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aias  [ AiaSnTropeaS ]
Athens, Греция
Hello guys. This video has been insanely hard for me to make. I have been struggling with heavy depression for a couple of years, and doing a creative process has been very difficult. I don't know if you guys will enjoy this video, or find it pretentious. I just tried to put the pain I felt on screen, as best as I could. My story-line for this video is done in 4 parts. The intro, where happiness exists and ignorance is bliss. The second part is about losing someone important to you, the pain and the process you go through. The third part is about what happens after the pain settles down, and you are left with a feeling of nothingness and emptiness. The ending is about hope, that maybe things can get better someday.
Видео    Микс [ A Silent Voice, Your Lie in April, March Comes in Like a Lion ]
Музыка    Billie Eilish - lovely (with Khalid)
Жанр    Drama, Sentimental, Story
3:52 | 65,9 Мб. | 1920x896 | H.264 / aac
3:52 | 319 Мб. | 1920x896 | H.264 / aac
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Kvant  [ 02 июля 2019, 09:57 ]
Местами красиво, местами скучно... вот только, как-то, все эти места Я уже видел.
Хорошая работа, но до проникновения мне чего-то не хватило. Наверное понимания тонкой лирики... была бы музыка Аллой Бугачёвой, хотя бы)
AiaSnTropeaS  [ 26 января 2019, 19:21 ]
Thank you all for your kind words. I hope next year i will be able to make something better.
Miso  [ 26 января 2019, 14:08 ]
oh no, ...you haven´t reached the finals, it´s so pity :/
you put so much feeling in it, the lyrics fits great with your selected scenes... and the message was very understandable. Even if the big climax is missing, but I think your goal was to bring the special mood in there...and that was incredible, for sure! Just only few amvs have this kind of atmosphere, especially in the category "sentimental" is this one of the best in this contest.(maybe the best)
hope to see you next year again : )
Shiroi yoru  [ 26 января 2019, 12:54 ]
special style...
Anejo  [ 24 января 2019, 04:25 ]
Кстати, насчет депрессии.
Может автора взбодрит этот клип. В свое время, когда Ксофи его делала. то в комментах подробно описала свою проблему. И клипы, действительно всегда помогали ей. А автором она стала замечательным, не смотря ни на что.

Вообще, я думаю, автору можно пожелать только удачи и чтобы клипы помогали ему в будущем трансливароть эмоции, и чтобы они были, по возможности, более позитивными))
MesoGear  [ 24 января 2019, 01:55 ]
Не сомневаюсь что автор был серьезен делая эту работу, но исходники не очень хорошо состыкованы. Смена одного на другой довольно сильно ощущается, хотя возможно такова и была задумка.. :dunno:
`ZeRo  [ 23 января 2019, 23:28 ]
Кстати мог неплохой кросс выйти, исходники достаточно похожие, м/в зашло, особенно кадры со льва понравились.
Miso  [ 23 января 2019, 22:10 ]
I do not know you, but I read your Commentary ..and my social site wants to help you a bit :) Don´t hang your head, fight against your depression, I don´t know the reason for that ... but continue with AMVs, it seems you enjoy it prepare to edit. Because where is night ... there is also light where bad luck is ... is also luck. Never give up. Hope you have a person in your life who pushes you :)

look at my profile picture ... you also have to clench your fist or at least pinch your buttocks together^^
AiaSnTropeaS  [ 23 января 2019, 19:43 ]
Not an excuse but more of an important info (I guess?). The only part of the video that I really worked through and spent lot of time on, was the first verse. Begging, second verse and ending were all done on the same day, because it was the day of the deadline. I know it doesn't excuse (maybe) poor quality scene selection, but I want people to understand why parts of the video may seem more "boring" than others. Other than that, thank you all for your feedback and I hope you enjoy the video to some extent.
ICEberg  [ 23 января 2019, 15:27 ]
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