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Marykiddo  [ Marykiddo ]
Bisceglie, Италия
When I first listened to this lovely song, I immediately thought about the adorable fairy tale love story of Zen and Shirayuki. I hadn't edited for a while, but an AMV with this song finally inspired me. So I came back with this love AMV, crazy attempting to the amazing Akross contest. Wish me luck and enjoy it! ;) I totally follow the lyrics, so if you want check it out! Thanks for watching ^_^
Видео    Akagami no Shirayukihime
Музыка    Moddi - House by the Sea
Жанр    Romance, Drama, Action
4:04 | 72,5 Мб. | 1920x1080 | H.264 / aac
4:04 | 15,6 Мб. | 480x270 | H.264 / aac
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Axel d'Arc  [ 15 января 2017, 03:05 ]
Sorry it took me so long to reply,the parts where the anime has it's original color not the enchanted one (for example at 0:24 - 0:25) when Zen jumps up),i think a little color correction would make it blend better as a whole.Also did you edited this in Vegas ? I can see some ghosting,next time select Disable Resample on your videos when you put them into the timeline, (I may be wrong about the ghosting since i'm not that good at spotting it xD)
And since i came back and watched the video again i got to like the amv and the song more than i did the first time xD.
Marykiddo  [ 14 января 2017, 00:24 ]
Axel d'Arc
Thank you so much! Really :') If it's not a bother, I'd like to know which parts in your opinion were "too basic" so I will able to try to improve and make it better the next time! ^_^ Only if you want of course, anyway I'm really happy that at least one of my goals "warm somebody else heart a little bit" like this anime did to me, was reached. So thanks :)

Added (after 5 min. and 28 sec.):

:inlove: Really thanks! For you is pretty much the same thing I said to Axel d'Arc :') and most of all, I'm sincerely very glad to gave you a good mood ^_^ Arigatou

Added (after 1 min. and 12 sec.):

большое спасибо :smile:
Axiles  [ 13 января 2017, 23:16 ]
очень мило :smile:
frosta  [ 13 января 2017, 22:46 ]
this amv carries true emotions and despite his (few) techincal problems it isreally good and as axel d'Arc already , really heartwarming and gave me really a good mood . Great job !
Axel d'Arc  [ 13 января 2017, 17:41 ]
I love Akagami no Shirayukihime,your amv was pretty cool,i can see you tried to follow the lyrics and i enjoyed watching this,there are some quality problems and some things that could've been done better since some parts look too "basic", but overall it's a nice heartwarming video.
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