connection. when there is more still shots than they are video you might want to think it through.
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