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MrNosec - Numinous

Axel d'Arc (1): I really liked it,the song pulled me into the video and the rhythm change followed by the great scene selection made this video amazing for me.

MetL storm (1): Этот ролик впечатлил меня больше остальных. Не смотря на то, что музыка оставила меня равнодушным, она отлично передаёт атмосферу видео. Образцовый представитель своего жанра и АМВ в целом.

NoglasticNinja (1): Frame interpolation cleanly executed, transitions are never random, re-timing used to serve movement, and all effects (from the DoF to the vignettes) exist when they need to.

Rider4Z (1): I love a good action video. "Motion interpolation" is becoming a cliche/crutch, but I liked it in this one.

wolf kun (1): Rhythm is very good I like

bbsnypur (2): One of the best looking videos this year. It's smooth, it's clear, it's non-stop in your face in all the right ways.

David Heli (2): На самом деле клип как таковой посредственный . 60 фпс,глитчи,твитчи,оптикалы,сейбер. Но некоторые их приминения очень понравились Хорошая цветокоррекция и синхра. Короче говоря примерный техничный клип,но не блещущий чем то новым в отличии от того за кого я отдал первое место)

buggy (3): Great use of visual effects!

PieandBeer (3): Entertaining and technically sound. It had some moments that gave me chills (like the Animatrix scene in the slow section).

UnluckyArtist (3): I don't remember rating this video so highly.. but I feel it's one of the best action, especially for the overall visual effect work.

JustRukia - Red Queen

bbsnypur (1): My pick for best of Akross this year. Visually captivating and is a lot of fun. Monogatari continues to be a popular source for AMVs, but the author was able to make things feel fresh. Great job.

S†eelshine (1): Отличный клип. Рад что под конец кона приберегли действительно сильную работу.

TritioAFB (2): Surprised with this change of style, personally I think this style fits you dude, hope to see more from you in the future

cecco (2): Overall is a good job. Deserved 2nd place

kuruta (2): Excellent job ,some errors in the lipsync but the compositions are amazing , and mucho work in it , I hope you continue to do more interesting projects.

Kyci (2): Red Queen's effects were the highlight of this video. If there was a story... was a bit hard to follow. All-round great AMV. If this AMV envelopes around the anime's story. I must watch. Perhaps I'll find what I'm looking for!

Sebacarp (2): I like the visual effects.

xDieguitoAMV (2): This video has a lot of effort in every aspect and i admire that from the author. Outstanding compositions and colouring. The only thing i do not like from this video are some weird lip syncs, but the rest was fantastic. Congratulations

Axel d'Arc (3): I personally enjoy this a lot,if it didn't had some sync problems it would've been probably number 1 for me,i love the colors,the scenes and the mood it has.

Death_Kn1ght (3): Автор очень развился, взял жанр с которым ещё не работал... И сделал конфетку =)

Kolombina9 (3): Яркий, стильный клип под интересную музычку. Визуальное пиршество.

leolide (3): :V r u single?

xGafuditoAmv (3): Nice video ;D

MrNosec (3): Outstanding execution! The author had proved himself last year and once again returns with an astounding video, technical work is fantastic which captures the mood of the song and the uneasiness of Owarimonogatari very well, not to mention it's the best Ougi Oshino character profile I've seen so far.

TakayanagiPRO (3): Saved my day with your style, ironic tone and an atmosphere so potentialy orgasmic and imersive who fastly won me over.

xDieguitoAMV - Eternally

kuruta (1): Hermoso amv , me transmite mucho sentimiento , es el que mas me ha llegado de todo el concurso , te deseo siempre lo mejor diego ojala sigamos editando muchos años mas , el perfil de personaje se nota a flor de piel , y todo muy prolijo.

reyzenamv (1): Nothing to say. It was perfect for me. Clean edition and feeling.

Axel d'Arc (2): I love the atmosphere it has and also the way the video is presented, the colors and the FX are clean yet very beautiful.

Joskua (2): Diego, you know I am really fond of your editing but this is the best you have done till now, everything you've done on it is perfect, the coloring, the compositions, the lighting and the way you told the story were great, I can't even think of more stuff to point out qwq

Kolombina9 (2): Очень трогательная романтика. Чуть не пустила слезу.

xGafuditoAmv (2): Compra el pan, el clan x-amv te necesita

NanaMi (2): Nice visual effects which gives you a big impact. The plot is nice and the edit is beautifel.

TakayanagiPRO (2): Well, Eternally it's a great video. Especially about his technique. It's a bit difficult to describe it, but I think the best way is this: The plot is extremely used in many audiovisual works, of course, but the point is that originality is not about getting rid of clichés, but about reshaping them in a new way. Every theme, concept or ideia are cliché, originality is to take advantage of the cliches differently. That's exactly what Eternally it is. The whole narrative of history is well conducted, intelligible and sensitive. The work develops, with depth and delicacy, the personality of the protagonist and his wife. And look: I've never seen fate / zero. We have beginning, middle and end. It closes all loose ends and, in a spectacular visual, transmits the story with technical mastery. It's great!

