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Arcothy  [ Arcothy ]
Location:Sankt Pölten, Austria
Video: Kizumonogatari
Audio: Caravan Palace - Lay Down
Genre: Psychedelic, Character Profile, Story
Length: 3:06
Added: 01.01.2019
Viewed: 7519
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  HonyxOtaku (11 January 2019, 01:44)  
Ha ha yea.. What should i write.. Miso said all what i said xD nice one :D i like it :)
  Лисёнок-тян (10 January 2019, 21:34)  
9/10 годно!
  Arcothy (10 January 2019, 18:21)  
Thanks again for the feedback and i hope i could inspire someone with my strange and unice style. I rly like this kinda outline(edge)-style combined with color. Was a very interesting experience for me :biggrin:
  Miso (09 January 2019, 23:23)  
the interaction between Music/Video is especially good.... I like it, it´s fresh! and not like the most usual Kizu vids....
you can see that you love the edge-effect...but for me, the last part(starts at 1:53) is a bit too intense especially from the moment 2:34
GJ and Good luck!
  Anejo (09 January 2019, 05:19)  
Работа неплохая, стильное сочетание мв. ДО 1:37 клип неплохо держит внимание.
Лично я бы задумалась над использованными эффектами. Не люблю полумер. Если уж доступен был только такой "бюджетный" вариант контуров - может лучше было вообще ограничится 2-3 сценами и сделать идеально?
и Маски как на 1:28.
Противоречивые ощущения от работы, но 10 поставлю, авансом.

GJ but the level of working with effects and rotoscoping should be higher to get high score at the contest level. As an ordinary work it gains 10 from me for the mood and atmosphere, and it was pleasant to see after all
  GoldenThunder (09 January 2019, 02:19)  
Tbh, this looks kinda interesting. Has a lot to be fixed, but I can see some potential. Tho imo not ready yet for Akross
  Axiles (09 January 2019, 02:15)  
  Fynjy (09 January 2019, 00:11)  
» Arcothy:
Alot. I would love to see more comments, mainly in english :).
» Fynjy:
Хоть кто то смог дотянуться до Гатарей и выдать достойную исходника работу. ٩(˃̶͈̀௰˂̶͈́)و
I’m just sayin here, someting like, its the first Gatari vid this year, that i like. Good job man! (^_−)−☆
  Arcothy (08 January 2019, 23:30)  
Thanks for the comments. I just tryed to give kizumonogatari a complete new optical twist. With edges and outlines. Alot. I would love to see more comments, mainly in english :). (translation isnt 100% accurate). :lol:
  reice (08 January 2019, 21:46)  

ー Вы попробовали сделать идеальный клип.
ー Вы сделали идеальный клип. \o/ \o/ \o/
ー Выглядит очень круто. С новым годом!

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