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diegao94  [ diegao94 ]
Studio:Rising Production
Video: Fate/Stay Night - Unlimited Blade Works
Audio: Red - The Outside
Genre: Action
Length: 2:13
Added: 05.01.2012
Viewed: 11993
Author's Commentary
I'm really satisfied to have finished this Amv because it's more than a year that I don't make a video of at least 2 minutes, and because I never gave up despite the various problems and lack of inspiration which I had through the time.
About the video, it's just a random action Amv, but I engaged a lot to make it, at least to make it out watchable.
Well, I was planning to write a very long description this time, but as usual I don't know what to say so enjoy the video. Thank you.
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Viewers Comments (total: 7)
  YusukeAMV (01 Febuary 2014, 18:46)  
» diegao94

Mi piace la Hoha Hola!
  diegao94 (01 Febuary 2014, 18:42)  
No, a deshtra. Di là in fondoh.
  YusukeAMV (01 Febuary 2014, 18:39)  
Scusi per Pizzo Calabro di qua?
  diegao94 (05 October 2013, 17:18)  
Thanks for comments.
  777lexa777 (03 October 2013, 21:13)  
мне понравилось, крепкий среднячёк
  Viper68 (06 Febuary 2013, 06:51)  
Мне такая музыка непрёт но работа классная + тебе:)
  Kyros (04 Febuary 2013, 02:42)  
one of best amv of FS/N
great work
Diegao & Yusuke
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