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Sutrue  [ Sutrue ]
Страна:Nanjing, Китай
Видео: Микс [ Cowboy Bebop, Space Dandy, Love, Death & Robots ]
Музыка: M83 - I Need You, Capital Cities - Safe and Sound
Жанр: Romance, Drama, Story
Время: 3:23
Добавлен: 19.12.2019
Просмотров: 2606
Комментарий автора
How two broken heart, get gradually hot. This is a story about meeting. I have not do a AMV seriously for a long time, either to take part in AkrossCon. I made this because it is special for someone. The original inspiration is from my favorite editor goЯz's my favorite AMV "fracture". To be honest, there are many scenes I'm not satisfied, but I have no more time. Anyway, please enjoy it~
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  NIGHT (29 декабря 2019, 01:15)  
01:02-01:03 - на космический корабль нужно было кинуть Blur,
01:07-01:10 - фрагмент из Space Dandy слишком выделяется.

Остальное неплохо, смотрится.
  Kroner (28 декабря 2019, 21:32)  
I really appreciate the mood here, song fit perfectly with your idea and it drives in a sort of dreamy space, really really a nice pick.

DUDE!!!!! why that aspect rateo? and why did you add space dandy? it was totally senseless for a lot of reasons and it totally distract me from the rest without any need. Also some comps look not so good but that's something more understandable, previous points were totally unnecessary
  crash88ctamv (28 декабря 2019, 21:21)  
Cute although not perfect in very few parts the sync.
  Radical Dream (28 декабря 2019, 18:48)  
The vibe is great. And i enjoyed it a lot in overall.

First of all, that square doesn't look nice to me, even though you made it on purpose. It's too raw and simple. You could use some dirty lens with vignette and smoother corners, so it would boost that old sci-fi vibe. Maybe even some neon stuff on the background.

Defocus/blurs in space. Well, maybe i'm too nit-picking but it looks so artificial, out of place and "editinglike", because not a single camera in space uses defocus. Though it's just a little remark, that wont affect my overall rating.

Technically not bad, but no good either. The comps are too "artificial" and noticeable.
It lacks something catchy, something to remember (except the comps, that aint good enough).
2:20 - 2:28, these scenes just ruined the mood. You placed static frames in the climax part of the song, and i understand that you used dissolve to compensate it, but well...it didn't work for me.

I highly respect your anime choice and the mood you created, but this amv just lacks something to remember it for, probably because of nothing special in fx. That's just my opinion though.
Good luck in the contest!
  -Ridiculous (28 декабря 2019, 17:00)  
  Sutrue (28 декабря 2019, 09:01)  
» wolf kun
thx, uncle wolf~, I also like yours.

Added (after 1 min. and 46 sec.):

» Encruzio
» dumtumdum
» Fynjy
thx for your comment :wink:

Added (after 5 min. and 11 sec.):

» AnimeFanaticBoy
Yes. Perhaps I have waste this potential. But thank you :smile:

  dumtumdum (28 декабря 2019, 05:03)  
good job :tu:
  Fynjy (28 декабря 2019, 02:08)  
Nice one!
  AnimeFanaticBoy (28 декабря 2019, 00:35)  
I believe I told you in the past that you had potential. The man will be poud if he watch this
  Encruzio (27 декабря 2019, 19:16)  
Cool stuff right here guys. One of the best. But in my opinion Bad Day better . :wink:
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