TritioAFB (3): Nada mal Diego, me tomo por sorpresa tu video, personalmente siento que te tomaste tu tiempo para hacerlo bonito, y el resultado final ha gustado bastante

cecco (3): Overall is pretty good, i like the song and the editing is pretty good.

Mr.Memory (3): Love the plot and the song! Editing is beautiful and the use of anime sceens are great. I can see that a lot of time and effort are paid in each sceen. The sceen where the wings appeared is a great visual impact. Good luck!

leolide - clozufilu

TritioAFB (1): Personalmente de parte de alguien que te ha visto crecer desde el inicio hasta ahora veo que te estas superando por cada video que estas realizando, y eso es lo que mas encanta, Este video es un ejemplo donde se rompe la relacion entre anime y musica, espero todavia estar activo hasta el retiro para seguir viendo hasta donde llegas

David Heli (1): Своего рода инноваторский клип. ОЧень понравилось , эта детально продуманая сюжетная линия. На эти так званые "ляпы" смотреть не хотелось ,практически 70% клипа своя оригинальная анимация. Всё круто,понравилось.

Joskua (1): The most crazy and interesting video I've seen lately. Some say the compositions aren't clean enough, but I think that's from where the charms of Leolide's works come, he aspires to be the ultimate meme lord of AMVs and I think he's really close to it, he doesn't care about what most of the authors say about his pieces or what are the trends in the AMV editing scenes, he just does what he wants to and that deserves #respect, because in the last couple of years creativity regarding AMVs is being lost. For this video in particular he did a lot of work to achieve such a weird war story using recurring characters from his previous videos; the insane amount of masking, the drawings he did and his usage of camera, movements and even puppet tool in some cases can be compared to what others do for the sake of average award-winning crossovers. And I tell you, guys, THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING, HIS VIDEOS WILL GET INCREDIBLY CRAZIER AFTER THIS.

King Redeem (1): Innovative, creative, original, but most of all ENJOYABLE TO WATCH. The video I rewatched the most.

MrNosec (1): The best video for me, the author created all the scenes and fights from scratch and it was quite entertaining and humorous when intended, not to mention very impressive in a technical aspect aswell. It really has his distinct style all over it, it's more like a short movie than an actual music video but the song sets a great mood, the credits were also a timeless masterpiece.

UnluckyArtist (1): This is well qualified for best video simply for the originality and visual effect work behind it.

kuruta (3): El esfuerzo que hay puesto en este trabajo es increíble , hay que mejorar mucho la parte estética ya que ciertas cosas se veían bastante desagradables y muy desprolijas , aun así el concepto es muy bueno , y el desarrollo es muy divertido.

Sebacarp (3): The concept is original and funny.

kuruta - Amnesia

xGafuditoAmv (1): Me debes una loli

PieandBeer (1): This video is surprisingly refreshing and feels heartfelt. Solid effects, you can see the care put into the video and it made a tired AMV trope feel new again.

Sebacarp (1): I like the atmosphere and visual effects. The concept is clear.

xDieguitoAMV (1): Video is super intense with an awesome use of visual FX, compositions and a great scenes selecctions that makes me enjoy it from the first second until the end of the video. Amnesia is the best video on the contes in my opinion.

reyzenamv (2): I like the edition of this video :3

Joskua (3): The time you invested in this project was worth! I think it is a nice approach to the story brought by the movie, and the extra stuff you made for the sake of the video were good-looking. I hope you can delight us with another video from you soon!

Joskua - Martyrdom

leolide (1): :V meme

MetL storm (2): И идея и качество реализации достойно уважения. Считаю, что политика не должна соприкасаться с АМВ, но если закрыть на это глаза, видео получилось просто отличное.

reyzenamv (3): I enjoy watching this video over and over again xD so funny

S†eelshine - The Fall: Friends Forever

NanaMi (1): Beautiful edit and nice coloring. I love the transitions.

Mr.Memory (2): At some point, the plot of this AMV is similar to DarkCat's "Invisible Embrace". After watching this AMV I didn't quite understand why our protagonist committed suicide. By not knowing our protagonist's motivation, the plot may be little confusing. However, the edit is beautiful and I personally love the colors. Also, the transitions are smooth and plesant. S†eelshine's effort can be seen. Good luck!

NoglasticNinja (2): The best effects are the ones you never notice, and this video is filled with them.

bbsnypur (3): Beautiful, yet tragic. The visuals compliment the storytelling quite well, something that can be quite hard to do if not done so by one with experience. This editor has talent, and it shows.

wolf kun (3): The performance of the work is very high degree of completion of the movement like light

buggy - Singularity

PieandBeer (2): Created an amazing atmosphere with nice effects. In a contest filled with videos that try to do everything and change AMVs forever, the simple, somber tone of this video was a welcome relief.

cecco - Fjarlægur

buggy (2): Great story and concept and i especially like the mood and atmosphere of your amv!

