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SUBreX  [ SUBreX ]
Purulia, India
My first upload!! Just trying to show my little bit of talent in here.
In this video, what i simply trying to do is cope with the lyrics. I portraying the theme of "Tada kun wa koi o shinai" anime with this song because the lyrics are nearly comprehend the mentioned anime. I have no intention of procreate any story through the video. I just want to express the sensation of the mentioned anime that i got after i finishing it and i found out that "The Night we met" song can assist me to deliver this sensation of mine.
Video    Tada-kun wa koi o Shinai
Audio    Lord Huron ft. Phoebe Bridgers - The Night We Met
Genre    Romance
3:25 | 104 Mb. | 1920x1080 | H.264 / aac
3:25 | 204 Mb. | 1920x1080 | HVC1 / aac
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SUBreX  [ 18 January 2022, 11:20 ]
Thanks for the advise.
Kvant  [ 14 Febuary 2021, 13:27 ]
Попытка в романтику. Нельзя сказать что плохо, но в общем-то ничего интересного.
Для творческого роста автора, вероятно, веха. Поэтому хочется просто пожелать удачи в дальнейшем творчестве.
Li0n  [ 10 Febuary 2021, 00:46 ]
You have a good eye/ear for anime and music combos and I think it's one of the really good things to have when you are still not experienced enough. In general, text is really hard to incorporate in an AMV and you really need a lot of experience and knowledge to make it work. Don't feel like you have to put text to emphasize something in the video, your editing can easily do that, and in your case, it does so without the text. The video was not all that bad but it needs a lot more work to become pretty decent.
I think the next step for you is to try and work on simply syncing more to the music and make scenes flow better together. In my experience this takes time and the best method that I know of that can teach you those things is watching other AMVs. Take all the romance/drama AMVs that will reach the finalists in this contest and try to see how they sync to the music and how they transition between scenes. You don't need to copy them, just get a feel for it. Then try making more and more videos while asking for proper criticism from people you like and respect editing wise. Hope my little advice helps, even a little bit. Cheers!
MesoGear  [ 03 Febuary 2021, 03:31 ]
Кажется клип подвела цветокоррекция(местами как будто контраст выкручен) и текст.
В остальном, что-то в этом всем есть.
ICEberg  [ 01 Febuary 2021, 13:41 ]
формальные признаки романтики имеются
достаточно ровная техника
чересчур затянуто и однообразно
слишком много звездноночных флешбеков
просто мимо
Darksss 73  [ 27 January 2021, 03:41 ]
Classic romance.
Liked the source selection. (anime)
Good luck at the competition - in this genre. :wink:
P.S. The text is by the way superfluous
Shaoran  [ 23 January 2021, 22:07 ]
Текст тут был лишним. Повторяющиеся одинаковые сцены со звёздным небом, наверно так было задумано но смотрится не очень, надо было хотя бы другой набор кадров взять. 6/10
iLyes  [ 15 January 2021, 12:59 ]
really cool
lajt  [ 12 January 2021, 19:18 ]
слегка затянуто на мой вкус, для такого медляка 2 с небольшим минут более чем бы хватило, а так вроде смотрится приятно, но в целом не моё, пересматривать точно не стал бы...
fr0wnd  [ 10 January 2021, 23:45 ]
Liked this. One of the cuter romance edits in this contest. Nice scene selection, the fonts are reaaally off-putting tho :/
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