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AMVs Gimenez  [ AMVs Gimenez ]
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Hello everyone, hope you are have a great day.
Well I present this video called "Nurtesil". I really enjoyed this great project, because I put a one amount of many things the video.
My first time I make a genre as "History" (which I think is fine) and I really am very glad you did for the first time this great "Genre" was a great experience to do this kind of "Gender" that for me it was difficult, because I had several ideas and I could not decide, was very confused.
Anyway it's one of my major projects from my point of view, also including my project "Lairus".
A very quiet and relaxing music actually sing 2 people. This music fits very well in the "AMV".
A special thanks "Kuruta" and hope you enjoy the video as much as me, greetings.
Video    Various [ Isshukan Friends, Yama no Susume, B Gata H Kei, Ano Natsu de Matteru, Plastic Memories, Chunibyo Demo Koi ga Shitai!, The IDOLM@STER ]
Audio    Anatomy - Mountains
Genre    Sentimental, Romance, Story
4:03 | 66,2 Mb. | 1280x720 | H.264 / aac
4:03 | 15,9 Mb. | 480x270 | H.264 / aac
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Fotsh  [ 01 Febuary 2016, 13:00 ]
7.5/10 :)
ICEberg  [ 30 January 2016, 21:41 ]
банальная история о мальчике и девочке, которые встретились и теперь вместе
красочные виды
формальные признаки романтики

техника годная
зачем было вставлять вторую(или первую) пару - неясно (автору не хватило кадров только с одной парой?)

еще один пятисантиметровый клип
AMVs Gimenez  [ 30 January 2016, 06:03 ]
 Artofeel @ 29 January 2016, 21:17 

Ok, thank you very much I take this into account the criticism

 MesoGear @ 29 January 2016, 16:19 

Ok, not really, I had not idea of anything to make two characters look the same, anime also was the only one he had on the subject of "mountaineering". What I did to be as similar as possible these two characters, it is to paint the hair the same color as the girl the anime "isshuukan friend".
Just the story is that the girl, his dream is to climb the mountain "Famatina" , it is not a change of character, it's the same girl, only I did it look as good as possible hair painted, of color hair girl anime "isshuukan friends".

Added (after 24 min. and 44 sec.):

 Strat @ 29 January 2016, 12:14 


Dale lo tendre en cuenta, gracias strat
777lexa777  [ 29 January 2016, 23:50 ]
без изюминки
NIGHT  [ 29 January 2016, 23:47 ]
Juancarlosdm95  [ 29 January 2016, 22:37 ]
Que bonito vídeo la verdad lo disfrute.mucho, sabes como manejar las partes lentas y eso me encanto, en las partes rápidas ese movimiento de cámara esta demasiado brusco, así como dijo Artofeel, pero en general me gusto mucho, creó que se hubiera visto mejor sin ese shake en la parte rápida, hubiera dando una atmósfera distinta porque las escenas están bien seleccionadas
iKuro  [ 29 January 2016, 22:24 ]
me gusto bastante el inicio. Luego desde el 1:40 cuando la cancion cambia no me gustaron cosas como movimientos de camara y colores. Algunos efectos bien, otros no tanto a mi parecer.

Igual lo disfrute buena suerte =)
Artofeel  [ 29 January 2016, 22:17 ]
pretty good atmosphere
on a quiet parts — everything is fine
but when it starts a dynamic part of the track — this camera shaking and all other "visual dynamic" is very bad
botdru  [ 29 January 2016, 20:46 ]
вот еще бы чуть чуть и было бы идеально
MesoGear  [ 29 January 2016, 17:19 ]
посмотрел 2 раза подряд, так и не понял, клип про пубертатную романтику, или про шастанье по горам, сначала одни герое потому другие, короче внятной истории так и не увидел.

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