UnluckyArtist - Epiphany

MrNosec (2): This one feels like it could be the actual music video for the song, it really takes you into a distorted reality created by the author with the aid of the distinct art style by Satoshi Kon, which creates an involving surreal experience I quite enjoyed.

Rider4Z (2): At first I thought "Sweet Dreams" by the Eurythmics was a risky choice, but it ended up fitting with Satoshi Kon really well. And I loved the twist ending. I honestly thought my own alarm was going off somewhere.

David Heli (3): Читерный клип. Слишком имбовый выбор,купил меня :D

kawaimi-chan (3): Удивительно, что это видео попала в мою тройку. Но оно затягивает. Я думала, что выключу уже на первой минуте, но так увлеклась, что досмотрела до конца. Оно просто засосало меня в эту атмосферу. Психоделика слегка присутствует, возмжно, именно она и цепляет.

PieandBeer - Fiat Lux

JustRukia (1): Потрясающая атмосферой работа. И даже не имея чего-то большого в плане идеи. А простое пересказ сюжета самого исходника. Все равно не оставляет равнодушным такое прекрасное м/в. Я уже думал, что такие AMV делать не будут.

Death_Kn1ght (2): Задевает за душу. Очень задевает :з

King Redeem (2): Emotional, raw, flawless sync

Rider4Z (3): This was the only video in the entire contest that made me want to see the source, and choked me up.

TritioAFB - I knew you were Psycho

leolide (2): :V raza

DarkCat - Invisible Embrace

kawaimi-chan (1): Это одно из немногих видео на этом конкурсе, которое не хотелось выключить на середине, несмотря на длительность в 4 минуты. Прекрасная ау история по любимому аниме. Сюжет идеален. И песня Аврил очень вписывается.

Mr.Memory (1): I love the plot of this crossover and I think the edit is absolutely amazing. After the accident, our protagonists lived their lives in different worlds, but still, their love continues. The title "Invisible Embrace" means that even we are seperate apart, we will still love each other, care about each other, embracing them.

wolf kun (2): The story and the original story is not the same as the completion of the original story is very high

Kyci (3): I cried. That is all.

xDieguitoAMV (3): This is my personal favourite video of the contest. I know the concept and the anime are kinda overused in the same way.. BUT i still love it. The technical aspect was really solid with great montages, great flow and nice story telling. And the combo between the video clip and the Avril Lavigne song was beautiful. Best of luck =)

Duczmen - Godsend

Kyci (1): Godsend made its best feature its story. Everything synced well, music was perfect, and story couldn't have been better. Could of been longer though....

Nixanol - Slice of life

buggy (1): Original and awesome concept! Great job!

JustRukia (3): Давненько я так не залипал на подобную заразу. Отличная такая воронка мысленных переживаний, можно сказать иступленного бытом реальности переходя в смертельную скуку. Много чего можно уловить в данной работе.

bbsnypur - Frozen Dreams

JustRukia (2): Очень органичное сочетания движений фигуристов под музыку. Можно сказать, что почти сказочная атмосфера, наполненная яркими и динамичными сценами. Акценты в движениях с музыкой особо порадовали. И работа просто не могла не оставить отпечаток в памяти.

NoglasticNinja - Desu Standing

cecco (1): For me is the best video in the entire contest, and deserved to win.

TakayanagiPRO (1): Although it is a parody, the technical level employed for this is, to me, impressive. Like the trailer, this video can convey a very good atmosphere of suspense, coupled with hilarious levels of humor. The design and the look are very well produced, and there is an innate softness throughout the composition. To be honest, I did not quite understand how the animation went through the competition check requirements, but I liked it.

Davide_hxc - We are the Royal

Kolombina9 (1): Очень классный забавный фан. Отлично скроенный и поднимающий настроение. Обожаю такие!

Reyzen - Over Time

Death_Kn1ght (1): Просто Эпик. Во всём.

Sebacarp - XPERIENCE

kawaimi-chan (2): Маски маски маски и куча панкроп и масочных переходов под зажигательную музычку. Все как я люблю. Зацепило. Я двигала головой в такт музыке и наслаждалась картинкой. В нем нет ничего особенного, но оно запоминается с первых секунд,

MetL storm (3): Я фанат хорошего Dance, а этот Dance очень даже хороший.

Rider4Z - Gloria Fortis Miles

King Redeem (3): Great song anime combo, great sync. Good text work.

MetL storm - Strayed

NanaMi (3): I love the edit and toning of this AMV, rhythm is great。

Death_Kn1ght - BURN AWAY

UnluckyArtist (2): In my opinion the best action video. The sync was very tight and overall satisfying to watch with the song.

Mr.Memory - Another story of Another

Tribel (1): This video, though technically flawed as it is, really has an impact and atmosphere that I love.

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