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Страна:Chengdu, Китай
Видео: Микс [ Your Name, The Garden of Words, A Silent Voice, Children Who Chase Lost Voices, 5 Centimeters per Second ]
Музыка: Roberto Cacciapaglia - Oceano
Жанр: Romance
Время: 3:43
Добавлен: 13.01.2019
Просмотров: 6954
Комментарий автора
This is a time-themed video

I overheard the song at the beginning of the video design.

This song shows me a colorful world, but the world is not perfect.

This song didn't meet my expectations at first because it was totally different from what I wanted to express.

So I started to make an audio clip to make this song fit the mood I wanted.

Finally, this video was born.

The first half of the video shows what I do every month and how I feel at that time.

The second half is that everyone in the world goes through the morning, noon and evening, and what can we do in that time?

I hope you enjoy this video. Thank you.
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Мнения зрителей (всего: 26)
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  Kvant (14 июля 2019, 19:10)  
Красивенько, правда этот дождь меня уже задолбал.
Переход от "красивенько" к каким-то надрывным моментам не понял. В чем тут смысл? Типа, - жизнь коротка, торопись пить не спеша...
  NIGHT (01 февраля 2019, 21:51)  
I reviewed this video for the 3rd time.
And I decided that the embedded text and the killed ending spoil all the work.
Therefore, I erased it from a hard drive PC.
  iMCoach (29 января 2019, 05:19)  
Sort of like your last year video but much better. Glad you revisited the idea.
  Jokeright (28 января 2019, 13:55)  
» -Ridiculous
Well..I'm glad we have a similar view. But as a mere viewer, if I talk to you about these topics, it may disappoint you.I believe that there are quite a few viewers who may have similar ideas as me just that they have not commented. I also believe that this author can bring better videos in the future.
  -Ridiculous (28 января 2019, 11:27)  
» Jokeright
Man, i have the same opinion with you!! Really
My discord is Ridiculous#2883 Let us chat more lol
  PriceQ (28 января 2019, 10:07)  
» Jokeright:
Thank you very much for your suggestions. I am really touched.
Of course, I'll make a subtitle-free version after the game lol...
» AtElarAMV:
Thank you for enjoying this video. :laugh:
  ICEberg (27 января 2019, 15:35)  
месяца неправдоподобны
даже для Японии
на перемотках динамика исчезает

ну и все те же кадры и невнятный сюжет
хотя задумка с временем была неплоха
  AtElarAMV (27 января 2019, 15:09)  
If it is classified as a documentary, I think it can get 12/10.
But as a romance film, I don't think this AMV has a good performance.
Of course, I personally like this kind of film. So I'd like to give 9/10 :biggrin:
  Jokeright (27 января 2019, 13:13)  
In fact, this is undoubtedly a good video, which is very effective for the reconstruction of music and the arrangement of the screen cohesion. I really admire the author for his control of the rhythm and the rendering of the atmosphere. Indeed, I also think that the text about months in the first half might have different effects if not added. The scene after 2:54 is actually quite wonderful, and you can see that the author intentionally speeds up the pace of switching between shots in the final scene, which I think is very appropriate to deal with. It would have been better if there had been a better switch at 2:54. As for music, in my opinion, as the woman lying down to an abrupt end to revive again after a period of slow music may have some not harmonious, if can let the music suddenly stopped the moment the picture has more impact effect would be better, after the rhythm can start with a faster music hands rather than a slow tempo music clips, such change would be more interesting?

I'm not going to criticize the author's handling of it. The author is actually very experienced in all aspects. I especially liked the sound effects, which took the video to a whole new level.

As a side note, Shinkai's films actually create stereotypes that lead the audience to bring to the videos when they see them. This actually has a little impact on the overall viewing experience. If the author could have used other animations instead of Shinkai's films to create works of this style, I believe the effect would have been better.

As for one comment about the previous author on technical flaws. Personally, technology is always about expression, and a good expression doesn't have to be complicated. What's more, people's first impression of the work is actually very important. Some works just need to be watched in one breath rather than carefully watching one frame after another. And this work obviously needs us to pay attention to its overall effect rather than deliberately carefully correcting some incongruities we think.
  Death_Kn1ght (27 января 2019, 12:53)  
Про сезоны уже сказали, но добавлю : В апреле желтые листья на деревьях... Они же осенью желтеют. В титрах перемотан кусок клипа с ноябрем и вместе с текстом названия этого месяца, както в глаза бросилось. Хорошая задумка, но както не до конца раскрыта.
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