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Magicflier  (Illuminated Studios)  [ Magicflier ]
Vancouver, Canada
"I want it all. What we have now, and in the future."
"Would this really make things easier for us?"
"I know the solution to the problem we are facing right now."
"This is just deceitful and idealistic."
"I want us to stay like this forever."
"I know how this will end, we will end up with nothing."
"Even so, I want us to think, writhe, struggle."
"I don't want a superficial relationship"
"If we're wrong, we can continue to look for the right answer."
"About you, and me, and us."

Was trying to finish editing the full song, but then AKROSS20215 suddenly appeared at my door; so I thought might as well enter. o//
Video    Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru
Audio    Tomoyo Kurosawa - Inori no Uta
Genre    Romance, Sentimental
3:43 | 63,5 Mb. | 1280x720 | H.264 / aac
3:43 | 7,66 Mb. | 480x272 | H.264 / aac
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777lexa777  [ 26 January 2016, 16:07 ]
неувидел никакой сюжетной завязки
ZaRish  [ 25 January 2016, 17:15 ]
Не знаю, почему, но мне ужасно хорошо. А, нет, знаю. Это ведь один из мною обожаемых сериалов. Клип простенький и со вкусом. Песенка же отличная. Душа!
ICEberg  [ 24 January 2016, 19:20 ]
формальные признаки романтики и сентиментала присутствуют
прослеживается какой-то сюжет

но мимо
antaresheart07  [ 19 January 2016, 15:17 ]
so cuteee I like it!! GL in the con :biggrin:
DEDninja  [ 13 January 2016, 22:24 ]
Не тронуло
Nanuk  [ 13 January 2016, 00:59 ]
Okay, I like the concept, the atmosphere, the song is pretty nice and the editing, although it could have been a bit more explosive, was good overall. I think you could have done it a little better, but it was still good to watch. 7/10.
MesoGear  [ 13 January 2016, 00:11 ]
когда певичка запела, как ножом по барабанным перепонкам резануло :sad:
EnjelUmali  [ 12 January 2016, 05:47 ]
Kvant  [ 11 January 2016, 22:33 ]
Миленько, даже местами симпатично. М\В приятное.
Несколько сумбурно/ не структурировано. Хотя настрой есть, потому "романтика" скорее реализована чем нет. В целом неплохо, но на один просмотр.
S.A. Robert  [ 11 January 2016, 11:58 ]
Стилем визуальных новелл уже наелся, не зацепило.
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