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AMVs Gimenez  [ AMVs Gimenez ]
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Hello people, here I present my project "Soligain", this time try to make history again as with my previous project "Nurtesil" but this time I made a short video because I am very busy. In the end I hope that the video can be enlightening and that you like it, if there are errors in the video, please let me know in the comments, so I have them in mind for future projects, thank you very much for your attention, greetings.
Video    Various [ Nisekoi, Nisekoi S2, Grisaia no Kajitsu, Grisaia no Rakuen, Kami-sama no Memo-chō, Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata, Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata Flat, Parasyte Kiseijuu Sei no Kakuritsu, Shiki, Inu x Boku SS ]
Audio    TeddyLoid - ME!ME!ME! feat. daoko_pt.2
Genre    Story, Drama
1:29 | 13,0 Mb. | 1280x720 | H.264 / aac
1:29 | 5,54 Mb. | 480x270 | H.264 / aac
1:29 | 37,1 Mb. | 1280x720 | H.264 / aac
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777lexa777  [ 16 Febuary 2018, 16:20 ]
как то не клеится видео и аудио
AMVs Gimenez  [ 13 Febuary 2018, 07:57 ]
It's nothing, and I thank you for the opinion that really interests me a lot.
Returning to the video, I have to admit that I could understand a little of what you want to know, this is due to the "translator", which I use, must work badly.
If you ask why the video was not long ?, It was because I wanted to upload something small to "Akross" to see what happened, this project started in November. For reasons of work and high school, I was too slow with the project, and the limit of "import the video to akross" was coming to an end, I wanted to correct some details, and add more things but the time did not reach me, you are right that with "1 minute / 30" you can not carry out a good story, and the video had to be long, I'll keep it in mind, thank you very much in your interest, that I really care, greetings :smile:
Kvant  [ 10 Febuary 2018, 18:09 ]
AMVs Gimenez
Ага... :dunno:
Ну, в первую очередь, благодарю за столь развернутый ответ-комментарий. :smile:
Далее, Я всё равно не очень понял общий концепт (сюжет) клипа, но думаю тут уже более виноват неумеха гугл-переводчик и моё незнание английского. Я вполне и охотно верю, что в клипе изложено то что тут написано. Однако Я понять не могу чем продиктованная попытка вложить всё это в полторы минуты. Надеюсь не сроками дедлайна? :smile: Имхо, тут нужно было делать "нормальный" (в смысле объёмной повествовательности, логической последовательности, сцепки сцен и т. д. ) клип минут на 7. Возможно с разными муз. треками в составе. (Имхо, Я бы не навал м/в особо удачным). Или, всё же, была какая-то конкретная причина которая чётко определяла хронометраж? В любом случае это, разумеется Ваше виденье и Ваше право.
AMVs Gimenez  [ 09 Febuary 2018, 06:06 ]
Hello "Kvant" how are you ?. Well first of all I apologize because my mistake was that the story would not be as enlightening as possible, I was sure that they would understand all, but apparently it was not so.
I will tell you all the things that I have applied to the video to be enlightening.
At the beginning of the video, in the second 5, what I did was add a "black heart" to the boy with blond hair, and add a glow so that little by little the viewer, gives that sense of mystery to the "character", the qualities of that character, as shown in the "second 13", as you can see is a "psychopath" who only likes to torture people and kill them ", but I'm not going to go that far yet.
Going back to the "second 5", as I said, try to give that mystery to the viewer who sees it, little by little the identity of the boy was discovered as in the "second 12".
On the other hand in the "second 8" you can see some "pills", the scene is a bit quick but you can notice according to me, then we see that a "red heart" appears in it, that I did with the intention that the girl at that time of departure with her boyfriend, would be without the domination of the "blond-haired boy", on the pills what is understood from there, is that she hides them and also has a certain problem to the "drugs" ,
In the "second 18" we see how the "blond-haired boy" reappears on the scene, as if giving him a feeling that he watches them all the time.
In the "second 20" we see how the boy suffers after knowing that the girl left, because of drugs. And every time that "red heart" that I had is going to become more black in the course of the video.
In the second 21, on the right you can see again "the boy with blond hair" who watches them again, about in that scene on the beach, the girl ends with the boyfriend because of drugs and she is starting to have contact with the "boy with blond hair", in the "second 23" we see a hand with a pill ("it is the boy with blonde hair"), I made that mask so that the story is even better understood.
And we see how "the heart" took the color of "black" now.
The psychopath is dominating him little by little.
In the "second 25", if you look closely to the left, the psychopath appears again, but this time he watches over the boyfriend ..
In the "second 32" we see how the girl speaks by phone with the psychopath, and tells him to meet them.
In the "second 34" is the next day (at lunch), she forgets the cell phone, at that time she goes home, that is, she escapes from school, which is more suspicious (second 36), the boyfriend in the afternoon (5:00 p.m. pm) (scene 51) (clarify that I applied a color correction to make the atmosphere of a sunset).
Then the boyfriend picks up the cell phone and sees the message that supposedly was yesterday, he said he was going to visit the psychopath, but it was too late, she was being "raped and subjected to drugs by the psychopath" as shown in "minute 1".
In the "second 39", those who are behind it are the psychopath's helpers,
At the "minute 1:05" you see a hand of an assistant giving an order to be seized, between weapons pointing on his chin, he took a "knife" and killed the psychopath, at the end the achievement rescue and we can see as the "girl's heart changed" from black to "red" that is to say she returned to normality "thanks to that hug and words of the groom to her.
I am aware that there are many mistakes, masks, techniques, and effects that should not add.
As I commented the video had to be longer for the story to be understood more, I had to show more scenes of the psychopath and a little more of the helpers, I hope to be as enlightening as possible in this comment for you, you would like to know that is what can be improved in this video, I will wait for your response, a hug, greetings. :smile:
Kvant  [ 08 Febuary 2018, 09:59 ]
Техничная, но всё равно невнятная зарисовка. Вроде и есть что-то, но только начинаешь проникаться / разбираться, как всё уже и кончилось.
Пересмотрел два раза, так и не понял, не истории, не драмы.
AMVs Gimenez  [ 02 Febuary 2018, 19:46 ]
Thank you "irriadin", just that I had forgotten when I made this video, it is essential that, I must use the curves and levels, thank you very much for your opinion about the video, greetings.

