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Multi-Editor Project  [ OneTeam, Mally, JForce, Jeff, NekoEdii, nightbreak, gotegenks, Baelaein, xDreww ]
London, Канада
Видео    Микс [ Kara no Kyoukai, Ayane's High Kick, Starship Operators, Diebuster, Ray The Animation, Casshern Sins, The Animatrix, Phantom ~ Requiem for the Phantom ~, Macross Frontier, Vexille, Appleseed, Appleseed Ex Machina, Gurren Lagann, Kingdom Hearts Series, Final Fantasy Versus XIII, .hack//GU Trilogy, Time of Eve: The Movie, Amazing Nuts, Genius Party Beyond ]
Музыка    Микс [ La Roux - In for the Kill (Skrillex Remix), iSquare - Hey Sexy Lady (Skrillex Remix), iSquare - Hey Sexy Lady (Freefire Remix), Lady Gaga - Alejandro (Skrillex Remix), Skrillex ft. 12th Planet - Needed, Skrillex ft. Foreign Beggars - Scatta, Skrillex - Kill Everybody (Bare Noize Remix), Skrillex - Rock n Roll (Will Take You to the Mountain), Skrillex - SMNS (Gabriell Remix) ]
Жанр    Action
10:00 | 117 Мб. | 848x480 | H.264 / aac
10:00 | 19,8 Мб. | 480x270 | H.264 / aac
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OneTeam  [ 14 декабря 2011, 23:10 ]
@nivekov123 im sorry brah !
nivekov123  [ 14 декабря 2011, 23:08 ]
You forgot to put my name in the authors mally lol. failure
Kaira  [ 14 декабря 2011, 22:47 ]
Было бы 9/10, но 10 минут это несколько длинновато.
А в остальном хорошая синхра, неплохие треки, динамично и не напряжно. :smile:
MimS  [ 14 декабря 2011, 22:34 ]
xDreww, you're wrong, I've seen In.fest.ED saying many times good things about vids of this contest ;)

Well, at first, I hesitated : Can I give my op or not being part of the other MEP in final? I decided I would!
I don't think it's "bad", I don't think it's "good"either. In fact, the thing that bothers me is that it's only random beat synch during 10 minutes without anything to keeps me interesting it the vid. I mean, there isn't something particular technically so that I could at least say 'from this point of view, it deserves to be watched", it was just the same thing during all the vid, just the levels that are different. Honestly, track 2 was just bad for me when MF track was the coolest to watch

Fact is when people do beat synch I expect from them to do some cool transitions with movement between sequences at least, like people running in the same way, or camera movements, you see what I mean?
Here this was just some action vid and it was long ._.
Since it was among the finalists I watched it until the end but I fell like if I stopped it before, it would have been the same thing.

Just my op obviously ;)

Still congrats because it's hard to finish such a long project hahaha
xDreww  [ 14 декабря 2011, 22:22 ]
[QUOTE=In.fest.ED,14 December 2011, 21:38][/QUOTE]

I love how most all your comments you say something is bad. I don't see anything from you at all though. Picky person you are.
In.fest.ED  [ 14 декабря 2011, 21:38 ]
Wonder if I will describe my point by saying "random"...
Sorry, but it's terrible for me :sad:
OneTeam  [ 14 декабря 2011, 19:12 ]
[QUOTE=AnimeFanaticBoy,14 December 2011, 14:27][/QUOTE]
Helloo there the person who organised this mep and replying to comments is 'Mally' aka 'Malster3' on youtube .
But nivekov did participate in this mep under the name Khoa .
faktis  [ 14 декабря 2011, 19:01 ]
Banshee, +
Banshee  [ 14 декабря 2011, 18:37 ]
Если бы это был один клип со смыслом было бы круто ,а так глаза устали :sad:
AnimeFanaticBoy  [ 14 декабря 2011, 18:27 ]
Just curious, OneTeam: Are you nivekov?

Too long for me, but you got some nice ideas here :smile:
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