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PieandBeer  (Tsunderbird Studios)  [ PieandBeer ]
Boston, США
so it took me this long to watch Perfect Blue and i'm ashamed.

Halfway through editing this video, I remembered that there was a vid with a similar concept last year (Nozomi by Artofeel) and truly panicked haha. thank god it looks like we went different routes in editing it, otherwise i would have just abandoned the idea. I heard Hozier's new song and /rushed/ to get this done before anyone else did this combo. I cut a ton out of the song including an entire chorus in order to hopefully build up the tension.

Had a hard time categorizing this - went with Character Profile because the song is meant to be from his perspective

credits are low effort don't look at me
Видео    Perfect Blue
Музыка    Hozier - NFWMB
Жанр    Drama, Story, Character Profile
3:03 | 54,9 Мб. | 1536x832 | H.264 / aac
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Hilary Cullen  [ 30 января 2019, 07:30 ]
voting first place for the credits
ICEberg  [ 21 января 2019, 18:18 ]
уже было
все те же кадры
все тот же сюжет
успешно потерянный на половине клипа
NIGHT  [ 13 января 2019, 21:56 ]
Слишком ровный клип.
Ровно начинается, ровно идёт, ровно заканчивается... и так же ровно проходит мимо сознания.
C-Strelok  [ 26 декабря 2018, 05:52 ]
Вот не повезло автору клипа со мной....
у меня на инстинктивном уровне отторжение "Perfect Blue"
TheCacoVenom  [ 02 декабря 2018, 06:36 ]
I really wanted to see a better sex scene lol, but good job anyway :cool:
Axiles  [ 01 декабря 2018, 14:22 ]
ужасно упал скил 6,5/10
`ZeRo  [ 30 ноября 2018, 21:17 ]
good atmosphere, I want to look elsewhere
PieandBeer  [ 30 ноября 2018, 16:45 ]
Kvant - honestly, watch the movie. the way the video story jumps around is basically exactly how the film handles storytelling as well - it is meant to be unclear and all over the place because the main character of the film is going insane and questioning reality. i wanted the video to be similar in structure, but representing the stalker's loose grip on reality instead of hers. and honestly, making a straight forward story with this film goes directly against the risks taken by the director. it's less of me leaning too hard on the source and more the fact the source does not lend itself at all to traditional storytelling and i wasn't going to force a square peg into a round hole.

as for the fast clips noted by megamen - that was intentional. maybe that one cut in the timecode is a bit off (i struggled with it until the end) but the vid as a whole jumps around in what it is synced to, it's not just lyrics. so if you don't know why a cut is there, turn up the volume and listen to the instruments ;) a ton of it is on the lyrics and the segment noted is really meant to be chaotic

overall the vid story is extremely dependent on understanding the lyrics - which is a mistake i keep making hahaha. here is a link to the lyrics: https://genius.com/15331704
they're super metaphorical but hopefully the sentiment translates well!
Kvant  [ 30 ноября 2018, 15:53 ]
Потенциально сильный профиль, сюжет, драма, почти полностью слитый к концу и пошедший в разброд уже, наверное, после первой трети клипа. Плавное и интересное повествование превращается в сумбур кадров связь между которыми, не только сюжетная, но и, например, эмоциональная, разве что угадывается. Возможно автор слишком сильно, возможно не осознанно для себя, упирал на исходник.
Пы. Сы. Я исходник не смотрел, но чувствую, рано или поздно, доведут)
Ice Titan  [ 30 ноября 2018, 06:32 ]
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