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Miso  [ Miso ]
Linz, Austria
Some facts ... about this AMV, so if you aren´t interested to read my shit/facts/minds about this creation ... then IGNORE it now! ; )

This time it was very intense for me to work on this work ... also because of the topic of the anime (which I've seen only a few months ago), the story was very under the skin. It's about fighting for what's important and above all, the term "fate" is mentioned more often ... it had such a "depth" that I was incredibly tied up, and decided to take this Anime ...

Accordingly, I wanted to edit an AMV, which seems mystical ... a kind of "destiny/fortune video" .. that's why my AMV title so named. That means, with a corresponding song, visual optics, and symbols/elements such as in the beginning the flower portals ... and the whole cut ... with all this, I wanted to unfold this appropriate mood, maybe that sounds something strange for some but ... well ^^ It tooks time to implement all this ... This is about two people who are somehow fatefully connected in many ways and try to fight against what they could tear apart, even death. And their omnipresent observer and companion the invisible "fate".
And somehow the Seele and Nerv unit has its finger in the game :)

Would you be willing to fight for a person that is important to you ... even if it seems to you hopeless and wears you down?
I'm very satisfied with the result myself ... hope you like it too. END
Video    Mawaru Penguindrum
Audio    The Toxic Avenger - Luna
Genre    Drama, Sentimental, Character Pofile
3:20 | 57,3 Mb. | 1280x720 | H.264 / aac
3:20 | 302 Mb. | 1920x1080 | H.264 / aac
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Miso  [ 03 June 2019, 14:47 ]
thx for your time to write a comment : )
I am sorry that I can not go into everything exactly, because I don´t know what you mean exactly.
because of the characters, within my AMV, there exist only 2 of them ... Himari and Kanba! only with whom I represented it. the other male character "shouma" doesn´t matter to me, although I have a scene with him, but this is changed color (hair) that it should be kanba^^
Kvant  [ 25 May 2019, 13:53 ]
Хорошо :smile: С удовольствием посмотрел клип на Mawaru Penguindrum (их, качественных, увы не так уж и много).
С ц\к, наверное, автор всё же переборщил, слишком оно как-то жестко выделяется, не до конца складываясь в некую особую стилистику. Ну и тем кто не смотрел исходник, (да и у тех кто его смотрел, как раз уже из-за имеющихся знаний), будет, наверное, непросто разобраться с оттенками эмоциональных отношений между героями. Тут всё таки два мальчика и одна девочка и, кажется, нарочито не показано какой тип отношений мы имеем.
Miso  [ 02 Febuary 2019, 14:30 ]
it was great to be here again, thx for this (legend)contest. Please contuine!
thx for especially "those people" which honored my creation and saw this as a high level art.

at the end I was still interested in how the "average rating" of my work was ...
means how my style, concept and implementation has arrived between viewer/authors/experts ...well, it seems specially between authors and experts there is a bit HUGE difference, ...not authors taste/style. Even more I´m feeling honored to get these high rating from the experts, compared to the better placed ones...
Ellafaessa  [ 31 January 2019, 19:17 ]
very goood !!!! i like it)))
Shiroi yoru  [ 29 January 2019, 09:38 ]
:sun: You're so kind. I believe that you will have a better and more creative video in the future.
InsanitySupporter  [ 29 January 2019, 04:56 ]
I can't believe I forgot to comment in here lol you know I really like this!
Miso  [ 28 January 2019, 19:01 ]
Shiroi yoru
thx for your point of view, it seems you you let it act on you, this is something what is really important...only then someone can see all the things behind them, what I try to convey, like you. And sry for the dizzy moment... or maybe this was my itention : ), joke
Thank you for considering my work and my CC as unique.
Axiles  [ 28 January 2019, 15:43 ]
Shiroi yoru  [ 27 January 2019, 14:09 ]
Excellent camera narration and emotional expression
Unique color matching
Successful characterization
Personalized work style, which is very rare, I like this very much

The second half of the lens switching method is a bit too single, has been used before and after pushing and pulling may cause a little visual fatigue (this is just my personal point of view) I saw a little dizzy when I saw that part

All in all, this's a unique work and catch my eye. Good luck.
Miso  [ 26 January 2019, 17:02 ]
 iMCoach @ 23 January 2019, 03:45 
Not like anything else in the contest or anything I'd seen lately. So I enjoyed it. Video had some good moments and things worth taking for myself to use in the future. Good job.

thanks much, nice to know that my work has paid off and gave you some inspirations... but your work had also some nice ideas.

 OscarAMV @ 26 January 2019, 12:12 

thx Oscar, the function should be clear and is a part from my concept.
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