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xieLaZT  [ xieLaZT ]
Location:Chengdu, China
Studio:Simple AMV Team
Video: Violet Evergarden
Audio: Miro - The Garden of Escapism (AK Remix)
Genre: Drama, Romance
Length: 3:00
Added: 08.12.2019
Viewed: 3709
Author's Commentary
I want to tell a story that a maiden waits for her lover who is on the battlefield. However, it wasn't until I was finally done that I realized that I didn't seem to be able to grasp what was essential.
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  Axiles (08 Febuary 2020, 23:36)  
  xieLaZT (25 January 2020, 13:28)  
 okhostok @ 25 January 2020, 18:02 

Really thanks for your words and the vote.:smile:
  okhostok (25 January 2020, 13:02)  
Well, it is surprising that you did not pass to the finals with the amount of emotions and effort that you gave this video (maybe it is because of incorrect displaying). Hope you become a finalist. Take my vote, you did a very good job, and if anything goes wrong, do not let yourself down. Because, you are gifted.
  xieLaZT (19 January 2020, 08:06)  
 theredflash66 @ 16 January 2020, 21:50 

Thanks for your suggestion, I'll keep it in mind. :wink:
  theredflash66 (16 January 2020, 16:50)  
Well done! I like the choices you made in sources, but I also feel that the amv was predictable in the way you cut them tbh. Good job nevertheless though
  MesoGear (16 January 2020, 16:21)  
  ICEberg (15 January 2020, 16:13)  
и этим все сказано
  xieLaZT (01 January 2020, 13:32)  
 DarkVHS3 @ 31 December 2019, 07:41 

Really thanks for your comment! I just find that there are some problems with my video displayed here, after read your comment. I don't know how it happened. It makes me sad... :sad:

Added (after 3 min. and 46 sec.):

 NIGHT @ 29 December 2019, 05:17 

It seems that my video doesn't display well here. You can watch it on the YouTube.
  DarkVHS3 (31 December 2019, 02:41)  
Я тоже сначала не понял, подергивания - это фишка видео, или глюк, но глянул на Ютубе, там с видео всё хорошо. И... история передана очень приятно. Сам исходник слишком спокоен по своей сути, но автору удалось даже из него сделать что-то... совсем другое. И первое AMV этого года, которое мне понравилось. Удивительно.
  NIGHT (29 December 2019, 00:17)  
Или у меня глюки, или тут что-то не так с синхронизацией.
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