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Oscar  [ OscarAMV ]
Location:Milan, Italy
Video: Welcome to the Ballroom
Audio: Siames - The Wolf
Genre: Dance, Action, Character Profile
Length: 2:58
Added: 05.01.2019
Viewed: 6483
Author's Commentary
Hello all, this is the second time i joined in akross's amv contest, happy to be here
This video is born in less than a week during the winter holidays, it's nothing striking, just a little amv
I want to thank Carlo, Antonio e Chiara for beta testing my amv
Hope to see you soon with a new video, bye
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Viewers Comments (total: 32)
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  MesoGear (23 January 2019, 03:44)  
» OscarAMV
Too many similar dance(action) scenes. This flow is difficult to follow. This is the problem of many sports AMV.
  OscarAMV (23 January 2019, 02:16)  
» MesoGear:
hmmm... :yawn: ok...
Did it made you fall asleep? Idk what you mean
  MesoGear (23 January 2019, 02:06)  
» OscarAMV:
it's nothing striking, just a little amv

hmmm... :yawn: ok...
  OscarAMV (23 January 2019, 02:02)  
» TheCacoVenom
Thank you :smile:
  TheCacoVenom (23 January 2019, 01:27)  
  OscarAMV (23 January 2019, 01:13)  
» MycathatesyouAMV
» Kroner
Thank you guys I appreciate it a lot, i trust in viewers vote :smile:
  Kroner (23 January 2019, 00:36)  
» MycathatesyouAMV
same here
  MycathatesyouAMV (23 January 2019, 00:34)  
should be in finals imo
  `ZeRo (22 January 2019, 20:48)  
Непхлохо сделано.
  Anejo (22 January 2019, 15:40)  
The MV with this anime is at least the best from the contest.
The scene selection is quite agurable, like the pacing was a bit to fast for the vocals. Vocals were to be stressed much more in this particular case, one shouldn't be afraid to make a bit longer scenes before the cut, as the dynamics in the video was quite enough.

Imo, watching just random profiles along with the main male chracter is a bit boring.
From this point of view the story with the crossover (which was presented on the contest earlier) was much more interesting, as it involves sceneries. I knew its a much more difficult to combine vids from various sources, but it is rewarding by no means
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