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AiaSnTropeaS  [ AiaSnTropeaS ]
Athens, Greece
Hello everyone! I'm very happy to be here for the second year (even if I failed last year ^^), but I think my skills as an AMV editor have greatly improved!

While I was editing this video, I always had in my mind that I want to show something beautiful, sad and happy, all at the same time. I wanted to be colorful, but also a bit dark and with a heavy atmosphere. I think I achieved my goal (at some point). I know I used some fast and zoomy transitions that don't really fit the whole atmosphere of the video, but they give a boost on sync and a bit of a flow. I hope guys like the video. I put a lot of effort to it.
Video    Various [ One Piece, Durarara!!, Cowboy Bebop, Black Rock Shooter, Mirai Nikki, Karas, Wonderful Days, Genius Party, Genius Party Beyond, Deadman Wonderland, Bleach, Mushishi, Death Billiards, Berserk, Aoi Bungaku, Animatrix, Angel Beats, Kotonoha No Niwa, 5 Centimeters per Second, Paprika, Pale Cocoon, Phantom: Requiem for a Phantom, Strike Witches ]
Audio    Awolnation - Kill Your Heroes
Genre    Drama, Story, Action
3:21 | 51,0 Mb. | 1280x720 | H.264 / aac
3:21 | 12,0 Mb. | 640x480 | H.264 / aac
3:21 | 80,6 Mb. | 1280x720 | H.264 / aac
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Miso  [ 08 December 2013, 18:31 ]
in some way i like it :smile:
777lexa777  [ 04 December 2013, 19:56 ]
экшена тут кот наплакал
andrewbee  [ 04 December 2013, 06:14 ]
I think you you had a fairly decent idea. Your establishing shot included battle action scenes (berserk) and then you decided 'wait a minute, this is an uplifting track, I should be using scenes from romance dramas'.
You definitely know what a good scene is but when making a mix, you still need an underlining connection between all the clips. They need to flow into one another. Dont just select wats cool or goregous looking and slap it in! let it have a meaning or help build your pacing.
zigzag173  [ 03 December 2013, 18:45 ]
It reminded me of a good scene of a lot of anime.
Thanks!!  :wink:
NeptuniaAMV  [ 03 December 2013, 18:21 ]
Amv looks random, good song, there would be so many ways to make a good amv out of this song. Few Transitions didnt fit, so did the footage, and also the glow/blur was too much.
Shade 2.0  [ 27 November 2013, 13:22 ]
После просмотра не осталось ровным счетом никаких впечатлений, ни положительных, ни отрицательных. Что смотрел, что не смотрел... Вобщем не впечатляет, вобще...
Aleks-hab  [ 26 November 2013, 10:58 ]
то ли лыжи не едут то ли я ****, но какая нафиг стори? драма откуда? есть вставка с плачущей девчонкой -драма?
З.Ы. давно надо ввести жанр "Trash" как идея ?
DEDninja  [ 25 November 2013, 00:34 ]
Заметно, что лучше оперируешь эффектами и более грамотно клип выглядит, но тебе не дано :sad:
Мои 5,5/10
Cane  [ 23 November 2013, 03:30 ]
Не увидел в клипе ни Драмы, ни Стори, тем более музыка совсем не подходящая. Особого разнообразия в эффектах не заметил и синхра так же далека до идеала. Но всё же на крепкого середнячка клип вполне подойдёт. 5.2/10
EVOsvik  [ 22 November 2013, 11:04 ]
лично меня не задело 5....
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