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yoamvs  [ latenightsomefins ]
Location:Huntington Beach, USA
Video: Evangelion
Audio: NF - Paralyzed
Genre: Character Profile, Drama, Psychedelic
Length: 2:54
Added: 31.12.2018
Viewed: 3166
Author's Commentary
This is my first time entering something not only in AKROSS Con but in any AMV contest in general. I mostly intended this edit to be a sort of homage to some of the great writing on trauma and mental illness in the Evangelion series. I think the series handles it well in both dramatic and subtle ways, and I felt the combo of the song and Rebuild of Evangelion movie series demonstrated this well. Hopefully that comes across clearly through the video and I hope everyone enjoys.
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Viewers Comments (total: 11)
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  HonyxOtaku (06 January 2019, 12:03)  
good work :)
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