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So finally, the sequal to Life of a Dog - Pt. 1 is finished. and while it isn't what i originally pictured in my head (granted hardly any of my videos are) i am still very pleased with the result.... and i'm tired -_-. just a warning here, if you haven't viewed Pt. 1 you may be disappointed watching it after this one. there's a reason it's Pt. 1. true they can be viewed individually but if you wish to see both, then you should watch them in order to truly appreciate both. i do, however, plan on releasing them as a whole video.

The first half of Life of a Dog is centered on the glamorous fun part of being part of the military. While this half, Mustang is more/less giving Elric a tutorial on what it means to really be a dog of the military. of course though, Ed has to make sure he puts in his two cents before he'll shut up.

"Boulevard of Broken Songs" is edited by Party Ben. I DID NOT EDIT THIS SONG TOGETHER. however i did add in "f*cked up" (due to radio edit) and extended the slight pause towards the end.

the musical artists include:
Green Day - Boulevard of Broken Dreams
Oasis - Wonderwall
Travis - Writing to Reach You
Eminem - Sing for the Moment feat. Aerosmith - Dream On
Видео    Fullmetal Alchemist
Музыка    Party Ben - "Boulevard of Broken Songs"
Жанр    Drama, Character Profile
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