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Euphiry  (diamond skies studio)  [ Euphiry ]
Venice, Италия
Video's main character is Alone.
Alone is a very talented painter, and he is in love with his childhood friend, Sasha, who was taken by a Gold Saint to the Sanctuary, because she was the Goddess Athena in a human form, in order to be protected from her mortal enemy, Hades.
Alone has got a very pure soul, and later, 2 years after Sasha was taken away from him, Hades, the God of Hell posseses Alone. Now everything he draws just die or get destroyed, but Hades can't get rid of Alone's feelings for Sasha and he is poisened by them, he falls for her.
Sasha meets Tenma, Pegasus, in the Sanctuary and gradually discovers to have feelings for him, even if she is still in love with her friend, Alone.
When Hades finds out about Sasha and Tenma, he destroys Tenma's hometown and kills him. Tenma is now Hades' prisonier in hell and Hades' offer of changing sides, and join him in the holy war.
Tenma rejects him, telling him that he doesn't want the world to became the same as Hell.
Hades goes to visit Athena, and confesses his feelings to her, but the Saint who took her, stops him, when Alone reconizes him, he kills him, without thinking of it twice.
After that move, Sasha understands that the boy she loved is gone, and starts to fight aganist Hades. At this point Tenma shows up and protects Athena, Hades destroyed by the pain of the lost of Sasha decides to end everything there, and destroys himself, Athena, Tenma and the whole world, because if he didn't have Athena for himself, then no one will.
Видео    Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas
Музыка    Breaking Benjamin - Dance with the Devil
Жанр    Drama
3:48 | 37,2 Мб. | 848x480 | H.264 / mp3
3:48 | 7,52 Мб.
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Sesil  [ 05 декабря 2011, 18:15 ]
Nice AMV. Only Hades would not give what he wanted with all heart. An interesting idea. Thank you for giving to enjoy sight of the trio. And a special thank you, that did not kill sagittarius. Technique 9. Author's idea - 8, I can not accept such a Hades. Music - 10. Personal Assessment - 9. Total: 9. Good luck in the future)
DEDninja  [ 22 января 2011, 00:07 ]
"симпатичный" клип) 7.2/10
Zaitzzz  [ 26 декабря 2010, 00:27 ]
777lexa777  [ 19 декабря 2010, 15:34 ]
Gigaiath  [ 17 декабря 2010, 00:48 ]
very nice work
afseraph  [ 16 декабря 2010, 00:44 ]
Nice story, but I think that AMV should be more self-explanatory and be able to convey its story on its own. Also the technical aspects could be better. Overall, a good work.
ZaRish  [ 15 декабря 2010, 22:17 ]
Красиво и технично, но сложная история, которая ясна только из коммента ставит под вопрос пересматриваемость клипа... 7/10
Sevania  [ 15 декабря 2010, 21:59 ]
Клип красивый, мне понравился, но не сильно цепляет. :smile:
Bjoerndalen  [ 15 декабря 2010, 02:53 ]
 AnXeno @ 10 December 2010, 10:49 
very little sync contains frames, the main emphasis on the effects of changes frame.

Selecao  [ 12 декабря 2010, 16:46 ]
вот еще одна из лучших работ из представленных в этот раз :smile: музыка, синхра, исходник, все радует. можно было бы поставить высший бал, только вот эффекты...это постояное мерцание, минуты через две порядком напрягает глаза! тем не менее зачет! и в коллекцию :smile:
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