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Kroner  [ Kroner ]
Страна:Rome, Италия
Студия:Rising Production
Видео: Микс [ Exaella, The Animatrix, Blade Runner: Black Out 2022, Ergo Proxy, Genius Party Beyond ]
Музыка: 30 Seconds to Mars - Hurricane
Жанр: Story, Psychedelic, Drama
Время: 11:21
Добавлен: 11.01.2019
Просмотров: 11718
Комментарий автора
Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before.
(Edgar Allan Poe)

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  Radical Dream (27 января 2019, 22:32)  
» Kroner
I mean the effort in visual aspects. Some of scenes looked like it was comps you created, but MAKING OF are actually makes things clear. And i didnt said i dont like it because of low effort, you put a lot in this one, and its clear.
For the sfx: i did noticed you put that, do not worry :D
  Kroner (27 января 2019, 21:51)  
» Radical Dream
Mmm just cc here and there? I’m not saying I masked the whole vid ofc, but changing eye and hair color of the kid (for 4min of something like that) making compositions here and there, it’s not what I actually call “just some CC here and there”. It’s not original in what sense? The plot? The execution? The cyberpunk settings? Saying it’s not original sounds a bit vague to me. Also on the sound aspects there are things you didn’t noticed like original voices I’ve done by myself, background sounds to create atmosphere or other stuff you didn’t even take in consideration or probably you didn’t noticed. With this I’m not saying that you must like it or you must think it’s original or a masterpiece, just don’t underestimate the work please, cause if you think there are low efforts here, well, your definetely thinking wrong. For the connection between animes nothing to say, the drawing style is really different and nothing could help in that way, as for the quality of clips. Btw: I like to put 10 screens only in the making of, I don’t think it needs to show that you have a bigger d**k than others, but it’s a guide to show what was done
  Radical Dream (27 января 2019, 21:10)  
I thought there was more effort, before i watched making of (lol). Guess you shouldnt have upload it, since it's just some CC there and there.
And for the video: i will be honest, it was hard for me to handle all 11 minutes, nothing holds me. The idea and setting is not original, i didnt feel like all the sources are connected.
But still, i appreciate your "searchings" (if it can be called like that) for something more, then just amv, i hope youll find it, good luck!
  AtElarAMV (27 января 2019, 14:31)  
Everything is okey except for the length.
9 for your hard work :wink:
  Kroner (26 января 2019, 19:27)  
Mine was a bet, with someone worked, with others not, I was aware the length was going to be something difficult to manage
  NIGHT (26 января 2019, 15:24)  
Техническое исполнение хорошее и идея неплохая, но слишком длинно и скучно.
  Kroner (23 января 2019, 20:49)  
» Cane

Yeah I was aware of this, but there are Russian subtitles if you want, that can be helpful
  Cane (23 января 2019, 16:59)  
К сожалению языковой барьер не позволил мне оценить эту работу полностью, но технически клип очень понравился.
  iMCoach (23 января 2019, 06:28)  
Very ambitious video, the length doesn't really take away from the video as much as I thought it would. I'll admit I was very skeptical of the idea but luckily it didn't fall short of what I thought it might turn out to be. The one tiny thing I'd pick out is that you've shown techniques in the past that could've been incorporated here for some flare. Unlike many who enjoyed the beginning more I actually preferred the later half of the video more. Without a doubt a one of a kind video that I don't foresee being imitated for a while (mostly due to the amount of time this kind of project would take) bu also due to the fact that it taps into a prolonged process of connecting your story bit by bit. Anyway I'll stop overloading your eyes, good job. Glad you decided to create your own path and hope you continue to walk down it.
  Orbitchx (22 января 2019, 19:19)  
It was so interesting to watch, i loved it
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