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diegao94  (Rising Production)  [ diegao94 ]
Novara, Italy
"Man kann von uns halten
Was immer man da will
Wir halten uns schadlos
Wir halten niemals still"
Video    Fate/Zero
Audio    Red - Glass House
Genre    Action, Drama
2:39 | 46,2 Mb. | 1280x720 | H.264 / aac
2:39 | 10,4 Mb. | 480x272 | H.264 / aac
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diegao94  [ 07 January 2014, 14:50 ]
Efialte, dico a te: possa tu vivere in eterno.
Domius  [ 07 January 2014, 00:28 ]
Henry: E' proprio buffo!
Tommy: Come sarebbe buffo?
Henry: Sei buffo, insomma, è una bella storia, è buffa, sei un tipo buffo!
Tommy: Perché, per via di come parlo o cosa?
Henry: No, è che sei... buffo! Insomma, è il modo come racconti le storie.
Tommy: No spiegami fammi capire perché magari è colpa mia, forse sono un po' rincoglionito ma... buffo come? Buffo come un pagliaccio, ti diverto? Ti faccio ridere? Sto qua per divertirti? Come sarebbe buffo, buffo come, perché buffo?
Henry: Per... per... per come racconti le storie, capisci?
Tommy: "No, no, io non capisco, tu l'hai detto, lo saprai no? Tu hai detto che sono buffo; ma com'è che sono buffo, che cazzo ci trovi di tanto buffo in me, eh, dimmelo, dì, che c'è di buffo?
Henry:...ah, vaffanculo, piantala Tommy!
JazzsVids  [ 29 December 2013, 12:24 ]
Beautiful action AMV
great work :)
xGeminii  [ 28 December 2013, 21:30 ]
I really enjoyed this video- definitely one of the best action entries this year! 9/10
diegao94  [ 27 December 2013, 22:06 ]
Thanks for comments!

Cane  [ 27 December 2013, 12:04 ]
Очень понравилось. Синхронизация, эффекты, атмосферность, всё на отлично!
Shiver  [ 23 December 2013, 14:33 ]
 andrewbee @ 23 December 2013, 02:17 
This means your actual score could have been low but for kristo's actions you are willing to make your score a 10.

If stupid people don't understand the rules of this contest and give scores not based on the video quality, someone has to do what keyScarlet did.
andrewbee  [ 23 December 2013, 05:17 ]
 PrincessKairy @ 22 December 2013, 23:15 

I will spell it out for you. This argument is not about kristo's numerical score. It is about you making a statement that is no different to how kristo based his decision making. To write:

 PrincessKairy @ 17 December 2013, 21:55 
As you already know, I don't like it, I find that the action is too much slow in a lot of points of the song. However, I'll give you a 10/10 just to rebalance the average...

This means your actual score (which wouldn't have been known if I didn't point out your comments) could have been low but for kristo's actions you are willing to make your score a 10.
You both disliked the video for different reasons and appointed yourselves supreme judges to fix your issues in regards to the video by giving extreme numbers and you think it has no effect on the overall contest.

If you went crying wolf again to have the moderators look into this, that would have been better.

Next time someone calls you out on your contradictory comments, don't start by calling the person a bitch. They just might put you in your place.

Also, Don't make up stories or twist the truth in other to portray yourself as the righteous person. It just makes you look really ugly. Lastly, if your intention was to take this private, you wouldn't have written in the context below.
PrincessKairy  [ 23 December 2013, 03:15 ]
 andrewbee @ 22 December 2013, 03:48 

First of all, English is not my native language, so I'm not supposed to know it perfectly.
Kristoo didn't give his opinion, he was just mad because your video was eliminated: this isn't an opinion to diegao's video in any way possible. Therefore, I don't agree with Kristoo's vote and even if I wasn't as kind as Anicsi, this doesn't mean that I'm malpracticing or unfair. Of course "not everyone will be in agreement to the numbers people post", but this has nothing to do with this particular case. (by the way, talking about scores: I would have given him 7/8 out of ten, but I didn't want to write everything I thought about the video because I had already told it to him in private.)
That said, you spoke without understanding the situation, unlike I did.
You didn't even understand the rules of this contest, or you were cheating by sending the video knowing that you were violating the rules. So, if you're angry because I highlighted the fact that your video was not exclusive, you can only bash you for your stupidty and/or negligence.
Now, if you want to reply again, please do it in private, because this isn't the right place to continue this stupid discussion.
Scittalec  [ 22 December 2013, 20:22 ]
Clear action. Like it!
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