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WhiteRabbit  [ WhiteRabbit ]
Location:Lima, Peru
Video: Various [ The World God Only Knows, Nisekoi, Hyouka ]
Audio: Forrest. - Lately
Genre: Comedy
Length: 3:53
Added: 13.01.2020
Viewed: 2377
Author's Commentary
Good morning, I bring my AMV here, I hope you like it. If I described the video, it is about videogames, especially galges games, like the ones Katsuragi Keima loves so much. I know there will be bugs that I may not have fixed. I know that these failures are there, but I would not reach time to give a good hand. However, try as much as possible to imply the idea of the video, which is... THE POWER OF LOVE! xD But seriously, this was the video, made with love and a little chocolates :) Well, thanks for the video and nothing more to say... ¡Que vengan los insultos :´v!
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Viewers Comments (total: 14)
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  AnimeFanaticBoy (16 January 2020, 23:13)  
Pero que dice papi. Se ve el esfuerzo desde lejos
  Sebacarp (16 January 2020, 20:41)  
Best Comedy for me!

Excelente man, gran trabajo..Suerte!

P/D: #TeamFumino :v
  kuruta (16 January 2020, 19:15)  
el concepto es realmente interesante y a pesar de algunas deficiencias técnicas, se nota mucho el esfuerzo en todo el clip, yo amo los videojuegos y este vídeo fue muy divertido de ver!, te deseo mucha suerte! :wink:
  GoldenThunder (16 January 2020, 13:47)  
While this is definitely not my cup of tea, I see the effort put into it, and it was actually kinda fun to watch. You had good ideas and sync thats for sure! I suggest you sending videos with text before publishing to someone who can check the grammar tho, because brackets with texts saying "Do you happy?" is kinda funny but in a negative way. Also some effects felt really out of place and not very good looking (examples: 0:50, 1:19, 2:36 and onwards) be careful with these!
Good job and good luck nonetheless! :)
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