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ExSphere  [ ExSphere ]
Waco, USA
Here it is! This is my second video I'm entering into Akross and hopefully not my last. I can go on and on about this video and what I was trying to tell with the characters, and the purpose of all the character compositions but I'll just keep it simple.

This idea originated from the title "Lightnings Hand" being the power of the deathnote. At 3:13 - 3:23 "I command the lightnings hand X4" to me sounded like who all had power over the deathnote. Which is why I showed each character who controlled the deathnote at one point. When I first heard that part of song that is frame by frame what I saw, so im excited it came out so perfectly. Everything else I just made up as I was going. There is a story in this video even though it was poorly told. You can watch it over and over and try to find out. Shoot me a pm if your interested.

There is a lot of masking in this video, which was done for the story. Most of it is very subtle and hard to notice, but if you look hard enough you can spot some. The biggest thing for me was color correction. When I say that I don't mean what you think I mean. I should be saying diffusing colors. At 2:23 lights eyes are no longer red, same with 1:21. The eye bit was done for being in control of the death note ( red = control )"duh".

I started this video took me 10 months to finish. 5 of those months I was hard at work, the other 5 I was just working on 1 clip every other day. The final product really makes me happy and I hope some other people see what I see. Enjoy!
Video    Death Note
Audio    Kansas - Lightnings Hand
Genre    Action
4:46 | 31,7 Mb. | 848x480 | H.264 / aac
4:46 | 9,43 Mb.
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Chidori Kaname  [ 12 August 2011, 17:00 ]
музыка ужасная.....а остальное меня всё устраивает))
Slavik330  [ 29 May 2011, 14:07 ]
Отличное видео но мне не понравилось поэтому 8/10
Zaitzzz  [ 26 December 2010, 00:21 ]
after the second viewing I liked it more
nick-o-teen  [ 22 December 2010, 10:34 ]
Очень рад, что автор не побоялся сделать м\в по тетрадке не на привычный трэш\метал\панк и т.д. а на настоящий Hard Rock, за че ему отдельный респект, и притом выполнил работу чисто, качественно и красиво.))) 8/10.

P.S. Thanks for cool style.
Thanks for this AMV.
ICEberg  [ 16 December 2010, 22:31 ]
сюжет есть
атмосфера местами появляется

слишком затянутые титры
Gitsune  [ 16 December 2010, 14:02 ]
о, это в моем духе) клип понравился, ставлю 10 из-за музыки :biggrin:
Diman_plus  [ 16 December 2010, 10:45 ]
9 - 100%
10 - 49 %
Ybit6  [ 10 December 2010, 00:00 ]
Качает клип, голову мою.Клип влево не посмотрит а вверху зависнет.Конец порадовал, там ухх какой музон
Вот дума-10 или 9.Чики-Брики-Пальчик-ВЫКИНЬ.Что осталось Дис.
Кому не нравиться у того ДИСТРЕСС. :biggrin:
motyrue  [ 04 December 2010, 15:40 ]
синхра очень порадовала, радостно подергивал ножкой в ностальгии. немного затянуто. 8
zxdamnedxz  [ 01 December 2010, 21:35 ]
мне нра но не идеал 8/10
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