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Eake4  (Reflex Productions)  [ eake4 ]
Sydney, Australia
Helix Origin was something i thought up of during boring classes. Everyday i repeatedly think of the anime i watched and if i could fit those scenes into Helix Origin. This AMV transits from one element to another with supreme speed, that is how i like my AMVs. The whole duration for editing this AMV was 2 months which, most of the time spent was on Photoshopping and scene selection. After all the editing my Vegas and After effects almost started to malfunction.

Special Thanks to Nostromo for teaching me some techniques. Overall AkrossCon2011 was a very fun experience.
Video    Various [ Fate/zero, Fate/stay Night, Fate/stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works, Angel Beats!, Bakemonogatari, Guilty Crown, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Durarara!!, Death Note, Kara no Kyoukai, Evangelion 2.0, Pale Cocoon, Canaan, Deadman Wonderland, Black Rock Shooter, 5 Centimeters per Second, Ergo Proxy, Gankutsuo ]
Audio    Red - Breathe Into Me
Genre    Action, Sentimental, Drama
3:04 | 36,0 Mb. | 1020x576 | H.264 / aac
3:04 | 6,06 Mb.
3:04 | 104 Mb. | 1280x720
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EnIgMoZz2  [ 05 December 2011, 22:36 ]
Some parts were good, some were really bad. 6/10
BanzaY  [ 05 December 2011, 20:44 ]
Музыка в некоторых местах не синхронизируется с видео. Корявая нарезка. Синхра, а точнее нарезка превыше всего в создании АМВ`шки. От меня 5/10. :cranky:
Ledi Belfagor  [ 05 December 2011, 20:16 ]
Песня старее чем мир((((( очень неаккуратная работа(((
maxfxsx  [ 05 December 2011, 19:21 ]
корявенькая звукавая дорожка.непростительна корявая.сама музыка не соответствует так сказать уровню эмоцанальности картинки в итоги видео и музыка воспринемаются как отдельные элементы а не единое целое.хотя и не вовсем клипе.в целом в серой масе выделяется еслиб не косяк хотябы со звуком былаб нечево даже.
Денис69  [ 05 December 2011, 18:13 ]
Клип норм но музыку обрезали оч плохо. 8
Алхимик_67  [ 05 December 2011, 17:20 ]
вроде не чего так!
Mulraf  [ 05 December 2011, 17:04 ]
i think the same way ... the song cuts ain't this good and it wasn't this sync either. but also it's not this bad .... i guess, and also seems like you put some effort in it ^^ 5.5*
AimoAio  [ 05 December 2011, 15:46 ]
Song cut is terrible. If you're going to cut it, at least put in a bridge or a verse,something other than just the chorus, it felt like it was just repeating itself over and over like a broken record. Video doesn't have much sync to it either which kinda made it feel loose and without impact. Your transitions however, were quite nice. Better try next time.
eake4  [ 05 December 2011, 15:01 ]
I tried to cut the song well but i used 3 versions of the same song to raise the dynamics.
FunnyMan  [ 05 December 2011, 13:38 ]
не доставило! трек вообще жалко, слишком плохо порезан!(
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