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TForceProduction  [ TForceProduction ]
Cologne, Германия
It's my first time that I try a contest. It is really interesting to see my improvment in the last 10 months. This is my first own written story I tryed to create.
This Video represents our society that we are co-existing with our Smartphone and without that our world will dissapear.
Видео    Микс [ Hyouka, Your Name, SSSS.Gridman, Zankyou no Terror, The Garden of Words, Sword Art Online, K, Noragami, The God of Highschool, Psycho-Pass, Tamako Love Story, Tokyo Ghoul, Naruto, Hello World, The Wind Rises, Persona 5, My Hero Academia, 5 Centimeters per Second ]
Музыка    Kaskade ft. Ilsey - Disarm You (Illenium Remix)
Жанр    Romance, Drama
4:18 | 124 Мб. | 1920x1080 | H.264 / aac
4:18 | 144 Мб. | 1920x1080 | H.264 / aac
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Shaoran  [ 24 января 2021, 00:14 ]
Много технической работы проделано, клип несколько затянут и начинаешь из-за этого замечать недоработки. 7,5/10
lajt  [ 22 января 2021, 13:31 ]
круто придумано, визуально сделано просто на 10 баллов, но для меня тоже слегка затянуто показалось, для 1 раза на конкурсе это супер конечно,удачи автору,надеюсь на эпики в будущем. 8/10.
MetL storm  [ 20 января 2021, 22:02 ]
Определенно сильная работа. Чего то, мне лично, не хватило для высших баллов. Визуал имеет не ровности и как уже замечали, графика слишком бросается в глаза. Возможно я не уловил подходящего настроения. В любом случае, это очень круто, такого мало, очень надеюсь увидеть, что автор придумает в следующих работах.
Лисёнок-тян  [ 19 января 2021, 15:59 ]
хорошая работа и техника исполнения, но немного затянуто
Radical Dream  [ 19 января 2021, 12:33 ]
Some comps here looks heavier and better than any stuff those "critics" made themselves, so dont bother taking their opinion too close, because i doubt they would rank their own amvs with 1/10.

The fact that you put a lot of effort there worth a praise alone. Awesome concept as well.
But still, you need to work better with CC to make the comps better. Like the scene in 0:52:
building looks not blended at all. There was a few easy options to fix it: CC or make them more blured, or...both of them.
Comps with artificial black eyes looks too cheap compared to the rest of the video. I know it was hard to compose it, but then...you either make it decent, either dont try it at all (thats just my opinion though).
Actually, i think that the only thing that bugs me too much is that how you compose dark/black colors with the rest of the frame. Its just... wont work like that.

Nevertheless, awesome job. I ddnt expect someone to tryhard so much for Akross this year.
okhostok  [ 19 января 2021, 07:16 ]
That was cool. But the story is not comprehensible to be honest, this amv is more about visuals than storytelling. Anyways, GJ - cool effects.
P.S. Saw your channel, will wait for Forest Style AMV in the future, I really liked it. )
ADMIRAL  [ 18 января 2021, 06:55 ]
Don't take shit from anyone your video is great I really enjoyed it.
Bea$t  [ 17 января 2021, 13:27 ]
Хорошая попытка, много работы видно, но проблема в том, что её видно ) Сильно инородно выглядит практически вся графика даже в превью. Рендер в титрах тоже грубоватый. В принципе хорошее начало, но есть над чем работать.
LionAmv  [ 16 января 2021, 22:55 ]
i like the concept idea of the video, sadly in my opinion, the scene selection, compositing, vfx and song election doesn't quite make it. i can apreciate that it has a lot of work on it, being this the first time that you participated i would say that the video let me quite impressed, I will be looking forward to you nexts projects!
GoldenThunder  [ 16 января 2021, 20:15 ]
 Arrow @ 16 January 2021, 19:51 
Didn't know you had Walmart in Hungary.
I am quite curious though, do you have any beef with this editor in particular or what? Cause I can't understand why you have to give such rude "feeback" publically. If it's to feed your ego and make yourself feel superior, I understand, cause this isn't about helping your fellow editor. You can get your point akross (comedy king) without sounding like a total douche if you want. It's the editor's first contest after all. Let's all try to help each other :)

What does anything has to do with a country what
Also is this your first day on the internet? Not sure if your very virtuous white knighting is to feed your ego and make yourself feel superior, but if defending half assed artworks online makes you feel like a hero go ahead, which is quite an ironic motive since it's coming from you. I've no clue who the editor is, it could be gorz on an alt or someone who started editing 2 weeks ago I don't see how that would influence the actual video. Unfortunately your input was irrelevant.
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