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Chengdu, Китай
Special note: you can watch video twice, please watch it directly for the first time. Please close your eyes and feel music for the second time. I believe there will be different feelings.
I'm very happy to be in this Akross competition.
It's a video that expresses my mood, and it doesn't have any plot.
The anime culture was something I was immersed in at work, and I always wanted to do it
Video is a way to express my love for the anime culture, except for the plot, whether it's the scenery or the people or the changing weather and so on, it is deeply attracted to me.
So combining with these subjects, a video was born, this video is more like a kaleidoscope, you can feel the original anime culture also there will be a real world culture inside, they are closely linked.
That is why I put the video title as the heritage of the reason, because every anime bring us is not only a different plot, also brought us a lot of culture and landscape in there, the culture and landscape has been slowly carved into my heart, is what I enjoy.
I hope this video can resonate with you in front of the computer!
Thanks for watching!
Видео    Микс [ Kimi no Na wa, The Garden of Words, Koe no Katachi, Children Who Chase Lost Voices, Violet Evergarden ]
Музыка    Ludovico Einaudi - Experience
3:09 | 56,3 Мб. | 1280x720 | H.264 / aac
3:09 | 10,9 Мб. | 480x272 | H.264 / aac
3:09 | 63,8 Мб. | 1280x720 | H.264 / aac
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Alexboy  [ 04 февраля 2018, 04:02 ]
Best amv of the Con.
irriadin  [ 31 января 2018, 01:33 ]
I enjoyed this a lot, but man, the use of the seamless transitions really hurt my enjoyment of this video. From a concept and audio perspective, though, this was touching and I really enjoyed it.
elvisolive  [ 31 января 2018, 01:30 ]
damn, this is so cool!
Bea$t  [ 29 января 2018, 12:17 ]
Годное м/в, но основную работу сделали "живые" звуки, вот это прям очень здорово получилось и на этом для меня весь клип и выехал. Использование пресета с хайва конечно не айс, ну хоть не Крамер )
Megamen  [ 23 января 2018, 09:49 ]
ICEberg  [ 21 января 2018, 16:07 ]
и сразу же разноаспект и необрезанные поля...
красочные виды
периодические попытки сделать сюжет закадровым голосом
leolide  [ 17 января 2018, 07:27 ]
no vhs
777lexa777  [ 16 января 2018, 22:53 ]
ничего особенного вроде. а пробирает до мурашек.
HonyxOtaku  [ 10 января 2018, 22:55 ]
Some parts are really great, and i love that sounds from the animes what you use..but yea...i cut much in my amvs..but you xd do it more ha ha ..thats why i think its not perfekt, to much pictures when you do it slower..i think it would be really great..
FT AMVs  [ 10 января 2018, 22:01 ]
this was good
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