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MrNosec  [ MrNosec ]
Lisbon, Portugal
Used motion interpolation for a high frame rate and fluid slow motion once again.
Please note that this video was edited and intended to be watched at 60fps, which is only provided in the alternative version, as a few scenes don't display correctly and some animations simply don't appear at all in a lower framerate.
Video    Various [ Evangelion 1.11: You Are (Not) Alone, Evangelion 2.22: You Can (Not) Advance, Evangelion 3.33: You Can (Not) Redo, The End of Evangelion, Genius Party Beyond: Dimension Bomb, The Animatrix: The Second Renaissance Part 2, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence ]
Audio    Modestep & Koven - Take It All, Audiomachine - Guardians at the Gate (Access Denied Remix)
Genre    Action, Psychedelic
3:25 | 70,0 Mb. | 1280x542 | H.264 / aac
3:25 | 16,9 Mb. | 480x202 | H.264 / aac
3:25 | 632 Mb. | 1920x814 | H.264 / flac | 60 fps
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MrNosec  [ 09 December 2016, 17:52 ]
 Nanuk @ 05 December 2016, 13:02 

Thanks alot! I'm flattered, really glad you enjoyed it.

 [insertnamehere] @ 09 December 2016, 08:47 

Thank you very much!
The main reason it isn't riddled with interpolation artifacts is the fact that I was extremely picky when it came to scene selection, most action scenes gave me a hard time and some of them had to be scrapped entirely, but using masks and sometimes even mattes to help guide twixtor also helped considerably (I haven't got a clue what you mean by "32" in that context though), some examples here:

About the flow, after the calm intro I think some people weren't expecting the harsh jump cuts and scene selection which inclined the viewer to look at opposite sides of the screen constantly instead of focusing on the middle, this was necessary because every action needed a corresponding reaction for the events to have impact and feel relevant, also for the Kuleshov effect to take place, which played an important role when mixing several movies to create a single coherent fight scene.

 AiaSnTropeaS @ 09 December 2016, 10:01 

 Introvert @ 09 December 2016, 14:49 

Thank you both for the rating :biggrin:
Introvert  [ 09 December 2016, 17:49 ]
AiaSnTropeaS  [ 09 December 2016, 13:01 ]
Bro... Congrats. 9.2/10 from me

9 10
9 9
[insertnamehere]  [ 09 December 2016, 11:47 ]
holy.... holy crap, how is something like this even possible?!

The editing was freaking gorgeous, but how the fuck can you get something that clear and 32 with... twixtor?

Added (after 49 sec.):

and seriously how the fuck is this lacking flow? I can't see that myself.
Nanuk  [ 05 December 2016, 16:02 ]
This is amazing man... One of my favourite AMVs for this year's competition, and my favourite Evangelion AMV I've ever seen... The use of the song was absurdly outstanding! There's literally nothing to complaint about, it's flawless (at least in the eyes of the viewer). I wish you great luck! 10/10
MrNosec  [ 01 December 2016, 22:46 ]
 Maniaki @ 01 December 2016, 16:38 

I did intend for the "action" or fast paced scenes to become somewhat disorienting the first time it was viewed (also completely annihilating the ambiance created in the intro), and the final segment before ayanami's wings to cause a overwhelming ominous feeling, even discomfort to some extent, but since I watched the scenes as I was editing them over and over again, that might have influence me to get so used to the whole thing that I lost touch on how it would feel like for most first time viewers.

I also wanted to restrict the "internal sync" to very few key moments where the song had a turning point or changed segments to give them more emphasis (also on some distinct parts where the beats were simply too fast to cut), to try and keep a syncing pattern going, except in the intro where I didn't want to overdo any effects to sync, so timeremapping to some of the vocals and resonating sounds seemed like a neat idea.

I'd like to thank you for taking the time to type all those tips and for elaborating on what I didn't fully understand (with some really good examples too), also for the very generous compliments! I see that you are registered in the contest aswell, so I wish you best of luck :wink:
Maniaki  [ 01 December 2016, 19:38 ]
 MrNosec @ 01 December 2016, 18:30 
I did intend for it to be a bit disorienting by changing from scenes going from right to left from left to right pretty fast while trying to keep it easy to follow, but if that's not what you meant could you elaborate more on the "lack of flow"? Maybe I could even learn a little something for future projects

Usually when you "capture" audience with settle sync like you did in the beginning, viewer tends to concentrate into the center of screen or weaken visual reflexes in order to try to capture the "movement" of the next sync point on the screen. So... if you want that viewer to experience bit chaotic changes of scenes as much as he/she can you need to slowly escalate and so that you dont loose that "bond" with the viewer you made in the beginning o.o you can do that by either really good plot and edit or by smart editing directed towards to the viewer's subconscious . There are many other but I think all of them are variation between these two.

BUT If you did intend to disorient me then you've done well since I wasnt able to concentrate on sync because of the edit. But if not there are ways for you to edit not changing the scene once every 15 frames, I'm sure you know about "sync within the scene" method since I saw couple of them here.

Don't get me wrong your work will probably be better than 90% of these year's con, partly because AMV society is degrading a bit and partly because of your really good skills! So good luck...
MrNosec  [ 01 December 2016, 18:30 ]
 Maniaki @ 01 December 2016, 11:40 

Thanks alot for your honest comment, and for the kind words aswell.

Regarding the lack of flow, I don't know exactly what it could be by your explanation, I edited it so I'm too biased and can't possibly judge the video aswell as you can, maybe it's the harsh jump cuts? I did intend for it to be a bit disorienting by changing from scenes going from right to left from left to right pretty fast while trying to keep it easy to follow, but if that's not what you meant could you elaborate more on the "lack of flow"? Maybe I could even learn a little something for future projects :biggrin:

Although I sorta understand these lolligerjoj comparisons, it feels odd since his videos are nothing like this, he hasn't made an action video since 2013 and even that one doesn't reminisce mine the slightest, not to mention I wouldn't expect an action video with the Eva Rebuilds from him ever, it's simply not his style and not what people have come to expect from him.
But I did start making AMVs of my own after I saw his first 3 AMVs, I didn't even like AMVs all that much before, so my source of inspiration is most likely quite obvious, and I don't think it will ever stop being.

PS: I'm not sure if that last part was directed at me or at Artofeel, but if you mean by his " find yourself " I should do something like a 4 minute AMV of people walking with twixtor, thanks for the suggestion but I'll have to pass on that, I don't see how that could be fun to edit or to watch.
Maniaki  [ 01 December 2016, 14:40 ]
Well this was fun in the beginning, but then it lacked flow to me. Maybe because this kind of sync needs more settle edit, maybe it needed more sensible escalation, or maybe audio was bad as well.

Anywho you've done a remarkable work but to me it has not much value, since to me it was like watching a very good loligerjoj video and then watch him get drunk and throw up. When i'm watching your work I must watch YOUR work. Life is unfair yes but that doesnt mean you dont know why people link your style with other person, so fix it next time.

 Artofeel @ 20 November 2016, 20:56 

» MrNosec:
you have titles like lolligerjoj
your scene selection like lolligerjoj
your music selection like lolligerjoj ©
what are you bullshiting?
find yourself.

watch THIS AMV and you'll know what he means.
Rider4Z  [ 30 November 2016, 10:22 ]
I like it!
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