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I was just blown away by the series Mushi-Shi. I whole-heartedly encourage everyone to see it. I've never seen any anime like this before. It reminds me a bit of Miyazaki's style, but this really takes it to a whole new level. The animation is so beautiful, and the character design is so simple and humble, that they offset each other perfectly.

Each episode in this series stands alone and has its own story to tell. And the main character, Ginko, meets new people in every story, and has new mushi he teaches them about and their purpose for being in their lives. This, unfortunately, makes amv making for this series very difficult. Because you literally cannot grasp the whole story in each episode just by watching a clever compilation of the images. There is a lot of dialog and conversation that Ginko shares with everyone he meets, that even while watching the episodes themselves, it requires very close attention to understand everything. And even still, many episodes will leave you going "huh?..." But that's okay! Because it's very easy to watch this show multiple times. And at the very least it leaves you thinking... and in awe.

Because the animation is so beautiful, there were several points where I did not dare touch the scenes effect wise. As tempting as they were to letting me show off, I just couldn't get passed the beauty of it's simplicity. The effects I did use, I did my best to glorify the animation as much as possible.

I really hope that this amv ends up being a window for most people into Mushi-Shi, in that it will promote the desire to experience it the way I have. This is arguably the best series I've ever seen, and I'm grateful to FUNimation for bringing it to the US.
Видео    Mushi-Shi
Музыка    Nightwish - The Last of the Wilds
Жанр    Drama, Instrumental
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Селена Ривер  [ 09 декабря 2011, 20:10 ]
Очень люблю этот клип!!
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