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ER X  [ Erik Sahara ]
Surabaya, Indonesia
Nothing is impossible,
Everyone in this world has the right to own and achieve their dreams. Even if they are different, they are able to make the world more colorful. No matter what and whoever you are, a student, musician, athlete, designer, or artist. achieve your dream and be yourself!

I hope my amv can inspire and motivate people to achieve their dreams.
Like the limitations that I experienced, I know there are so many flaws in my amv that I only made using a mobile phone,
But it never disappoints me to keep working optimally.

Thank you everyone<3
Video    Various [ Horimiya, Komi Can't Communicate, Kimi no Nawa, Hanebado, Blue Period, Charlotte, Runway de Waratte, Your Lie in April, Haikyuu, Koe no Katachi, Kaguya sama: Love is War, Free!!! ]
Audio    One Ok Rock - Stand Out Fit In
Genre    Drama, Character Profile, Sports
4:02 | 66,4 Mb. | 1280x720 | H.264 / aac
4:02 | 298 Mb. | 1280x720 | H.264 / aac
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ПуканКинг  [ 01 August 2022, 07:18 ]
У работы мега приятный вайб, но на протяжении всего видео было некое бессознательное ощущение того, что чутка не дожали. Атмосферы? Возможно, но и не отрицаю, что это также вина самой песни.
hong090  [ 09 June 2022, 07:12 ]
each time i heard how tons disappointment the king will be, it changed into like a river of
MesoGear  [ 13 Febuary 2022, 00:06 ]
шо, уже все, клипы кончились? не густо...

извиняюсь, что не по теме
Shaoran  [ 10 Febuary 2022, 01:55 ]
Очень длинно, местами не плохо. Как для работы на телефоне вообще отлично, но лучше всё же на ПК. 6/10
BagzNotMe!  [ 09 Febuary 2022, 21:40 ]
Another work done on the phone! :inlove:
Motivating but a bit boring... Loved the end credits in the video ^__^
xmissleti92x  [ 09 Febuary 2022, 21:10 ]
I really like the motivation vibes ;)
EVOsvik  [ 08 Febuary 2022, 19:56 ]
Не плохо 8
TakeshiAMV  [ 07 Febuary 2022, 17:39 ]
I like the song choice but sometimes flow is not that great because some scenes are bad and the way they are linked is strange but overall is enjoyable
lajt  [ 06 Febuary 2022, 20:44 ]
местами очень понравилось, местами средненько, чуть короче думаю стоило сделать клип,не все вписалось идеально. С телефона круто конечно сделано!
Fukushi  [ 06 Febuary 2022, 16:55 ]
Keren Erik :inlove:
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