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Oeuvre  [ SUBreX ]
Kolkata, Индия
It is very simple video, a mother who lost his husband is left with their two little children and she trying to raise them without his father because these two little kids are not ordinary human children, these are wolf-human child.
Видео    Wolf Children
Музыка    Ludovico Einaudi - Love is a Mystery
Жанр    Slice of life, Drama, Romance, Fantasy, Character profile, Story
3:36 | 108 Мб. | 1280x720 | H.264 / aac
3:36 | 209 Мб. | 1280x720 | H.264 / aac
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Khazan  [ 30 января 2023, 04:58 ]
JamV  [ 29 января 2023, 04:37 ]
Its good that you actually listen to critics. Next year will be
Shaoran  [ 27 января 2023, 00:42 ]
FobosAMV  [ 25 января 2023, 14:33 ]
Not bad.
Nameless One  [ 25 января 2023, 08:51 ]
Cubito  [ 23 января 2023, 23:56 ]
Dont worry next year Will be
Anima Purgatorius  [ 23 января 2023, 20:21 ]
It's a wonderful job. Very atmospheric, with a very subtle and precise correspondence between the mood of the music and the emotions of the characters in this clip. However, there are serious drawbacks: the scenes are not well placed everywhere, because of this, the video sequence sometimes matches well with the music, then ceases to match. In some places there are several long static scenes in a row, without events and actions: this reduces the entertainment of the clip, makes it less interesting to watch. The total volume of scenes without actions should be reduced. And even if such scenes are necessary for the plot, it is better to alternate them with active scenes so that the viewer does not have a feeling of freezing of the picture.
SUBreX  [ 22 января 2023, 21:34 ]
okhostok that was very helpful advice, certainly i try to improve myself in next contest.
okhostok  [ 22 января 2023, 17:20 ]
I liked this combo of music and video, on top of that viewer can somehow feel that this video is done with soul.
But look, when music in its culmination, something important and dynamic should be happening, but what we are experiencing is two people smiling each other... (Though, two boys transforming into wolfs and running part was in awesome sync with the music) Things won't work that way. When music is "fast", your video should also be fast, when its slow, it should also be slow.
Take a look at this video: https://www.akross.ru/index.cgi?video=3361. The pace of video fully synced with music, in slow parts - atmospheric scenes, in fast part - dynamic scenes, in bridge part - scenes illustrating something big is coming.
If you are having shortage of scenes, shorten the music or change the source or better compose some scenes yourself.
Good luck, you will have my vote in additional selection of finalists, because it is one of few contest clips that made me feel something.

BTW, if you feel like you want to discuss with me upcoming videos, my discord is okhostok#5695
SUBreX  [ 22 января 2023, 15:34 ]
Thank you for all yours reviews, sadly i didn't make into final. I will do my best next time.
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