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Arrow & Lucifer  [ Arrow, Lucifer@MV ]
Страна:Rhodes, Греция
Студия:Indigo Team
Видео: Steamboy
Музыка: Paul Shapera - New Albion
Жанр: Drama, Psychedelic
Время: 2:42
Добавлен: 16.01.2020
Просмотров: 5174
Комментарий автора
Hello everyone, we are really excited to show you our newest collab.
I decided to visit my good friend Dennis in real life during Christmas vacation, and we thought it would be a nice idea to make an entry for Akross together. I had this concept in my head for over a year, which i did show to dennis back then, and since we both liked it we started editing. It was a lot of fun, just not for my back since his couch wasn't really that comfortable.
I hope you enjoy our video!
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Мнения зрителей (всего: 16)
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  theredflash66 (24 января 2020, 02:40)  
Nice you two!
  S†eelshine (23 января 2020, 18:24)  
что то новенькое. понравилось. начало не нужно было так сильно стилизовать шумом
  MesoGear (23 января 2020, 16:41)  
  GoldenThunder (23 января 2020, 15:09)  
I don't really see the connection between the VHS intro and the steampunk world, but overall this was quite decent entry, good job
  MetL storm (23 января 2020, 14:21)  
I enjoyed.
  Centurione (23 января 2020, 13:56)  
Loved the editing and scene selection!
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