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Saint Galmier, France
If the world doesn't destroy humans, then humanity will destroy the world ...

According to Chinese mythology, yin and yang represent two alternative paths leading to the same end.

If one considers that "Environmental secure" represents the yin, then "Spectral Surveillance" will be
presented as the yang. This AMV can be seen as an alternative version of my first video,
Another vision of the end of the world, contributed by other factors:

1st DECAND: During their evolution, humans have ceased to develop all aspects of their
psychology, becoming the predominant specie of this world, without equal. However, the original inclination,
humans, took over. The murderous impulses and destructive disrupted this can be seen as a
true descent into hell.
Murders, conspiracy, religious assassination, cyber wars, Neo-bullshit, education control...
so many factors that lead humans to a single issue ...

2nd DECAND: ... Civil war, anarchy, revolution, this is the only possible consequence against the irresponsibility and hate
demonstrated to the world biped. The reason of the human is what will make him aware of the hole in
which he fell, the police force, represented by its states will implement restrictions outside
standards to stop the violence acclaimed. the number of people arrested boggling
: Men, women and even children will not escape the authority, the human in all its manipulative folly. A
power that has no limits. Using Advantage of the chaos, hackers and many computer usurpers violate laws.

3rd DECAND: The muzzling of mankind begins, and this act will mark the inevitable end that awaits our
world. This is the total surveillance, a permanent control over every move of a population
psychologically depressed, linked to acts of desperate absurdity. All freedoms will be considered
as lacking in a world brooding.

The only remaining option for the human is to flight, stay in the shade, to hiding face of the manipulative authority
and not be enlightened by the sad colors of this reality ...

p.s : Alternative versions is 60 FPS, make sure use VLC to avoid animation problems.

-> Enjoy, and feel the animation !
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Audio    X Kore - Synthax, Venguard182 - Delirium
Genre    Action, Story, Drama
4:58 | 58,5 Mb. | 768x432 | H.264 / aac
4:58 | 9,93 Mb.
4:58 | 300 Mb. | 1280x720 | DivX / mp3 | 60 fps
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sucubus  [ 19 October 2014, 14:44 ]
Отличный способ замаскировать рандомную нарезку -- накачать её фифектами, изменив графическое изображение картинки.
Вот она - техника!
CRAB  [ 02 April 2014, 19:16 ]
little bit noisy~ but.... good~
kemaxto  [ 29 July 2011, 09:58 ]
Открыл для себя отличного автора!
makos  [ 06 June 2011, 10:16 ]
Клип понравился! Ни как не могу найти где скачать Venguard182 - Delirium помогите пожалуйста! :sad:
DEDninja  [ 26 Febuary 2011, 13:23 ]
everyone views to life another... 7/10
Alik@  [ 15 Febuary 2011, 11:11 ]
"Fell the animation" :tongue: Yeah...
Nice work....9)
Alik@  [ 15 Febuary 2011, 11:11 ]
VovanKoperativ  [ 10 January 2011, 22:02 ]
Интересная работа с приличной техникой. Чем-то напомнила noize)
zxdamnedxz  [ 01 January 2011, 12:28 ]
не плохо добавим в коллекцию
LaGuNaLight  [ 24 December 2010, 08:00 ]
... интерестно, эффектно, затягивает... 9.8
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