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Milan21  [ Milan21 ]
Veszprem, Венгрия
Please watch one of the alternative versions because I had to remove grain and signal noise from the standard version to get a watchable visual quality.

Now, put our beliefs aside for a moment.
What if any of these stories were real?
I have no doubt, almost everyone of us at least once asked himself this question.

That's right, I am no exception. It's the main reasons why I started the project.
Apart from that, I'm not really interested in the horror genre, but I wanted to try it at least once.

The video itself has a dedicated film-like look.
Features with: protected highlights, elevated shadows, film halation, film blur, film grain, signal noise, chroma noise, chromatic abberation, lens detail loss and more.

The main goal was to create a color rich, a bit pushed (but not necessarily authentic) 70's-80's 16 mm experience with some creative changes. Which helps the expansion of the music's atmosphere.

I used few stories from the source material and created a new one to fit better with the song.

P.S. The paper texture is the anime's own and not easy to work with when it comes to effecting.
Видео    Mononoke
Музыка    Vangelis - 12 O'clock
Жанр    Horror, Drama, Character Profile
2:19 | 68,5 Мб. | 1920x1080 | H.264 / aac
2:19 | 287 Мб. | 1920x1080 | H.264 / aac
287 Мб. | 1920x1080 | H.265 / aac
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DeltaUwU  [ 29 января 2023, 22:49 ]
BagzNotMe!  [ 07 февраля 2022, 22:54 ]
Специально ознакомился с альтернативной версией и не пожалел, работа с эффектами добавляет атмосферности клипу. При просмотре создается эффект артхаусного кино, хорошее сочетание музыка/видео. Жанр Psychedelic сюда лучше подходит, действительно

I watched the alternative version and did not regret it! Noise effects adds atmosphere to this work, looks like an arthouse movie. Good combination of music / video spotted here too. Psychedelic genre fits better here, really
Shaoran  [ 06 февраля 2022, 21:47 ]
непонятно, но музыка соответствует видео 7/10
ICEberg  [ 26 января 2022, 19:24 ]
но психодел же
какой там профайл?
откуда там драма?
где там страшные ужасы?
Milan21  [ 25 января 2022, 17:57 ]
 AnimeFanaticBoy @ 23 January 2022, 18:36 
You have potential dude just have to work in the atmosphere. I'm willing to help in the future if you mind trying again the horror genre


I'll keep it in mind.
AnimeFanaticBoy  [ 23 января 2022, 20:36 ]
You have potential dude just have to work in the atmosphere. I'm willing to help in the future if you mind trying again the horror genre
Лисёнок-тян  [ 09 января 2022, 17:42 ]
Bea$t  [ 05 января 2022, 18:10 ]
Симпатично получилось. Сильно напомнило мне мой же клип на этот исходник ) Тоже получилось психоделично, непонятно и как-то скомкано. Но при этом атмосфера исходника и удачная музыка вытягивают клип. Не увидел профиль персонажа, лучше было психодел в жанры добавить.
Nuke  [ 04 января 2022, 23:19 ]
Very unique
Milan21  [ 31 декабря 2021, 10:30 ]
 NIGHT @ 30 December 2021, 21:53 
3. The quality of the source in the Alt version does not correspond to the weight of the file. Yes, there is a 1920x1080 Blu-ray in the sources, but it's not a real HDTV. It's an upscale: the real source code was rendered under the DVD. In addition, I can't figure out what kind of program you encoded this video with: HandBrake 1.4.2 ? This is a bad encoder and it turned out badly for you because 0.340 Bits/(Pixel*Frame) - it should be more than enough for any anime source, even with the image of "dust", even with the image of "paper structure".

HandBrake is an efficient video encoder just like othet tools like AMVTool, AMV Simple or Adobe Encoder.

The source material is'nt the best of it's kind that is a fact, but for a mostly authentic - not so sharp - 16 mm film look I think it's good enough.

For me, as a videomaker and also a colorist, those little details - added by grain/signal noise/halation - are matters.

With multiple noise layers, the video track has much more information.

Normally I don't do so many kind of noises in any of my projects, but in this particular project it's part of the concept.

And I did several different encoding tests as always. For example 14.000 Kbps simple wasn't enough to preserve the information which the DNxHR 10 bit lossless version has.
It presented noticable compression artifact - distorted the texture of the noise in the darker areas - which I did not like.
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