Thanks for the opinion. :smile:
irriadin  [ 28 January 2018, 22:11 ]
You were very ambitious in your storytelling, but the blending and masks were not very good sometimes (especially that scene with the knife). Try to use saturation and color grading that matches your different sources. Also, softening edges can help a lot for blending a bit better.
lajt  [ 26 January 2018, 17:58 ]
необычно,но в целом как то технически не очень.на 7 за необычную подачу и атмосферу,все остальное в клипе мимо меня прошло.
AMVs Gimenez  [ 26 January 2018, 03:23 ]
 Sebacarp @ 25 January 2018, 06:00 

Hola Seba es verdad, me fijo si puedo mejorar aun mas los zooms, en cuanto a los tonos bajar los resplandores un poquito y quedaría bien, muchas gracias por la critica, un abrazo pa.

Added (after 32 min. and 34 sec.):

 FT AMVs @ 25 January 2018, 07:56 

Muy bueno viste? jaja le di ese ambiente que no tiene ni el propio anime, para mi quedo a mi gusto. Gracias amigo igualmente para vos, saludos

 MesoGear @ 25 January 2018, 12:53 

It is the only song that, I liked but each person has different tastes, in terms of the technical what you decide there to improve a lot, thanks for the opinion, greetings.

 Mol @ 25 January 2018, 18:05 

They already told me, that's why I have to download a change with the effects, thanks for your opinion, greetings.

 NIGHT @ 25 January 2018, 22:21 


Added (after 1 min. and 59 sec.):

 Kroner @ 25 January 2018, 08:30 

ok, thank you very much for your opinions guys, I'll keep them in mind, greetings. :)
NIGHT  [ 25 January 2018, 22:21 ]
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