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GoldenThunder  [ GoldenThunder ]
Location:Budapest, Hungary
Studio:Ellines Nakama Productions
Video: A Silent Voice
Audio: The XX - Angels
Genre: Romance, Drama
Length: 2:54
Added: 16.01.2020
Viewed: 2534
Author's Commentary
My very first video fully done in After Effects, as well as my very first Akross entry.
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Viewers Comments (total: 22)
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  Encruzio (26 January 2020, 17:38)  
Так начну с того что исходник уже начинает надоедать. Графика улетная конечно. Ничего лишнего все со вкусом , техника вполне хорошая . Но опять же одно и то же пересматривать не особо приятно , это скучно и однообразно. Сколько бы эффектов ты не применил , сколько бы стилистики не давал , ты будешь на поводу у исходника. Ты ограничен сюжетом. Этот исходник сжимает автора в жесткие рамки , через которые ему не вылезти и ему не остается выбопра кроме как пилить под альтернативу. Но все же спасибо .
  cegan (24 January 2020, 19:26)  
possibly my favorite video in this contest.
  ICEberg (23 January 2020, 20:34)  
техника есть
формальные признаки романтики имеются
все тот же сюжет
все те же кадры
драмы опять не обнаружено
  Kuichi (22 January 2020, 21:19)  
Everybody have to write only good comments here, so i would like to add something that nobody have mentioned yet. Damn!!! Your cc is so tasty, also your effects using are :inlove:
  DBlacklizt (22 January 2020, 18:10)  

8/10 from me
  crash88ctamv (22 January 2020, 02:13)  
Very good! 8
  Kroner (21 January 2020, 15:15)  
» GoldenThunder
What I mean is that the song has always the same pace and it was difficult to make it interesting. U somehow made it interesting even when everything seems so calm, and that’s alone is a good thing for me. So basically even if I don’t agree with something I’m more than happy to say I appreciate it anyway without regrets. :)
  GoldenThunder (21 January 2020, 13:49)  
» Kroner
no u !!!!!! :P :cool:
THX for the comment, I don't exactly understand what do you mean by progression tho
  Kroner (21 January 2020, 11:38)  
Ok, more serious comment now. I don’t personally agree with some of your choices, and even if I really appreciate the song it lacks in progression, but there is something elegant here, the atmosphere is really nice and involving and it’s like I know there’s something missing but I can go through it anyway without regrets

Ah, u gay
  NIGHT (21 January 2020, 06:47)  
Dear author
How about a medium-sized version of the file?

↓ 47 MiB
golden mean
↑ 426 MiB
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