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MrAuditore & tanott  [ cornmaniac, tanott ]
Bucharest, Румыния
Started as a flicker of inspiration for a samurai tale, this AMV grew along as a mould through this song's unique genre shifts, all in the theme of a proper revenge story; a story which engulfs the hunt for justice of Rin and her immortal bodyguard, Manji, into the mists of Afro Samurai's own tragedy-ridden trail.

Our version of the story carves a new past for the two, whose encounters with Afro reforge both their destinies into the same undying, rage-filled sword, bound to cut straight through the dark-skinned samurai as payback for his evil deeds.

Multiple quests for vengeance intertwine in this tale of eternal struggle that tanott and I set out for you here: ties and limbs get severed, age-old foes spring back to life, unlikely allies are made and evil is ultimately defied.

Enjoy our very first entry in an Akross Con.


Poster made by: https://www.deviantart.com/galenarie
Видео    Микс [ Afro Samurai, Afro Samurai: Resurrection, Blade of the Immortal (2019), Sword of the Stranger, Kurozuka ]
Музыка    Crywolf - QUIXØTE [i am alone, and they are everyone]
Жанр    Action, Drama, Story
3:50 | 43,8 Мб. | 1920x1080 | H.264 / aac
3:50 | 132 Мб. | 1920x1080 | H.264 / aac
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Kvant  [ 07 апреля 2020, 11:44 ]
Симпатичная работа. М\в немного качает (в хорошем смысле слова).
JoeBlack2027  [ 03 февраля 2020, 00:37 ]
GoldenThunder  [ 31 января 2020, 20:59 ]
Bea$t  [ 31 января 2020, 19:21 ]
Судя по нарезке там должна быть какая-то другая музыка ) Техника вроде норм, но с таким треком клип вообще никак не смотрится, связи музыки с видео не чувствуется, всё отдельно.
ICEberg  [ 23 января 2020, 20:28 ]
просто мимо
KantaAMV  [ 23 января 2020, 18:34 ]
Not gonna lie I don't see your perspective as the amv itself for me becomes comfortable due to its pacing as it never actually discontinues the uncomfortably set pace thus put me on the edge of my seat and complimented the song quite nicely.
The Juxtaposed order of editing in this is what makes it stand out and there's frankly not enough of it to say the least if you really want to label it as soulless.

Even the most "natural" of amvs can fail to achieve the intensity this project had imposed to our very eyes so the least to say this is by far easily a Great Piece.
At the very least this whole amv comes down to the subjectivity of emotion which im not gonna get into but if you were to compare it does its job by miles.
okhostok  [ 23 января 2020, 12:03 ]
I did not see any of the used animes. However, I did not felt that character are from seperate sources. It looks like clip is made from one source. Interesting song choice. Almost everything is well done.
One thing is that, there are a lot of characters. You should have focused on fewer characters, I lost track of the story and some interest because of that.
Arrow  [ 22 января 2020, 22:19 ]
What you're saying ins't entirely wrong (in theory), but it doesn't apply on this video imo. Sure, it's not the best video, but it doesn't "fail miserably" when it comes to pacing and scene selection, since the pacing is actually decent (most scene last the length that they should), and scene selection really complements the music.
But sure, we can agree to disagree.
theredflash66  [ 22 января 2020, 07:37 ]
Good amv overall
GoldenThunder  [ 21 января 2020, 17:24 ]
You confuse sync with pacing my man. The way the whole video is juxtaposed together for consistency and make the cuts and the impact of events build up and feel natural is what this video lacks. I'm not talking about any sync, beatsync lyricsync etc, because even tho that's also an aspect the video isn't at the top, but that is way more of a subjective thing - I am not talking about the video's connection with the music in this case. I really hate using this word when it comes to AMVs because it feels pretentious, but it lacks anything you could call cinematic, or anything a music video should offer in the first place. And as an AMV editor who is in the "business" for so long you should know the best, that atmosphere is something you can achieve through scene selection and pacing in the first place, and can improve it more with effects. Since effects were barely used, the video could only rely on the first two of these things, which seemed to fail miserably and with all these let down there's no core of the video to build it around and the final product will be an other soulless industrial product of a samurai video, which we have seen way too often to bring any entertainment to this contest.
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